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Altair Club Cars Building Wealth w Tools & Assets – Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500XD

Building Wealth w Tools & Assets – Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500XD

This video is about how you should invest your money into tools and assets that can make you more money, grow your business, and build wealth.

Is christian in today’s video i’m going to be teaching you why you should buy tools and assets that help build your wealth and i’m also going to be showing you my work truck and my new mercedes-benz sprinter van 3500 enjoy so hello everyone so today i’m going to be showing you um how to get assets that make you money and before i show you my new van i thought i’d

Start here because for me this is pretty much how i founded my whole business was using this truck here this is a sierra 3500 one ton long bed pickup truck that we’ve been using for the last couple years since early 2016 to move pool tables and furniture and basically how i founded my business um this truck was able to you know be my mobile office traveled all

Over texas with me and made me a lot of money in the process so it was able to pay for itself you know pretty easily just by the work that i would do so this thing’s been incredible to me and i’m really really happy and fortunate that i was able to you know have a tool like this to grow my business and to use to make money with so i thought you know it’d only be

Right to start here and then now i’m gonna show you the the brand new van all right check it out all right here it is so i wanted to make a video showing you guys a tour of my uh newest business vehicle this is a delivery van that we use to deliver pool tables furniture and pretty much anything that anyone buys in our store it’s a 2019 mercedes-benz sprinter and

This is the 3500 xd so it’s a dually and it’s also the 170 extended um extended wheelbase so this is pretty much the biggest fan that you can get the mercedes makes i’ve seen a lot of people turn these vans into like houses like a rv or like a limo but this is great for us because it can fit you know three four maybe even five pool tables in there all at the same

Time and we can move pool tables in any weather condition pretty much any distance we can store things and it also gives us the ability to carry a lot more stuff with us for jobs and for customers like hues and balls basically like a mobile store so the reason i wanted to make a video about this is because this is a brand new mercedes van right so i had to um

Look around quite a bit before i found this particular model but you know they do get pretty expensive they do get kind of pricey but the reason i got this was because i know and you know i did my research from the first day that i got this i was able to use it to make money with it you know i was able to from the first day i drove it back into town we scheduled

A job and it covers basically all of the money that i’m going to be putting into this as an investment is going to come back to me in the form of work in the form of tax incentives and i can also use this as a huge billboard so today it’s all black and plain but i do plan on getting it wrapped you know and the whole company logos and everything and it gets to be

Used as marketing as well so it’s just a really cool tool um if i got to pick any mercedes that i wanted to drive every day to buy brand new it probably wouldn’t be this i’d probably get like a amg gt or like a maybach or something cool and crazy but from the moment that i own this it’s gonna make me money and that’s something that you know is really important

To me i don’t want to get something that’s going to take money away from me i want to get something that’s going to help my business grow it’s going to help my money grow it’s going to give me better rapport my customers and this looks good you know when you pull up in it people know that you mean business and that you take your job very serious and that their

Pool table is in safe hands so that’s one of the reasons i got this and i’ve used it pretty much every single day to make money since i got it so it’s been great to me already i love it um it’s got a three liter diesel so it’s actually more fuel efficient than the duramax pickup that i was showing you earlier and it’s really comfortable to ride in it’s a blank

Slate pretty much so when i bought it it didn’t have a passenger seat so i am going to be getting a passenger seat put in it so it has that but i mean it’s just really cool i can also show you the inside i’m going to hop in it real fast so you can see so that’s why it’s really important you know like i said i much rather have bought a cool fancy sports car let

Me turn this off here but this is just way better i bought it with 54 miles and i’ve already gotten it up to basically a thousand miles but the only miles that i’ve put on it are for work use um you know doing deliveries and actually moving pool tables with it so it’s pretty big it’s ginormous when you look all the way to the back you can see it’s plain but it

Gives me the most cargo room which is essentially what i need it for so thought i’d give you guys a look at the van if you can buy something that can make you money it’s genius think of like buying a lawnmower right um you buy it you can go cut lawns with it once it pays for itself then it’s all profit and your equipment paid for itself that’s on a small scale

Then you could think of like a like a huge tractor or piece of construction equipment you know you buy it you have to pay up front but once you start using it and getting jobs with it it’ll pay for itself and you can also use it as a tax write-off you know and it’s growing your business and it also grows your scope of work i’m able to do more work different kinds

Of work do it more efficiently and faster because of this tool so i kind of you know use this like an analogy is when you play those business tycoon games or the diner dash games or any any of those roller coaster tycoon games you got to upgrade your equipment as you go for your business to grow and you know i started with with that mentality and it that’s pretty

Much how you need to do it you need to go one step at a time always grow the business and put your personal desires aside and get something that you know is gonna is gonna be able to grow into something bigger thank you for watching thank you for checking out the sprinter van this is a crazy cool model in the next video i’ll show you what it looks like wrapped

With all the decals thank you dude it goes everywhere hi it’s ginormous

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Building Wealth w Tools & Assets – Mercedes Benz Sprinter 3500XD By TXTROOPER

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