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Altair Club Cars Building THE FASTEST BMW M2 On The N

Building THE FASTEST BMW M2 On The N

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Good morning comrades welcome back to the nurburgring welcome back to the channel over the last couple of years bmw m2 platform has recommended itself as being a very good ring tool some people do some minor adjustments to it to make it even more track optimized and some people go to a little bit more extreme i would say and one of these people is phil hey hi so

Um this car was already spotted on the internet a couple of times with some upgrades done to it when you look at it from afar okay black m2 nothing special when you go up closer you see some extraordinary aerodynamic elements when you go even more closer you see some crazy details i want to ask you like so what’s the deal with it you just said we wanted to be the

Fastest m2 100 the whole project was very much do anything to it make it the fastest car around the ring we’re trying to go for the the lap record in the m2 obviously trying to beat the gt3s do something a little bit more sort of unusual and just go to the full extent what can it actually do so that’s that’s where the project started from yeah that’s awesome

To hear so let’s have a closer look at the details what you’ve done to the car so starting in the front we see some extraordinary aerodynamic elements pretty big lip um can you tell us more about it yeah the lip spoiler so obviously we’ve got the ducting going into the brakes um just for extra downforce we did have one with an adjustable slider at the front

But that it came off so we’ve basically reduced that now so that this is perfectly balanced with the rear then we have the bonnet with extra extra cooling right yeah just to get the heat out of the car and likewise get the uh trapped air in the wheel arches from the uh carbon fenders so these custom-made because i haven’t seen something like that anywhere before

On them these are these uh are made by a company in germany um it’s all prepreg carbon the quality on them is phenomenal um but yeah really really nice product yeah before we move further to the back while we’re standing here we’re running the very well familiar recommended 5000 r ap racing yeah endless pads and pads are fairly subjective i know tim that’s been

Testing the car he prefers the padget pads and i just prefer the endless okay suspension what are you running that’s right we’re running kw competition three ways and and then it’s got full kinematics on the car now what about the power is it stock are you no we’ve got we’ve got a full acre system from front to back so we’ve obviously mapped it um it’s running

About 540 brake or 700 newton meters which is more than enough regarding hardware for the rest like turbos etc it’s still it is there’s going to be a development on that a bit later on okay well usually i would move back to the back and to show what’s what’s happening with aerodynamic and exhaust there but the most prominent part is actually on the interior and

Actually here already you can probably see the carbon fiber pattern through the foil yeah so this is painted it’s a paint yeah correct it’s um it’s a full carbon door painted yeah so it’s got a bit of an f48-esque part to it that’s awesome lightweight do you know a lot of people always ask like do you know how much weight you have saved with it yeah there’s about

300 kilos out of the car 300 in total yeah it’s three uh it’s 13.80 weight wow and that’s including the cage already yeah correct wow so quite a lot of the car is carbon fiber all the way through you see that the floor in the back as well and this is probably the best part is that a m4 gt4 steering wheel or yes and what about all the extra buttons does it do

Anything uh not currently but they will be they’ll be completely so we’re going to take the steering column off obviously this is still a development car and so we’re going to take the indicators off and and make all the buttons work to what we need them to do that’s awesome and then in addition you have the aim dash running and well ricardo spgs i believe for

Which these are spa sp yeah cool well and then finishing off on the rear what spoiler is this is it a cop car or is it something special is it started this part there is from the cop car it is from the cup car yeah and then we’ve just added the gurney flap on the end yeah and then it’s the gt4m plates and the crap which exhaust as you mentioned with additional

Carbon fiber diffuser correct and then this this is also a full carbon boot lid yeah so there’s quite a lot of weight saving in that it’s running also a light box battery just to take the weight out again so there’s it’s quite you know it’s quite extensive is the weight saving yeah i mean obviously because how else are you going to achieve 300 kilos of weight

Savings that’s ridiculous so that should be yeah a very nice ride just because it’s black you might not notice but it’s actually got the full carbon roof as well with the aero yeah and you’re running the uh the rest of tires yeah my favorite tyres duretz’s now final question is a lot of people gonna ask after this so where did you build it and can you build

Something like that for me absolutely so this is a development car there’s quite a lot of people that have been involved in the process so the whole idea of this is to sort of make sure that the product works first and foremost and then if the product is really good then we’ll take it to market and when do you think you will be satisfied um it’s feeling pretty

Good now um so we’ve had a good couple of days tim the test driver will take you out and and see what you think but it’s it’s feeling pretty good so far well it’s got me very excited so thank you very much for this explanation no problem we’ll include the links in the video description where people can find out more about the project and now let’s hop in with him

And to find out what it’s all about so fast forward into the car we are suited up helmet up gear up hunts up most importantly because it’s track day so we can run hunts and we are joined by tim how are you doing i’m good man how are you yeah very well very well very excited so as phil mentioned you have been involved in this project as a development driver yeah

That’s right a few words before we go yes it’s been quite a long time coming really it’s a sort of second year of development uh last year got hampered quite a lot and obviously this year we’ve had covert issues to deal with so it’s been quite hard to get hold of the time basically to just get it done but it also started about two years ago actually with the 235

Project which was wide body similar to the race cars that you see on the track and then obviously natural progression from there was the game two and then two competition came with the s55 engine and um yeah we just took it from there so yeah like you say i’ve been involved since day one and uh the rate of that we’ve progressed has been really really good and

We’ve been out testing these past couple of days at dn and no matter whether it’s wet or dry or or whatever the car has been absolutely brilliant so yeah we feel like we’re we’re really making progress and um hopefully we’re on the home stretch now in terms of development cool well let’s go cool you ready yes first thing important to mention is that the car still

Has its ac it’s a necessity these days i mean i’ve always had a theory of anything you may gain by removing ac you lose just because your head’s not in the right place absolutely and uh it goes a long way to say that you know you look at gt3 or gte race cars it’s regulation these days have air conditioning fitted so it says a lot about the situation i think yep

So this guy’s running the race navigate pro system which can obviously be used for lap timing or just for video purposes but obviously we have you with the gopro so we’ll just rely on that from calendar there is oil all on the track and atom has dropped all its oil out okay thank you thank you yeah so if you just shot that window make sure because it gets quite

Blustery inside right so we’ll uh start obviously we’ve got coal tires at the moment yep uh wow dive bomb hmm there you go so so feel good yeah very good so since we’re rolling through the yellow i think we have a small break so we can talk a bit about the car first of all it’s a very well neutral setup i think yeah it is it’s something we’ve been working on

Like when we first started the project last year we always struggled with the rear axle so we always felt like we were managing the rear through either you know throttle control or being gentle on the brakes or something so over the past year we’ve really worked hard on that rear axle and now like you say the car feels neutral uh even to the point where you’re

Actually starting to manage a little bit of understeer so as phil mentioned this is you know intended for someone to be able to jump in and have a good time so yes we could make that front end a little bit more responsive but we also want to you know make sure it’s manageable for everyone so yeah let’s see we’re about to cross this so yeah so there’s actually

That we’re passing and let’s go come on so so so wow that was very very nice now of course we could go and wait till the track is cleaned up to do a full lap but again this is development car stay tuned there is going to be a full lap lap time attempt later on in the season with a very prominent driver not that tim is not prominent enough at this point um

And for people gonna say like oh a crossbow you cannot even keep up with that well first of all the car is was running full stakes the crossbow so there’s a difference in that and uh i think it’s a big compliment to be able to keep up with such a track oriented car that uh that particular crossbow is a gt4 car oh yeah it’s a gt4 it’s being run by a race team

Yeah yeah so it’s a i think type one racing gt4 yeah full sleek so full race car so not a street legal car and um there you go and we are chilling here we have ac not breaking sweat so i think it’s uh it’s already a very big compliment so thank you very much for the slap very well looking forward to see where this journey will end absolutely yeah it’s like i

Said it’s it’s come a long way and i feel like we’ve got some steps to go but it’s definitely a step in the right direction awesome

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Building THE FASTEST BMW M2 On The Nürburgring By Misha Charoudin

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