c8 corvette v ferrari 458 specia
Altair Club Cars C8 Corvette v Ferrari 458 Speciale: DRAG RACE

C8 Corvette v Ferrari 458 Speciale: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you mal watson here from car wing so i’m sat in a corvette c8 stingray next to me is a ferrari 458 speciality and we’re gonna have a drag race and if you love drag racing and you haven’t done so already please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss one of these videos anyway let

Me tell you about this corvette so it’s got a 6.2 liter natural aspirated v8 which puts out 482 horsepower and 613 newton meters of torque it’s mid-mounted and drives the rear wheels for an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with launch control it weighs in at one thousand six hundred and fifty five kilos sign price seventy seven thousand pounds which is

Actually pretty decent value the ferrari however is extremely expensive it started from around two hundred thousand pounds that is a 2014 car however it’s really really exceptional good value at that because now that car is worth 400 000 pounds and apparently they’re going up in value by 15 000 pounds a month because they are so collectible so that 458 speciality

It has a 4.5 liter natural aspirated v8 which puts out 605 horsepower and 540 newton meters of torque it drives the rear wheels virus seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch control as for the weight well ferrari quote just below 1 400 kilos that’s dry weight so in reality it’s going to be a curb weight of around 1 500 kilos so it’s lighter than this

Car anyway let’s do this buy sell car wow before we race let’s do the custom car wire sound check so i’m going to rev up this american v8 whoa really rocks the car that nurse with the engine let’s speak to andy who owns the ferrari we’ll get him to rev a pizza if it sounds any better go on andy rev up your special so which car sounds the best is it the flat

Plane crank v8 in the ferrari or the cross plane crank in this corvette let me know come on team america we could do this smash him off the line that wasn’t even a start by him oh he’s coming back now come on corvette andy you were napping on the line what happened no griffin just wait this time we’re gonna be good what if there’s not a this time maybe it was

That time that mad tumbleweed i’ll let him have another go this thing launches so well if he can launch as good as me he will have me spam my wheels off oh here he goes okay andy uh you won that one i didn’t launch anywhere near as good my car just didn’t hook up as well i need to warm my tires like you just warmed yours so let’s go again come on then this

Is the decider come on here he comes come on vets come on baby andy that was so close but you came past me once it’s into third and fourth it’s a happy place sorry america but i tell you what this thing is so good at launching so good for a rear-wheel drive car didn’t win though so then what exactly happened well the ferrari won just completing the standing

Quarter mile in 11.7 seconds the corvette took 11.8 seconds okay now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour the cars are in their least sportiest setting which in the ferrari is sport unless it’s tall and the gearboxes are in automatic mode i’m going to count it in three two one go i thought he’d be spanking me what’s going on come on corbett to the half

Mile whoa that was way closer than i thought andy what was your car doing it like seemed to not kick down any gears it was in fist at that speed as well and it didn’t kick down it just stayed in fist they sometimes do that you know ferrari when you have them in auto they just don’t do what you tell them classic ferrari right now we’re gonna have another riding

Race this time though the cost in their sportiest settings so race for the ferrari and zed for this manual mode for the gearbox as well we’re going to roll on from 50 in third let’s do this get level come on okay you ready three two one go pickup’s good on both of them but that ferrari is just pulling ahead now yes i was expecting this are you a bit happier

With how that performed on that occasion that’s much better happy with that when you’re in third though the initial pickup of both our cars was pretty similar but yours just kept on pulling what’s your red line 9000 oh that’ll be a big difference then so mine is like i have to change up at six and a half so you’ve got like 2 500 more reds to play with with each

Gear no one do you want finally then we’re gonna have a break test see which car stops in the shortest distance from 100 miles an hour where we reach live full emergency stop if you’d rather watch it at the drag races in this break test click on the pop out button up there for the link in the description below for a really cool ferrari head to head with an enzo

And a laferrari speaking of the laferrari that car has the brakes off the laferrari com ceramics this has steels off the corvette c8 stingray anyway here comes the line proof is in the borough they’re definitely losing 77 000 pounds though 400 grand now if you want one of those you

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C8 Corvette v Ferrari 458 Speciale: DRAG RACE By carwow Indonesia

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