building an m3 bmw in 8 minutes


I know it was a little soon, but this choice will change the channel forever in the most positive way possible. Have faith in my decision and you guys will see some insane content in the near future (week or 2)

Though it doesn’t really matter when my hands are tight i’m trying to walk across the bridges that i’ve burned my own because to me this is me some junk so give me a light show me what i need is my mind got trapped inside i forgot to look beyond i see the other side so give me a light tell me what i need ready symphony my prepayment please

Give me a light show me what i need i know i’m blind is last night we had something tonight i’ll be kissing but i don’t really have a case you don’t have to mention you just like their attention it’s written all over your face is then said this isn’t like giving you pretending that i don’t know who you are every time i see you tell me

If you think that strategy is heart talk to me just talk to me talk to me different and guys we are at the end of the video so yeah that was an absolute thriller adventure you guys saw where we started you guys saw where we ended so basically i was just gonna film a video you know just just saying that i’ve sold the m3 but i didn’t want to

Just you know i didn’t really know how to make the video so it took a little bit of time on that there’s a lot of new things that are happening in your future like some seriously big things that i’ve invested in so you guys will be seeing that in the near future but just know that this decision wasn’t easy for me i was actually working in the process of making

The video to say like yo i’m not actually going to be ever selling this car was that’s the video i was supposed to upload two days ago but as i was editing that video somebody reached out to me saying yo i’ll give you you know i’ll give you this price which i was really happy with mainly because the value of this car right now has been really depreciating the

Clean titles are selling for around 21 to 20. so i know if i wasn’t gonna take the offer that he was giving me i would never get an offer like that ever again again this was a very hard decision for me i know a lot of you guys are probably not gonna i know a lot of you guys who are new to the channel aren’t going to believe it but this was seriously my biggest

Project seriously the biggest decision i’m going to make when i actually sold this car me and jonathan we actually sold the car we came home and we weren’t even excited like we were sitting down we’re like was this the right decision like we were just both thinking it’s through but after a couple days of just you know taking it in i’m so excited to say that

We can finally move forward with our bigger dreams this is only the start of the channel guys this is just one of a few builds and in some cases we’re gonna have to sacrifice one for the better of the channel so you guys will be seeing a lot more better content and again something huge is happening in the next couple videos like absolutely huge one i’m saying

Huge i mean huger than an m3 so if you guys are excited for that make sure to smash the like button but yeah guys unfortunately it’s goodbye to the m3 but it’s not the last m3 without further ado guys i love you all so much remember to stay humble and uh i’ll see you guys in the next one peace out you

Transcribed from video

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