byd reveals 3 evs their prices f
Altair Club Cars BYD reveals 3 EVs & their prices for Europe & the UK

BYD reveals 3 EVs & their prices for Europe & the UK

BYD reveals 3 EVs & their prices for Europe & the UK

About a week ago byd revealed the three electric cars it will sell in europe and the uk and at the time it didn’t reveal the prices but within the last 24 hours they have revealed the price are the prices competitive well here they are hello my friends and welcome to the channel the electric viking great to see you my name is sam evans and i’m coming to from

Melbourne australia great to see all the new subscribers coming on board recently and you know what great to see everyone else as well now as you know i’m a big fan of byd by the way i’ve got some news to tell you guys about byd and myself who may have a little relationship soon that’s coming coming i’ve got some quite a few emails from you guys but i’ll have a

Video coming soon to answer all your questions don’t worry i’ll clear it all up byd have announced pre-sale prices for the ado3 which is for sale right now in australia new zealand singapore a few other countries around the world as well and it’s a very well priced vehicle for example to add 03 costs in its long range variant around about 35 000 us dollars and

It’s a bit bigger than for example the bolt euv so it’s pretty impressive car for the money so 803 han and the tank the han is a vehicle it’s actually one size up from a tesla model y and the tang is sort of a similar size to say a tesla model s and of course a similar shape it’s a sedan so you’ve got the 803 which is considered a small to medium electric suv the

Tang which is considered like a medium to large electric suv and of course the han which is a sort of a medium-sized electric sedan now the prices for these cars the prices have been released for norway sweden denmark the netherlands belgium luxembourg and germany by the end of this year customers in france and the uk will receive byd’s electric cars as well after

That additional dealers will be appointed to support byd’s plan to cover all european markets so as you can see it’s only a matter of time bod move fast they’re not going to wait if they say they’re going to do what they’re going to they say they’re going to do they’ll do it 803 pre-sum price is 38 000 euros which is 36 000 us dollars which to be honest is a bit

More expensive than they’re selling for in new zealand and australia so i’m sort of surprised to see that ability han and tang both cost 72 000 euro so i think that price for the han is expensive i’m not convinced that that’s 72 000 euros does seem like a a high price for that vehicle realistically it’s bigger than a model 3 but not a lot so i don’t see that being

A good seller in fact i think it’ll be a flop in europe they’ll have to decrease the price but on the other hand the tank that’s a different story 72 000 euros for the tang is actually a pretty good price because there’s not many vehicles in that segment very very few it’s received really good reviews in norway where they’ve taken this thing out in the middle of

Winter they’ve tested it they’ve said it’s really a luxury suv it’s quite big it’s just under five meters long so not many cars in that segment 75 000 euros is a reasonable price for that car and i think that’ll do really well han that will flop badly at 03 that’ll be a popular car i believe in europe even at that price level of around 36 000 euros even at that

Price level of 38 000 euros all three models will be presented at this year’s parry motor show in october 2022 final market prices and vehicle specs will be announced at that time so that’s the price i’m going to guess of the entry level variance because otherwise would have probably more information so far now all three models are part of bod’s dynasty series

With the 803 being the first suv based on bod’s e-platform 3.0 notice the yen plus in china the hand is the company’s flagship all-electric sedan and the tang ev is its flagship suv now though those of you wondering probably wondering well what about the byd seal what about the byd sea lion well the seal is just a little bit smaller than the harm but i believe

The interior space is actually pretty close it’ll be cheaper it’ll be the same platform as the ado3 so basically people are saying that the new seal is kind of um the newer version of the tang but the tang is actually more expensive than the seal it’s kind of it’s sort of like comparing the model 3 versus the model s at least that’s the way byd would like you to

See it but in reality i think the seal is probably going to be the better car so if you’re in europe right now and you’re considering buying the han i’d say wait i’d say it’s not really the car that you would want to get the seal will be cheaper and probably be a better car considering it’s on the byd’s newer platform as well in china these three models start at

20 700 for the ado three wow it’s an absolute bargain in china around thirty thousand dollars for the han and forty thousand dollars for the tank so you can see the prices are a lot a lot higher in europe versus what they are in china bod’s 803 for european consumers has a battery capacity of 60.5 kilowatt hour and it offers a wltp range of 420 kilometers so it

Looks as though that price that 38 000 euro is the price for the bigger battery pack that’s the longer range battery pack now the han has dual electric motors with a combined power of 380 kilowatt and 516 horsepower and a zero to 100 sprint time of 3.9 seconds so this looks as though they’re positioning it they’re going to sell the performance model at that price

75 000 euros for the performance model heart that model comes with an 85 kilowatt hour battery pack and a wltp range of 520 kilometers now the tang has seven seats and a zero to 100 sprint time of 4.6 seconds it’s a fast car considering how big it is and it’s powered by the same and it’s powered by the same battery as what’s in the hand so the heart and the tang

Have the same battery pack both have the 86.4 kilowatt hour size pack however because the tang is a much bigger vehicle it has a range of only 400 kilometers on the wltp cycle now all three models come with byd’s signature lithium-ion phosphate chemistry blade battery pack and it comes with an eight year warranty now seeing have post says that european market

Is no stranger to byd which established its overseas branch in the netherlands in 1998 and of course it already sells its electric cars right now in norway as well up to now bod’s european branch has expanded its business from batteries to solar energy energy storage and new energy vehicles with an operational footprint of more than 20 countries and 100 cities

In europe so bbd has actually been selling products just not necessarily evs in europe for more than 20 years in the first half of this year bod became the world’s highest selling new energy vehicle maker so combination of plug-in hybrids and full electric cars they sell more than any other company in the world with salves of more than 640 000 units by august

This year byd’s new energy vehicles have been sold 2.4 million times or at least it’s been 2.4 million customers in total but that’s of course in title 11 plus 10 years today bod sells its electric cars to more than 70 countries and regions and more than 400 cities around the world as you can see byd has some pretty aggressive aspirations they’re planning they’re

Planning on selling next year 3.2 million cars it’s i mean you can see bit was just really a pretty small bid player they’re only selling 500 000 vehicles a year only a couple of years ago 500 000 to 3.2 million that’s a huge huge change but bod of building the factories now they’re building them all over the place it’s amazing the kind of expansion the speed

Of their expansion is insane and frankly i do like seeing it i’m excited to see it why because they’ve embraced electric cars they don’t build gas powered cars anymore at all they’re you know gone the opposite to toyota they’ve said we need to change it quickly they’ve changed as fast as they possibly could the transformation has been absolutely staggering to be

Honest the speed of their transformation it shows legacy automakers what can be done so it can be done but can legacy automakers do it in this kind of speed i don’t think so frankly it’s been an amazing couple of years for byd and you know what kudos to them they deserve the success that they’ve had it’s going to be good to see how they go in europe i know the

803 is going to be a good seller i think the tang will sell well the harm i’m not so sure let me know what you think in the comments section below

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BYD reveals 3 EVs & their prices for Europe & the UK By The Electric Viking

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