building a 2022 lexus nx 350h
Altair Club Cars Building a 2022 Lexus NX 350h

Building a 2022 Lexus NX 350h

Welcome to the 2022 Lexus NX 350h, in this video I build my dream specification of NX350h. I hope you all enjoy this content, comment below what colour you would have your new NX 350h in?

Hello hello and welcome back to revlex it’s the next channel for you and today i’m going to be looking on the lexus website just to try and build and configure my dream lexus mx spec here in the uk we only get the 300 300 350 h and the new nx450 h plus as many of you probably knows based on the rav4 prime so without further ado we’re just going to jump onto the

Website if it loads up and as you can see when you’re on the website we’ve got a little kind of advert of alexis mx on the main page that’s good to afternoon welcome to alexis uk there’s a new car so i’m just going to click nx and hopefully it’ll build up and we can do something exciting i have seen some nice colors online i think it was kirk’s video on youtube

I’ve seen he had like a red one on the test that i haven’t actually seen here in the uk so quick configure so i have noticed you can get a front-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive uh f350h and then the 450 h is only all wheel drive so in the uk prices are starting just over fifty thousand almost fifty one thousand pound basically for the nx 450 h and the 350

H is just under forty thousand pound if you want the front wheel drive and i think that’s gonna be a marketing thing because here in the uk if you’re unaware if a car is over forty thousand pound it gets out of the premium car tax all knows it’s about 150 pounds if you’re under the forty thousand pound less price when it’s new so even if you buy it two years

Old you’re still going to be paying 140 pounds or doing a little bit more research into this tax situation i found for april 1st 2022 the alternative fuels which are hybrids and things like that if it’s under under that 40 000 pound price bracket it’s 155 pound uh petrol diesel cars 165 and then if the luxury car tax is 345 pounds so petrol and diesel cars are

529 pound and alternative fuels are 510 pound so again you’re going to be paying 110 for the first five years from the second year with your hybrid nx um that’s just where we’re at if it’s a full electric car from what i can see online there doesn’t seem to be that extra charge some of them looks like zero grams per kilometer sealed to a zero pound you pay

For people exercise duty so that’s something to bear in mind if they do a full electric version and i can see depending on first year registration that’s where lexus well their website says 220 pound but from what i can see online uh with the grams of co2 between 141 and 150 grams you’re actually paying 240 pounds for the first year so the first year seems to be

Cheaper than the second to the fifth year um so i think that’s probably why they’ve done one where it’s four to nine thousand seven hundred and sixty pounds just so you’ll handle that but probably can’t get any options because from memory paint is a couple hundred pound or maybe six hundred pounds so i’ll just jump in and i’ll start off with the 350 h all wheel

Drive because i think for the sake of a thousand pound you may as well have the all-wheel drive capability and then this is where you can choose if you want an f sport a takumi or a regular model so if you see the standard model as forty thousand pound it’s almost ten thousand pound for the f-sport trim which is quite a lot of money and that flows on things like

Your led quad sorry quad led headlights blindfold monitoring they’ve got the regular upholstery we’ve got the f-sport design which is these larger wheels and the big grille up front as you can see the chrome disappears around the window but yeah ten thousand pounds quite an uplift uh this is two inch bigger alloy wheels just looking at that yeah quite i think

Some taken there as well but ten thousand pounds for a spec for the midterm and then if you want to jump up to kumi it’s 54 000 spec it’s 54 800 pounds for the takumi specs that adds things like your panoramic sunroof alloy wheels which is 20 inch different design uh rather upholstery as well they’re also the same 17-inch smart lifts and sound system which having

The mark livestream system and the is and they’ve seen other lexus modes of testing that is worth it the standard system is not too bad but i just like the extra kind of depth if you’re getting a mark livestream but any of these premium upgrades one’s ventilated front seats as well which is actually kind of almost a must because when you get used to especially

At the ies and the jaguar now that you’ve seen it’s got cool seats it’s so nice just when you’re not sticking to the seats in the car so probably i would go for me let’s go for the takumi just to give us up so that’s 54 000 and it’s giving us all the options and i believe we’ll see what else we can add so the colors black is free there’s the reds is that three

I’m not seeing are these all three maybe no there we go so the metallic black is 670 pound i’ve got sonic white for 920 it’s on 15 920 the teriyan khaki the green metallic 670. i do like the orange um which i call them blazing cornelli carmilla current alien is 920 the blue celestial blue which i’ve seen in the ux before is really nice as well and the last

Color which is sonic 3 which is not bad but i think the gray’s more suit than german cars when you go in japanese you want something all quirky so as much as i probably go for the blue i think i’ll stick with hold on the orange i want the green i’ll go for the orange just because there we go so the takumi sun roof is adding uh what is that i think what this

Chemist is under water protection pack roll bar crossbars where’s the interior there we go wheels so optional wheels we have there’s a slightly different design still 15 spoke ones 20 spokes sorry i kind of prefer the standard ones how much are the optional ones a thousand pound i’ll just get that and in the interior okay so if not what’s happened it’s

An interior front there’s not as many options as i thought there would be there’s four options we’ve got kind of a cream with the black we’ve got a black and black with a dark wood we’ve also got the red and black which if i was doing the blue i would probably do the red interior on an f sport and then i’ve got this tan now i’ve done an orange exterior so i’ll

Probably go with the white i can’t look like a penguin but i’m not exactly keep jumping down i’m not exactly super thrilled with the interior options like why is the reds all red and the time’s all tan but when you get white you only get weight the sides must be a bit frustrating i’d like more white especially when you see the lc500 and the white for the blue

Thing that looks really good so coming out to it it’s 55 730 pound for total price of this car so anyway hope you guys all enjoyed this nx there i think it’s quite fun i like the rear bar light i’d love to test drive one and get one in the channel but i just wanted to play around with fun colors in the interior if you like this kind of video i can do it again

With the es or the lc or some of the lexus models but i just wanted to jump on and show you guys what i would choose if i was picking up an nx 350 h uh which at 55 000 pounds unfortunately with my price range at the moment because weirdly uh which i’ll probably put another video there’s a lexus or more a toyota product that i like that’s about 15 000 pound less

Than that and i think it’s quite quirky and i think there was only varying sources under 300 made under 350 made so if you can guess what it is comment below if you made it this far also if you made it this far please make sure you subscribe like turn on that bell icon because you must be like his fan and i’d love you to join this group that we’ve now created

Called red lexus so as always stay safe thanks for watching ciao you

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Building a 2022 Lexus NX 350h By Rev Lexus

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