buy this car to save money on fu
Altair Club Cars Buy this car to save money on fuel – 2022 Hyundai Tucson

Buy this car to save money on fuel – 2022 Hyundai Tucson

This is a review of the 2022 Hyundai Tucson Hybrid model

The new cvt i expect to say in between gears you know the gear shifting from fires again okay welcome once again to carson cars and also yeah we are still doing the hybrid cars this is the second hybrid in the hybrid series the first one was the rav4 the 2022 model and then today we have uh hyundai hyundai whatever you want to call it ghana different honda

Uh brafonus is a handy so it is the tuscan model and um it’s hybrid i like the car so quickly this is what we do today we do the exterior i’ll do the interior we do our drive test and then we give you our opinion as to how the car feels and all that at your exterior um what i can see here just by the look of it we said i was trying to be a little bit aggressive

With it with this car even from where fender has in ukraine they have a very strong line here um ideally you know i have these lines continue all the way to the back but they ended it right here on the door and then another line also continue here it just said you have a v shape from here and then another shape from here it looks um a little bit complicated for

Me but it also creates a kind of feel i can’t hear different from what is already on the market and i like it this is a solid black handy and it’s nice it comes with a turn signal on the mirror with a 20 inch alloy rim it comes standard and it has a lot of um crazy features in there okay so yeah reflector i think um it’s nice and that’s one thing i like about

Hyundai and kia and these people they try to bring something new to the competition um nyamah ideally inca crv are four more these people these kind of cars will offer to you in the way time rubens becomes an industry standard then they are all doing it i like it it’s nice and my kind of feeling hey come on um the my favorite part of this car is the back i think

It’s a achievement singing for a number of reasons i like these lights and here other other handy models are this light is present and they’ve decided to maintain it just like crv lightning boss racing which has been they have maintained over the years hyundai is also trying to do something here i like this light um you know man it’s beautiful i feel so crowned

So normally you’re very visible this time i’m the kind of i hide it you know i hide the wall um real glassing it is beneath the glass here which is also very cool and then you have your your tascam here and then your hybrid um badge also there and this car comes in different models they have we have this hybrid and we also have electric hybrid and then the

Conventional um engine is also that is a 2.5 liter engine it is a four cylinder so that’s that’s basically what we have with this car um like i said a chinese looks a little bit clumsy you have all these shiny shiny you know at the grill part of the bumper at the front which makes it a little bit clumsy but i mean that’s that’s it but i think the actually they

Really did a good job i mean look at how the the taillights or the rear lights comes in we have two taillights one on the trunk here and then the other one on the quarter panel here and then um this is also a reflector then we have another reflector here i think it’s it’s cool it’s it’s it’s really cool car i like it i like the car so um let’s do the interior

Let’s do our drive test and then we’ll give you our opinion as to how the car feels like i said this is a hybrid model this is not the electric hybrid this is the conventional hybrid you know okay so we are inside the 2020 hyundai or hyundai tuscan the interior is it’s pretty simple but it’s nice it is very nice like i said that is one thing i like about these

Cars they always reach the bar and then with time we will say the the there are four names crv then they are also doing i like this touchscreen it is very huge basically you have two screens in this car this one and then your attacked is here which we will talk a little bit about it but let’s start a car a push to start so let’s just start it straight away and

It’s very quiet i mean just like any other hybrid car like the rav4 we review who starts yeah yeah because i can start it so it’s always important to keep your eye on your tax when we say a review apart then it means i started um what i like one of the things i like about this car is the steering steering strap you know it is very very small and it’s very easy

To to manufacture controls never has is i mean self explanatory um you have your lane keeping assessed your um adaptive cruise control i mean all this all these conventional features yes no everything is decatur like i said these people always will always push the competition everything is digital here so there’s no shift um selector there’s no gear selector

Here you just press parker you know everything is touched here and then you have your different drive moves here you can also um lock your differentials you know as in where you want the power to go you can use this button to lock your defense and then you have your heated seats um button also here and adaptive control and swaha let’s um do our drive test like i

Said everything here starts so i found to drive no yeah i’m cool let’s see how it feels in the clubs hit the inner city and see how it feels there’s a twist here in florida like i said suv is one of their challenges they said you look at my because of the center of gravity now sometimes i have an opportunity you can’t have smart oh but this is this is good

The trails put in the curves wow this this is this is impressive i also like the dash here the dash is nice um this is also the car has a lot of senses and okay so let’s see how it feels oh it takes very fast it’s fast and uh gears in australia very quick again all yeah which is very nice and uh it’s nice it’s pretty solid yeah that has some frozen grana can’t

Even see her that is um it’s solid in the caves as well you know still actually very responsive i mean i am responding but with the letter 10 who said karna reacted to your your things which which is good i like the sitting position with your mouth at all view viewing here very very nice because as a whole structure position so you are able to see clearly what

Happens ahead of you like i said there are a lot of sensors on the car so it keeps on reminding you keep your hands on the steer ice on the road maintain your distance and all that oh it’s nice my what i’ve realized right now this is a road noise no i’m not reading the road noise okay when the noise look across inside i think then commit to me i reduce noise now

And i want the engine also nice name in the account because they’re hybrid the engineer down to the noise button on the mirrors and all that you hear those things apart from that to the day as i said everything is nice and calm in here if you try the brakes also on the ramp there’s a wrap coming ahead of us trying to see how the brakes works okay and bounce the

Bounce too much and uh it’s not hard and you’re very stiff suspension you know it’s in between soft and that’s stiff substrate suspension ayanna it’s our castle it takes time to respond you know that’s a quick response but i mean eventually it does respond that it takes time to say hey there’s a ramp ahead of us so let’s see oh i like it i like the car i think

This is a very good competition for our four next year you know although they still need to do a little bit more because of the innovations are about the other cars but i think that and they did a good job on this the handling is it’s perfect it’s beautiful bricks industry are very strong you know brakes this all the four brakes are deck so it comes standard

As well so it’s nice oh i like this car oh playground four opens you have nowhere i think this is an equally good car in fact if you choose this car ahead of the other the others in the competition you are not making any mistake you know and the fact that it’s also a hybrid you should cry a plus because you see gas prices keeps rising on saying hybrid class

In your name you know you have years and years and years of experience it those fears i think you can become putting to rest because they have enough experience you know what they are doing and uh okay customer readings and yeah yeah this way car they break break down you know say okay these are cars that can last you for years and to save your hour what you say

Of course by also making sure that you are doing your maintenance and all that well your maintenance regularly as you should yeah you shouldn’t have any problem with these cars to those fierce media i think that in this current age this aircraft electric cars are about the knowledge and innovation keeps rising new things can come in again we’ll talk this kind

Of car this hybrid casa i mean this is a good choice i have really enjoyed it so let’s get to beings and they will give you our firm opinion about this okay so this is our thoughts um before we give our talks we would like you to subscribe to this channel um like it’s let’s let’s hear your opinions about our videos nah yankee people conversations now this is

What we think about this guy we think the 2022 hyundai task is a very good car however um there are other options in the market like the rav4 like the crv um that you can choose from you also have the miss cbc outlander which is also another good card that you can choose from so these are our options already on the market however we think the tascam as we review

Today is still a very good car um the interior looks nice the exterior it’s nice just that’s a little bit clumsy on the design but still on a very good car so that’s that’s our opinion um we think that the rav4 the crv is still a little bit ahead of this tascam in terms of the drive field and the overall package that these companies gives you yeah so that is our

Story for today thank you so much for tuning in we led you to subscribe to the channel and let’s hear your opinion this is cars and cars

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Buy this car to save money on fuel – 2022 Hyundai Tucson By cars n cars

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