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Altair Club Cars BUICK ENCORE GX: Detailed Walk-Around & Test Drive with this Beautiful 5 Passenger Compact SUV

BUICK ENCORE GX: Detailed Walk-Around & Test Drive with this Beautiful 5 Passenger Compact SUV

Join Motor City Maggie for a walk around and test drive with the 2022 Buick Encore GX Essence Sport Touring FWD! This 5-passenger compact SUV has a new engine and sharp style. The Encore GX starts at $25,900 and is show at $34,490. It is available in FWD or AWD. There is 50.2 cu. ft of cargo space with the rear seats folded. Let Maggie show you the beautiful design details, exciting features and advanced technology that can be found on the Encore GX.

Is the buick encore gx the perfect compact suv for you let’s find out i’m motorcity maggie hit that subscribe button and let’s take a deep dive on the 2022 buick encore gx sport touring edition so there are three different trim levels of the buick encore gx there are the preferred select and essence trim levels and there’s also a sport touring package this

Model here is the essence with that sport touring package and the base model buick encore gx right now starts at twenty five thousand eight hundred dollars whereas this one is shown at thirty four thousand four hundred and ninety dollars underneath the hood we have a unique powertrain we’re looking at a 1.3 liter three cylinder turbo engine one two three cylinders

Producing 155 horsepower and 174 pound-feet of torque now on the front-wheel drive model we’re going to get a cvt transmission and the all-wheel drive model will give you a nine-speed automatic transmission miles per gallon on the front-wheel drive model is 29 miles per gallon in the city and 32 miles per gallon on the highway that’s not that bad however i really

Want to see a hybrid buick encore gx and for the 2022 model year unfortunately there’s no hybrid plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle yet however gm is very committed to becoming all-electric in the next decade or so and by the end of this decade buick as being part of gm has announced that they are going to release their all-electric model so for the year 2024

We’re going to see a new buick sedan that is all electric it is gorgeous it looks like this right here i’ll attach it in my video and buick also announced a brand new badge it is more futuristic and more modern and you can see that right here as well all right let’s take a look at some of the more design elements on the exterior we’ve got the standard buick badge

Right here which hopefully we’re gonna see change starting in 2023 definitely in 2024 we’ll have that more modern badge that i just showed you but we have these stretched wings on the front grill which is kind of a classic buick look but on the sport touring model we have this really cool red accent in the front grill so that is unique to this trim level and i really

Really love that look of course we’ve got this beautiful hood it’s a short hood so it’s really easy to park this vehicle because you have such great visibility on the front end and if you look at your leds they’re really sharp really nice design and we’ve got the fog lamps here as well so coming around to the side we’ll see that we do have 18 inch wheels these come

Standard on the buick encore gx and we’re gonna see this kind of brushed silver metal for the roof rails and our gloss black accents as well as this beautiful red exterior this is an additional color it’s 495 dollars it is called cinnabar metallic let me know what you think of it in the comments let’s check out the back end of the buick encore gx we have the nice

Encore gx badge here of course another buick badge and then we’ve got the st sport touring badge we also have this nice rear spoiler to give it a more athletic aggressive look which is really lovely and then we’re going to have our height adjustable liftgate which is really nice giving us 50.2 cubic feet of storage which is really nice for a vehicle this size a

Compact five passenger suv so we can also put the rear seats down there’s a 60 40 split and it comes with this tonneau cover so you can hide all the things that are in the back of your vehicle and check this out we also have a temporary use spare tire which is so convenient you actually have a fold flat front passenger seat i mean honestly more vehicles should have

This feature it is so nice because you have way more storage for longer items like furniture a rolled up carpet and a ladder things like that it’s just really convenient and a nice extra feature on the buick encore gx oh did you say something i was just taking a little nap let’s check out the inside let’s see what the buick encore gx looks like when you start it

Up all right we’ve got a nice push button start oh saying hello to us on our 8 inch touchscreen display first impressions are that i really enjoy the interior it reminds me a lot of the other buicks that i have been in we’ve got a beautiful leather wrapped steering wheel with the buick logo on the horn we have a lot of nice buttons here on the steering wheel we

Even have some on the back you can see i’m adjusting the volume on the back of the steering wheel i can also change the station that i’m listening to on the back of the steering wheel which just feels very intuitive and then behind the steering wheel we have our multi-information display and two analog gauge clusters right here we also have this is so interesting

The head up display that is on a separate pane of glass usually when you see the head up display it is seamlessly projected onto the windshield of the vehicle so this is a little different uh to be seeing it on a separate pane of glass i prefer to have it on the windshield personally but this may be a lower cost option to help keep the cost of the vehicle down

Okay on to the eight inch infotainment system you will have apple carplay android auto amazon alexa hd radio sirius xm and it’s really nice it’s um pretty easy to use here’s our home we’ve got some great colors and of course you can add different users we’ve got navigation on this one wi-fi with that can connect up to seven different devices that is an added

Package right there and a lot of pretty easy to use features moving on down to the center bridge here we’ve got our usb ports right here an auxiliary port we also have our wireless charger right there that we’re utilizing so we’ve got some more buttons here we’ve got our parking assist sonar and then this button here will actually allow you to have the vehicle

Park itself so that’s what this looks like here and you can choose between parallel or perpendicular parking and you can park on the right or the left side of the road bose speakers are available on the buick encore gx but we don’t have them on this model they are extra coming along to the side here here is our digital rear view camera this is always kind of

Trippy for me because it kind of confuses your perception of where things are because you’re used to seeing a mirror and not a camera image but this is really handy if you have heads or cargo blocking your view so you will always have a way to see out the back of your vehicle so that’s really nice we also have our onstar emergency button here and let’s move down

To the center bridge we have a nice normal shift knob automatic parking brake is here and then we’ve got two small cup holders that were fine for our water bottles a large container here i just was throwing my sunglasses in here my keys my phone and then as i was driving they were kind of bumping around and making a lot of noise so i can feel like this won’t be the

Ideal place to have all your belongings but it is nice to have that because the center console is not that large you can see i’ve got our garage door opener there you can pop that open and then there’s more space but it is narrow but this is a smaller vehicle so that makes sense and this armrest is pretty small to have two arms sharing it hey get out of my way hey

That’s my armrest so you get the idea we have memory seats and a 10-way adjustable driver’s seat and an eight-way power adjustable front passenger seat which is really nice here are some more controls that’s your button for the head up display here is what the head up display looks like from the driver’s perspective it tells you how fast you’re going you can get

Turn-by-turn directions on here uh you can see what channels you are changing to and your volume controls as well so some useful information here is your heated steering wheel button and then this button will allow you to choose the amount of space that you want in between the vehicle in front of you when you are in cruise control and of course the vehicle will come

With the buick driver confidence which is the extra safety features that buick includes standard like the forward collision alert lane keep assist with lane departure warning automatic emergency braking front end collision avoidance and more this is a feature that i really like there is a button that you can use to open up your lift gate and you can open it up

Only three quarters of the way to save time if you just need to throw something in in the back seat we have two usb ports a nice 12 volt plug here we have seat back pockets and this gorgeous very soft ebony leather interior there are two cup holders here in the back as well but what i did notice is there’s no air vents so it might get a little stuffy for your rear

Seat passengers here’s a view of the front dash from the back seat and i also wanted to mention that there is the buick quiet tuning tack on this vehicle so that gives us active noise cancellation triple door seals an acoustic laminated glass for a quiet interior which is really nice there have been some pretty decent rumors that the buick encore is being retired

After the 2022 model year so it is said that the buick encore gx is going to be replacing it and i want to talk about the difference in size so the buick encore gx is about three inches longer than the regular encore but about an inch shorter which is interesting and the envision and i do have a motor city maggie video on the buick envision which i absolutely love

I love that vehicle that is actually 12 inches longer than the buick encore gx and about one inch taller so it’s a pretty big difference in size between those two vehicles and i have to say i think i prefer the envision because it has more luxury features but this is a really nice option for a lower price point for a five passenger compact suv okay i gotta change

My shoes to drive and now i am test driving the buick encore gx and i’ve been driving this vehicle for a few days and i really like it it has a quiet interior a smooth drive the buick encore gx has a air ionizer and this is really cool because it cleans the air so it removes odors and pollutants from the air to give you better quality air while you’re driving so

I think that that’s really cool especially since all of us are a little more uh conscious of germs and pollutants these days so what a fun feature i appreciate that i see that i have a rode sign indicator which is really nice in the multi-information display it is telling me the speed limit i think this is always such a great feature because i often don’t notice

Speed limit signs so really really handy to have that it tells me that it is 35 miles per hour on the road that we’re currently driving on in los angeles so we just turned on the navigation so you can get an idea of what that looks like it does not come standard but it is nice that we have that available as an option the acceleration isn’t like my tesla model

3 but it is gonna get you where you need to go so i think the visibility of the buick encore gx is generally pretty good i like the height that i’m sitting at i feel like i can see extremely well out the front end and out the sides i do feel as if the back window is a bit small for my liking i wanted to show you the different angles that we can see from this

Bird’s eye view camera we’ve got the side angles we’ve got the aerial angles and this is just a really nice way to be able to get a great view of your surroundings and there is that nice projection of the buick logo onto the ground where you are going to kick your foot to open up the liftgate i love that so the more that i drive the buick encore gx the more i

Like it it’s honestly a really pleasant experience to be driving inside of this vehicle i’m enjoying it more and more the more i drive i do wish that there was a standard blind spot monitor uh this is the essence so it’s the fully loaded trim and i don’t have a blind spot monitor or a moon roof so i would like to see those features on this vehicle i really like

The parking assist sonar i really like the cameras and the bird’s-eye view monitor i feel like the camera technology is really good it’s giving me a really crisp image and uh definitely a better camera than my rav4 hybrid so i’m really loving the cameras i’m really enjoying the quiet smooth ride and the amount of cargo space and the height at which i’m sitting so

All in all i really enjoy driving the buick encore gx and i would definitely recommend this vehicle especially for a young couple um or someone with maybe one child uh because it’s a great vehicle and it has a lot of really good complementary active safety features which are so important as well it’s a really crisp camera image and i’m really appreciating the

Visibility that this vehicle is giving me with this bird’s eye view camera i really like that image so i can see how close i am to the curb and then this one in particular because then i can see how much space they have in front of me and behind me and we’ve got a rear seat reminder this should be on every vehicle and i just did a costco run and i have plenty of

Space for all of my goodies and that’s the 2022 buick encore gx i’m motorcity maggie make sure you leave me a like and a comment and subscribe so you don’t miss any of my automotive content thanks so much for watching and i’ll see you next time motor on

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BUICK ENCORE GX: Detailed Walk-Around & Test Drive with this Beautiful 5 Passenger Compact SUV! By Motor City Maggie

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