cadillac celestiq concept is an
Altair Club Cars Cadillac Celestiq concept is an awesome electric flagship

Cadillac Celestiq concept is an awesome electric flagship

The Cadillac Celestiq is a show car that gives up a glimpse into what the upcoming production version will look like. This electric flagship sedan built on the Ultium platform promises to deliver serious style, tremendous tech, and a top-tier driving experience. And it had better deliver, considering Cadillac wants you to potentially spend $300,000 for the privilege.

Cadillac is about to prove it can sell a hopped up escalade for 150 grand soon though the automaker is going to test the waters with an even more ambitious project this is the concept version of the upcoming cadillac celestic the automaker’s future focused electric flagship sedan and it shows off seriously cool style but could also be carrying a seriously high

Price tag for the brand cadillac calls this the celestic show car it’s the automaker’s vision for what’s happening soon with the ultium ev platform the production version is still being developed but i hope they stick as closely as possible to the styling as this car you see here because it’s quite a stunner the automaker has done that with the lyric so i’m

Hoping it’s a similar story with the celestic the overall shape feels somehow vintage yet is clearly a peek into tomorrow and i know that cadillac will never call this thing a wagon but as a lover of long roofs it’s almost a wagon it’s as if cadillac is taking a page from the porsche panamera playbook and convincing people that they’re buying curved functional

Sedans i’m okay with that move to the inside of the show car though and it’s all about the interior world of tomorrow the interior designers actually drew their inspiration from mid-century design which almost always works well which is why it’s so iconic of course there’s nothing mid-century about the screens in tech that’s all new school cool the main display is

A 55-inch led unit in total there are five screeds inside the car this is the oprah winfrey approach where you get a screen you get a screen everyone gets a screen above everyone’s head is another bit of tech too as there’s a variable transmission smart glass roof installed here it uses suspended particle device technology to create four separate zones each with

Variable lighting so everyone can let in as much or as little light as they desire in their given area in the celestic celestic celestique i keep saying it i i think it’s celestic cadillac is also fine-tuning and developing its upcoming ultra cruise hands-free driver assistance technology ahead of the launch of the celestic this is supposed to go above and beyond

What super crews can do now while super cruise is relegated to mapped highway ultra crews will include the mapped area to all sorts of non-highway spaces and be able to take tight turns as well think city streets it’s the next level beyond supercruise and sounds a lot like true level 3 hands-free assistance while the celestic is still a show car with in-development

Tech still being developed the car shows what the production car will look like when it lands sometime in late 2024 or in 2025 but the real prestige element to it will be the price tag i said earlier how cadillac tested the price waters by dipping a toe into the 150 000 range with the escalade v well rumor has it that cadillac is prepared to double that price for

The celestic yes this could be a 300 000 electric cadillac flagship future sedan gets a flagship price i guess we’ll see how much style and tech make it into the production version here’s to hoping most of it does and as for that price we’ll have to wait and see on that one too that’s a lot of money though especially when you can buy a lucid air today for half

That and it has over 1 000 horsepower and awesome range cadillac better get this one perfect if it’s going to truly ask rolls royce and bentley size bucks for the celestic you

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