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Altair Club Cars Buying a Half Price Luxury Sedan | Genesis G80 3.3T Sport

Buying a Half Price Luxury Sedan | Genesis G80 3.3T Sport

👋 Is now the time to buy a used Genesis!?! The Genesis brand has some very nice luxury vehicles, but they take a big hit in depreciation, so find out if this half priced Genesis is the car to buy over brand new!!

What’s up everyone and welcome back to the channel so today i’m down at hendrick chrysler dodge jeep ram of concord getting to check out this genesis g80 so huge shout out to them for providing this vehicle for me today they have a ton of new and used inventory on the lot i’ll have all their information down in the description below definitely check them out but

In today’s video we’re gonna check out buying a half price genesis to see what it has to offer and if it’s a good buy so this is a 2018 genesis g80 3.3 t sport finished off in a very beautiful salvia red it has some really nice accents on it too which we’ll get into later in this video but for the 2021 year models they can reach up to around thousand dollars

Fully loaded this one is around thirty six thousand dollars with forty three thousand miles on it so it’s basically a half price genesis g80 and i think for half price you’re still getting a lot of car we’re gonna go over some of the major differences starting off with the engine here in just a sec as we finish off the walk around of this you can see all of these

Brushed gold accents which just give it a really clean look so now let’s go ahead and take a look at the engine we have the vehicle locked you’ll see the side mirrors open up all we have to do is push that button on the back side and we can unlock it and then pull on the hood latch up underneath as we work our way to the hood now the latch is over on the right side

So i just need to pull this up a little bit and it is assisted so we can easily open this up and now you’ll see the 3.3 liter twin turbo v6 engine this pumps out 365 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque now for the 21 year model they went to a three and a half liter twin turbo v6 with 375 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque both engines are still paired with

The eight-speed automatic transmission so you are getting a little bit more horsepower and torque in the newer model but i don’t think it’s enough to justify spending twice the price for a newer model we also have a curb weight right around 4 500 pounds for this the newer models are just right under 4 500 pounds so they practically weigh about the same 0-60 is

Around 5.2 seconds with a top speed of 155 miles an hour so the performance gains are really not that significant although it is a little bit bigger of an engine with more horsepower too but now let’s go ahead and take a look at the rest of this exterior coming up front here we have a really beautiful design i love the way that the grille is shaped it’s finished

Off in like a brushed rose gold has a really nice design to it you can see all the mesh within it as well as a forward-facing sensor we have the camera up top and the parking sensors too not a huge fan of the placement for the front license plate bracket kind of takes away from the grille design but this does have led headlights we have the led drls 2 which run

Along the lower section of the headlight you’ll also notice too that the turn signal breaks up the intersection of that so it doesn’t go the whole length so you can still see part of the drl but it just has a very beautiful design to it i’ll put up some pictures of the 21-year models and honestly i like the body design for this 2018 a little bit better we even

Have functional vents down below finish off with more of that brush trim you can see all the vents in the lower section really nice contoured lines i don’t see too many genesis is out on the road and this is actually the first one that i’m checking out so i really like the design of it so far you’ll also notice too one big difference up front is that the hood on

The 21 year models goes all the way to the grill so on this model here you can see there’s body work in between the grill and the hood on the 21s it goes all the way to the top section of the grill and the grill is much wider too so as we work our way to the side profile now you’ll see there’s a really nice set of wheels on this model and we have more of those

Accents around the center wheel caps with the genesis logo it just has a really nice accent against this red we have blacked out side mirrors with the integrated turn signal and a camera so it’s really nice to see that for a 2018 you’ll see more of that trim surrounding the windows we even have a full moon roof which is great to see really clean lines running

Down the side profile a little bit different from the 21 you’ll see there’s a really nice line from the headlight going right through the door handles all the way to the tail light as well as some nice trim pieces in the lower section of the door you can see the side skirt poking out just a little bit too and then that leads us on to the rear where on the newer

Model genesis is actually spelled out right through the middle of the trunk here you can see we just have the logo along with the 3.3 and the g80 badge you’ll see the quad tip exhaust with the gloss black diffuser personally i really like this model it has a great design to it and now it’s time to take a look at the interior we have some really nice materials you

Can see the carbon fiber trim on the top along with brushed aluminum this has memory seating adjustments all the windows are actually automatic up and down you can see there’s really nice black leather on the armrest and beautiful stitching good amount of storage space as we work our way to the seats now for 43 000 miles they’re actually in really good condition

Have more orange to them and all the stitching as we work our way inside now you’ll see we have more leather on the steering wheel genesis badge of course now it’s time to start this up taking a quick look at the gauge cluster you can see there’s nothing too fancy about it we have the normal attack and speedometer along with a digital screen right in the center

You can use buttons over on the right side of the steering wheel to go through all this information so you have everything from your miles per hour as well as your average trip information there’s also a compass you can look at some of the technology features as well as your attention level and there’s also different settings for your heads-up display your doors

Your lights so it’s a good amount of information for you to go through on the newer model that is more of a digital screen so i’m sure it provides a lot more information we have all the crews and adaptive cruise control settings your voice commands bluetooth and modes for the radio as well as steering wheel mounted paddle shifters i’m excited to see this is

More of a luxurious vehicle from hyundai being the genesis brand but i think there’s some performance to it with that twin turbo so we’ll see how those respond once we get this out on the road you’ll notice over on the left side we have a shade for the back window actually that you can push on you can raise that all the way up you have some nice luxurious items

In a vehicle like this for this price point we have the lane departure or lane keeping assist fuel cap you have the blind spot traction control dimmer switch for the gauges i love this carbon fiber too we have leather on the dash and this model even has an alcantara headliner for 36 thousand dollars you are getting some very nice materials it covers the entire

Headliner there we have a pretty good size screen right in the middle it is a touch screen system so you can swipe through it or basically just push on what you like there or you can control it down below either way so we have shortcut buttons to all this information menu is what you see here so we have the phone navigation you can pair your phone to this it’s

Actually a pretty decent system it does look a little bit dated but it has all the information that you need so you really can’t go wrong with that more carbon fiber and brushed aluminum it just gives it a really cool interior we do have a few buttons going on underneath it there’s all the buttons for the ac you have dual zone for your temperatures there’s even

A cd player which i don’t think is any 21 year model and we have some other controls for your radio your seek and track so it’s a nice layout not a whole lot of buttons clock right in the middle but it definitely gives it a great layout you’ll see there’s a little bit of storage space down below with a wireless charging pad that is something that is really nice

To see you also have some auxiliary so you can charge electronics you’ll see two cup holders taking a look at the shifter now it’s actually kind of funky because park is in the front here so you just push on p of course to put it into park but when you’re ready to go with your foot on the brake you just put this all the way up for reverse and you can see the 3d

Camera system has some pretty good graphics to it you can see the backup camera there split angle we have a little bit different of a view oh you’re actually looking at your side cameras there on each side of you that is pretty awesome to see full screen and then the backup camera with the top down view so that’s pretty awesome to see of course you can go all

The way down into drive and then put it into park you’ll also notice the heated and ventilated seats really cool option to have pushing on this button here will go into your driving information so you can pull up all that you even have a shortcut system to the camera and then looking at the center armrest here decent amount of room you can put in a lot of items

With a 12 volt and a usb there to charge more electronics and a good amount of room in that glove box so this is a very nice interior and as i mentioned we do have the full moon roof so you have that with the controls up front here so we can open that up there’s also a sunglass holder perfect to put in and i just missed it but the sunshade actually split so it

Rolled up to the front here and rolled up into the back and then the sunroof did open too very nice to see that a lot of light is provided to this interior as we close that up so now we’re going to shut this off because it makes a really nice exit sound giving you a nice luxurious sound as you exit your genesis the door panel in the rear looks just like up

Front we have the manual sun shades for both windows and then that automatic one in the back and there’s a decent amount of space in the back here at five foot ten i can easily fit my feet up underneath the seat have plenty of room for my knees about two or three inches above my head you do have air vents which is great to see we have the owner’s manual too in

This thick box here so that’s kind of neat to see there’s also a good amount of room in this center armrest here so you can fold this down we have heated rear seats which is awesome to see along with two cup holders and there’s even a cutout here too so you can pull on this if you want to put in any items through great to have that cut out for a sedan like this

You can see pretty good amount of visibility i like that second window there for your backseat passengers and last up before we get this out on the road we can take a look at the trunk space this is a power trunk and you can see a ton of room with the back seats up you can place in anything that you want back here it goes out to the driver and passenger side so

You can definitely place a lot of items in here there’s even a hook that you can pull down if you want to put groceries or any items like that and then you can lock it of course or just push it to close it what do you guys think for half price you can get a genesis a very luxurious brand vehicle for 36 000 you get quite a lot of options a lot of standard safety

Features all right so setting off any genesis now you’ll notice that we have a pretty large door opening making it very easy to enter and exit we’ll start this up here for thirty six thousand dollars i am very impressed with what you can get in this vehicle now there is the depreciation factor in buying a brand new vehicle versus this being a few years old and

Already being less than half price so that is pretty crazy to see for the genesis brand but they do make some really really nice cars i’ve seen a few of the newer models out on the road and just testing this backup camera here you can see how good that is i really don’t see that many genesis’s out on the road so it’s really nice to be able to check this out and see

What you can get for the money now on the used market buying a a genesis hyundai slash genesis they have really nice warranties that i think the powertrain is around 120 months or a hundred thousand miles and they have some other basic warranties that are sixty months sixty thousand miles and those are transferable to the next owner so in buying this vehicle you

Can still get a warranty with forty three thousand miles you still have fifty some thousand to go which is pretty impressive to see so if there are any issues with it you can take it in and it will be covered under warranty that is i think one of the biggest highlights that you can get from hyundai or genesis is the warranty that comes with their vehicles which

Is very impressive to see but this interior here it doesn’t seem too dated i love that we have some updated materials like the carbon fiber the brushed aluminum it has a nice premium feeling interior i can see it being slightly outdated just a little bit with the screen graphics at least but we have a nice large screen and so far it’s very comfortable to drive

It’s very quiet i know i haven’t been too quick in it coming around this turn here we’ll give it a little bit of gas as we come around this turn you can feel a little bit of the body roll this is more on the luxurious side of course than being more sporty even though we do have that twin turbo engine so let’s pop it down with these paddle shifters i don’t see

The gear oh there we go gear selection is in the upper left visibility is very good for this family sedan wow not doing anything too crazy not even half throttle there the paddles are very responsive you can’t really feel the shifts this is just getting up to speed gradually giving you a nice comfortable ride so as we downshift now you can hear the engine more

So than the exhaust wow very very smooth in those shifts that is impressive to see so it does have some performance to it it is a heavy sedan 0-60 is respectable for it and so as we get all the way over here i like it very smooth i wouldn’t take this out on back twisty roads or anything like that while it does have some performance it’s not quite at the level

Of like some bmw m cars which of course are a whole different level this is more so the luxury hyundai doesn’t really make any sporty vehicles they have the veloster they definitely offer the sportiness with the engines though but this doesn’t have any of these suspension to really handle that it’s just a very nice cruising sedan very good daily driver i can see

With the amount of room that you have in it for your passengers the space that you have behind the back seats as well you could easily drive this every single day and just have a very very beautiful sedan that people would think you spent a lot of money on now if you bought it brand new you spent a lot of money on it but at the same time too you’ll also lose a

Good bit of money buying a brand new one now i’m not trying to deter anyone from buying a brand new one but for less than half the price basically this vehicle is in really good condition brakes do a good job and i really don’t think that this model is missing anything we have the sunroof we have alcantara on the headliner it’s a very beautiful interior and it’s

Taking this turn very well all right so getting up in automatic mode now doesn’t even have to hesitate this is a pretty quick sedan so yeah for 36 thousand dollars this is a bargain of a vehicle i think you’re competing with other vehicles like bmw audi mercedes it’s not quite to that same level of course being a few years old compared to the 21-year models and

Some of the other technology features that those models have now a lot of those are going to be way more expensive than this vehicle here but it’s competing with some of those models having the materials on the inside that it has and even having the engine performance and so we can give it a little bit more gas here one last acceleration it almost feels like it’s

Going to put you back in the seat if i really got on it more i think this would definitely get up and move but i like it a perfect daily driver very quiet plenty of power lots of room but i think that’s going to wrap it up for taking a look at the genesis g80 sport once again a huge shout out to hendrick chrysler dodge jeep ram of concord for providing this used

Vehicle for me today make sure you guys check out their website because they have a ton of used and new inventory on the lot yeah this is definitely a lot of fun to drive but if you enjoyed today’s video make sure you give it a huge thumbs up and consider smashing that subscribe button if you’d like to stay up to date on our daily uploads i’ll see you guys in the next video so you

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