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Cadillac CĂ©lestin is a 300 thousand dollar Ev hatchback. And GM giving us sneak peak, so here’s my thoughts.

Hello my name is sean welcome to the channel and today today today we’re going to be talking about cadillac and we’re going to be talking about the cadillac celestic now i don’t know if i’m saying that name right i believe that i am but it’s just a strange name to say celestic the hell does that even mean i don’t know but let’s get into it now cadillac has

Unveiled some sneak previews into this car’s interior and exterior while showing us the whole car and i have a few thoughts especially after seeing the lyric cadillac’s first suv ev now the celestic has some of the lyrics design philosophies and the most um crazy part is of course blurry rand this car is a hatchback and it seems like cadillac is dead set

On making us deal with that strange looking um rear end that the lyric has is more prominent on this car and so yeah i kind of thought that maybe they designed it so this car could have more you know rear end space more headroom for the passenger and that ain’t the case this is actually more about storage and i don’t know it really boggles my mind and i’ve

Seen some you know concept draw-ups of what this car might look like and i’m not gonna share it because you know i don’t know the legality of that and i’m not trying to get in any type of trouble so what i will say is i’m hoping this car looks excellent in his design even though it is basically a hatchback or even a station wagon i don’t know yet now what i

Do know is the supposed price now this is supposed to be a 300 000 car and that is what we call bentley rolls voice territory uh with the way this rear end is looking i’m not too sure that this is what i would call something i would put against a rose royce now the interior qualities are beyond excellent i would say chef’s kiss i’m not about to make any kissing

Noises on this because i don’t want my microphone popping all left and right but it is actually quite excellent the quality looks pretty good the tech looks pretty good and the design looks pretty damn great i would give it a a for you know all those things i’m gonna have to sit in it to actually see if the quality is actually up to par and i know there’s a few

People that are gonna be very very disappointed with the design of this car because for some reason they thought that the escala was going to turn into this i don’t know why they thought that because the scala already has a name that you already know and it wasn’t an ev so why did you think that this car was going to be a car that debuted you know several years

Ago i don’t know and i’m not really really gonna guess on it could have something to do with the youtubers trying to you know bait people into watching their videos by making up crap i’ma give it that guess but it’s official cadillac has shown what this car is gonna look like and it’s not a different restylized version of the escala different car so yeah i’m going

To wait until the full unveil of this car to give my full opinion of what i think and hopefully they tell us some of the spec numbers range and all that type of stuff and you know hopefully i grow to actually like it the rear end of course is not doing anything for me but i don’t know what the whole car looks like so let’s wait and see so let me know what do you

Think of this new cadillac ev do you like what you see so far let me know in the comments and if you like the video like the video if you dislike the video dislike the video if you want to see what i got planned let’s come see what i got planned next got a lot of stuff for the channel really want you guys to be there with me well that said i’ll catch you later so you

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