building an audi the usa couldnt
Altair Club Cars Building an Audi the USA couldnt have | Owner Spotlight

Building an Audi the USA couldnt have | Owner Spotlight

We met up w/ Matt and his Fully S4 swapped B8 A4 Avant w/ a Manual swap as well! Both the donor S4 and the A4 were completely torn down to the bare shell, and everything from the S4 was bolted into the Avant! S4 Wagons do not exist in the US, so Matt made it happen!

My name is matt jackson this is my 09 a4 avant full s4 swap when i bought the car it was a pretty much bone stock 2-liter turbo automatic that was the only configuration you could get in avant in the b8 platform in north america kind of got the short end of the stick as always with the wagons audi stopped producing the s4 avant in america for this generation i took

It upon myself to buy a wrecked s4 from copart auction strip both cars down completely bearish tails and just rebuilt this as the s4 here we are it’s it’s been a treat the car is an absolute blast and everything we should have gotten from the from the factory audi foreign the chassis are pretty identical when they come out of the factory the only thing that’s

Different is the back hatch the wheelbase is identical even the floor pans are identical so there was no like fabricating for the transmission even the exhaust fit so i’m using a factory s4 cat-back exhaust and that fit perfect no problem so the swap is really easier than it appears it’s just getting everything to work factory like i said it’s easy relatively

Speaking but then you know getting the last 10 percent to get everything working is really where the challenge is and this is a car that top the bottom every single feature works the factory drive select you know the diff the the nav bang olufsen the power lift gate backup camera advanced key the whole nine everything is working as if audi built it and that was

My whole goal with this car to make sure it was pretty much undetectable that it wasn’t a factory s4 or bond the supercharger screens foreign ty engineering dual pulley so i’m running their stage 2 dual pulley software cts crank pulling and cts supercharger pulley so it’s making about double what a factory s4 would make yeah so i’ll send you pictures but that

Car was literally a tin can it was like absolutely no wiring on it absolutely there was not one bolt that wasn’t touched in terms of like removing anything so it’s staggering to see the car torn down in a state that it was and imagine that like this is the same car and there’s no squeaks or rattles nothing broken everything works the the interior is full s4 that

Was torn out of the parts car transferred pretty much everything that there was seats dash all the carbon fiber trim door panels so like both cars were stripped down to bare shells and everything that came out of the s4 went into this car you know except for parts that were specific to the avant like the headliner so the headliner the headliner is special because

This is a factory s-line interior car so it actually has a factory black headliner which i only owned the car for about two months before it got swapped so i didn’t really have much time in it to get used to it being like a two liter automatic i’ve had it far longer as the state that it’s in now rather than factory so it drives just like an s4 sedan would and again

You would really never know that the car was torn down it drives fantastic even with a cargo box on the roof fully loaded to the brim parts car had the sport differential so that was retrofitted in here as well along with you know all the other s4 electronics and mechanical the hole for the slave cylinder or the clutch master cylinder rather is there it’s just

Blocked off in the factory and then you just swap the pedals everything bolts up and it’s just one two three from there other than like getting wiring done definitely what took me the longest was getting the wiring done it had to do a lot of adaptations and reprogramming the modules so they are aware that it is now in a wagon instead of dan most of the computers

In there are s4 but there are some computers that use you know specific wagon stuff like the tailgate and stuff that controls the power rear liftgate that needed to be reused from the a4 and then coated and adapted using otis i wouldn’t i don’t want to say there was a little bit of a wall there but it was you know definitely took some time to figure that out and

How to integrate everything to make it work as if it was factory i took the entire body harness out of the sedan so that harness already had all the manual swap wiring in it already at the time this was my first time really going into some deep wiring so i kind of figuring out as i go you know from the connectors that i knew i needed trace them back to their origin

Or whatever module they plugged into and i bought a deep pinning tool kit depend them out of each connector and just transplanted the harness into the s4 harness so there was no cuts involved no soldering no butt connectors everything i took the spare time or the extra time to do that just to make sure that 30 000 miles down the road there was not going to be any

Weird issues related to wiring or some you know weird bs that could could happen and thankfully it’s been trouble free been about two and a half years i put 30 000 miles on it and the only thing that’s broken on it has just been typical three liter stuff like thermostat water pump but other than that the car’s been great you know foreign you know all these parts

On this car that either were not available on this car or it came from europe oem rs4 door handles that are european only the european headlights and tail lights the car has a factory glove box cooler which was not available on the b8 chassis it came in a porsche macon so i’d like to say that i’ve got porsche parts on my car could go on and on all day about little

Little nice touches that were added in but i have facelifted the front and rear s4 b8 and a half front bumper all the black optics grilles and everything obviously it’s on air ride so that it’s quite dumped compared to what it would be factory still got the factory mag ride though i have an accuair bag that slips over the uh the mag ride stock so i retained the

Factory mag ride shock so there’s no no lights on the dash their factory rs5 rotors pretty much the biggest wheelie you could fit on this platform it’s borderline too big for this car but i think it fits them reasonably enough the little bit of a smaller tire than what they would come with factory i’m running a 245 30 on them a lot of the times people people run

Into problems when they’re trying to take a prestige car and put it into a non-prestige base or the other way around can be difficult in terms of retrofitting you know the sound system or a car that has keyless entry this and that so if you get a car ideally that are both prestige package cars or premium plus and they both have similar options that’ll definitely

Make life easier in terms of wiring and you know coding adapting and this and that be prepared for the project because it is a lot of work i make it sound easier than than it may seem bag and tag and label all your bolts that come out label all the connectors that come out that way a thing that you kind of go into and you learn as you go and you know you go in

With the idea that this is possible and it’s going head first all right

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Building an Audi the USA couldn't have | Owner Spotlight By Deutsche Auto Parts

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