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Altair Club Cars Buying my Dream V12 Ferrari…TAKE 2.

Buying my Dream V12 Ferrari…TAKE 2.

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And just like that oh back baby ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel and welcome back to the vlog if you guys have been watching my channel for the last couple weeks i’ve been living in my warehouse well no more are we living in that warehouse i hate that warehouse so much it is dusty it is growing it is so gross the air conditioning broke a couple

Days ago oscar hates that warehouse and so we have slightly ever so slightly upgraded welcome here to the westin chicago now oscar is still in utah being loved taken care of and cherished by baby burlacker whereas we’re in chicago you guys saw the time you saw the thumbnail i don’t know how i i seriously have a problem i was on the flight here i was looking on

My phone i found a car and i bought a car and we’re getting it today so quick update on the dream house we’re still waiting for a certificate of occupancy so legally i cannot actually move into the house quite yet i’m hoping we get it maybe today maybe tomorrow maybe on monday hopefully really really soon because when i get back from chicago i really don’t want

To live back in that warehouse it’s crazy a situation like this really makes you appreciate the finer things in life like a comfortable pillow in a bed this bed is so nice it’s so nice i don’t know where i’m gonna park the car when we get home because you guys have seen the warehouse there’s no room so should have thought of that now a quick old fit check before

We head off we got the chubby shorts we got the mobile shirts we got the summit life hat i got purple shoes with a purple backpack you know when i think about my strengths in life uh style and fashion is definitely not one now i’m not here to criticize the warehouse i love the warehouse you guys love the warehouse everybody loves the warehouse the one thing about

The warehouse warehouse does not smell quite as good as the west and the western smells considerably better now it’s currently 9 17 a.m we gotta catch a flight in an hour and a half so it should be totally fine we gotta go to the airport and then off to st louis missouri it is our pleasure to welcome you to st louis for the local time it is 9 49. please remain see

If your seatbelt fastened until the seatbelt sign is turned off now i don’t want to ruin this surprise but yes indeed ladies and gentlemen we have bought another ferrari v12 now a month ago i sold my gtc for loose and i love that car so much and honestly i wasn’t even trying to sell it but one thing led to another i ended up selling that car and truth be told that

Was not my dream v12 ferrari and the car we bought today is my dream v12 ferrari now we could delay the inevitable we could go on a full tour of the ferrario ship or we could walk right into those double doors right there because the car’s inside underneath the classic red ferrari cover this is such a surreal moment and i think a lot of you guys can relate to this

When i was younger all i wanted to do was go to the ferrari dealership in portland oregon ron talk and gran turismo i would beg my mom and dad to take me there anytime we were in portland which was maybe once or twice a year and every time i was there i would imagine the day i would be buying a ferrari from a ferrari dealership and today is that day we own a v12

Ferrari that’s that’s the car obviously i realize i’m just like a hobo as well you’d think for a special occasion i could address nicer but i got to pay for the car somehow and uh well yeah free shirts and yes yes yes i know most of you guys know what the car is based off the silhouettes but we got to appreciate the moment we gotta cherish the moment a six and a

Half liter v12 how in the world is today happening oh my goodness check that out of something now of course before we reveal the car we got to give a shout out to the legend mr johnson thank you so so so much now inside sources tell me this car is super super fast but i think we gotta find out for ourselves let’s take the cover off and reveal the new v12 ferrari

That’s right ladies and gentlemen the 812 super super super super fast now one of the things about this car that really stood out to me was this interior check out this quilted pattern right here all the carbon fiber options we got the quilted headliner as well this thing is so so so sick but the best part is like i mentioned it’s got a six and a half liter v12

So of course josh is going to do a proper cold startup on this car dude i love the back of this course now josh i want you to rub it like your life depends on it you can’t grant you can’t baby it okay it’s my car now i’m telling you to rabbit response your lifetime come on ab12 so josh is the most polite professional sales guy i’ve ever met he didn’t want to he

Don’t rub my car too hard that’s so good okay so before yeah we probably we probably should be i can’t believe this is actually happening i know i keep saying that on repeat but like when i was 12 years old at a ferrari dealership i never imagined we’d be buying one let alone a car this is cool that color is so sick so sick i’ve only driven the car a mile and a

Half nothing too crazy let’s go oh okay i know why the car is called super fast and that was like 40 throttle the spec on this thing is absolutely gorgeous i love these seats so much and check this out the ferrari dealership gave me glass water san benedetto san benedetto i got glass water my a20 super fast wearing a swimsuit let that sink in every time i buy a

Car i always say this we have one goal that is to get back to you taught in one piece i also realized i have not insured the car yet so i need to call my insurance agent literally right after i’m done filming this clip but we have 10 619 miles on the car odometer checked right there we are headed back to utah via chicago and if you’re a geography buff you’re like

That doesn’t make no sense and it doesn’t my mom’s in chicago so we’re gonna go show her the car that is so good i thought fiji water was bougie san benedetto i probably butchered that sam bennett it feels like an obligation maybe it’s not shake and bake nation we’re back it’s super fast this car is super fast the name’s our own this is always lovely that guy is

Driving the wrong way on a one-way street oh goodness we just bought the car and yeah like i mentioned this is a one-way street that guy was driving the wrong way down to one race street you see we got the one-way sign right there and my inability to get to the st louis arch we found ourselves on a cobblestone road and unfortunately the bumpy suspension button is

Not doing very much come on st louis so yeah the arch is right there and and i don’t know how to get from here to there i know all you guys depend on me for the best shots of all the tourist traps in america i think that’s the best we’re gonna get the st louis arch the gateway to the west enjoy this view because well that’s that that’s that’s the best we’re gonna

Do so one thing kind of sort of led to another i think i made a wrong turn i’m pretty sure this is not where i’m supposed to be especially in an a12 super fast that road looks sketchy um uh they have nice smiles they’re lawyers so we might need them this is this is not where i’m supposed to be um well no no comment i guess this car totally has a split personality

It’s classy it’s sophisticated but matt would you get on it it just wants to go and it wants to lose that back in so much this car has some kind of valved exhaust it sounds really good it’s loud but it’s not quite loud enough i think it’s a cat-back exhaust i have no idea but uh i mean it’s it’s a detail ferrari now as i just mentioned this a12 has a valved

Exhaust i don’t know what brand it is i don’t know if it’s a full exhaust i don’t know if it’s a cat-back i think it’s a cat-back it does have valve so the valves are closed a couple baby rays whoa it’s honestly not bad with the valves closed but open the valves right here but soon it’s going to sound much better we got to open this up we need a better exhaust

For sure now you guys don’t know this i’ve been trying to buy an a12 super fast for a very long time 18 months ago i put an offer on a car it was rejected 12 months ago i put an offer on the car it was rejected four months guys trying to buy a car i ended up with the loso but i’ve been trying to get an a12 for such a long time it’s such a cool car so the 8 refers

To 800 horsepower metric horsepower the 12 obviously it’s a 12 cylinder and then back in the 1950s ferrari built a legendary car called the ferrari super fast so i guess in a long way around this is like the successor i obviously love the f12 berlinetta i love the 599 but the thing i love about the a12 is this back and the signature four tail lights i think look

So cool i love that white diffuser as well so many cool design features on this car obviously as i mentioned though we’re going to be kind of slicing and dicing ever so slightly i’m pretty sure i’m getting this right if i’m not let me know in the comments below it’s a front mid engine v12 you can see the engine block actually sits behind the front axle that is

Super cool he’s see what i did okay i’m sorry i’m sorry i’ll stop i realize i’m not classy or sophisticated or bougie enough to own an a12 super fast but at the same time i can feel my sweat permeating through this italian fine leather and i kind of sort of like it we have all the carbon fiber on this car i love this piece of carbon fiber right here just kind of

Sort of glistening got the yellow stitch this tunnel piece is also carbon fiber now ps that stands for launch control are we gonna launch the car right here in this parking lot i want to but we’re not going to so i want to give you guys a quick interior tour of the h12 super fast it’s got our different driving modes here on the steering wheel sport race traction

Trough traction and stability control off spin class coming very very soon but we got to get the car back to utah all the time has got to be intact so we’re gonna leave it there in sport mode we got our blinkers here on the steering wheel of that we have our suspension settings there this button opens up the glove box this button we have our passenger tachometer one

Of the coolest features on any cars right there i really love that we have our front end lift here you can see front and lift moving and then let’s see we got launch control the seats are super sick i think that pretty much sums it up now we’re currently three hours and 37 minutes outside of chicago illinois and unfortunately we have hit illinois traffic right now

Uh 226 miles to go it might take a bit longer i love the van you played on this toyota supra i don’t know if you guys can read it it says a bmw i mean factory speaking he is correct it is a bmw looks so good too this is going to be a moderately fast acceleration okay kind of fast and super vegetable oh my gosh oh gosh okay we gotta sell this car the day we bought

It we’re gonna go to jail this thing is so fast wow that is like warp speed six and a half liter v12 800 magic horse power the 812 super pad okay okay we just burned through the entire tank of gas we gotta chill out ladies and gentlemen it may not look like chicago it’s not chicago we’re very close to chicago welcome to chicago now one thing i’ll say i’m fairly

Impressed a12 super fast st louis missouri to chicago illinois on one tank of gas that’s not bad for 800 horsepower 111 dollars and 36 cents later we got a full tank of gas now it’s always kind of nervous like parking the car at the back of a parking lot outside of a hotel but we are in good company with the bmw so if they break into my car they break into his

Car and vice versa right i mean i don’t know there’s yeah well folks there you have it we made it here to chicago illinois still cannot believe we own a ferrari 812 super super fast this car is so sick they didn’t have a plan we’re gonna drive this back to salt lake city utah i know it’s kind of crazy i don’t know when we’re gonna do it exactly we’re gonna be in

Chicago for a couple more days obviously you know why we’re in chicago that video is coming tomorrow but i think oh we’re gonna modify this car obviously we’re gonna modify this car i cannot wait to share with you guys what we’re gonna do the purest seafari executives probably not gonna be too happy with on that bombshell today’s video yep it’s over thank you

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Buying my Dream V12 Ferrari…TAKE 2. By TheStradman

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