bucky laseks 2016 subaru wrx sti
Altair Club Cars Bucky Laseks 2016 Subaru WRX STI – Jay Lenos Garage

Bucky Laseks 2016 Subaru WRX STI – Jay Lenos Garage

Skateboard legend and rally driver Bucky Lasek brings his COBB-tuned Subaru STI and leaves his mark at the garage.

Boy when it comes on booster oh like scott i’m gonna have this out of jail in his garage the car featuring today a 2016 subaru sti a car that’s been heavily modified by my old friend bucky elastically zimmy bucky a car shot four bucks word it’s an old english name you know him he’s been on the show a million times we did i read goofball thing rally driving

He’s a skateboard guy he’s like why these extreme athletes he well let’s bring him in here he can explain what we got here bucky or bucks for it okay see everybody else walk okay okay yeah if you got paid for this it would be coming out of your check okay yeah yeah well good job too now tell us what we have here i know i know it’s a subaru i know it’s an sti but

This was your own personal car isn’t it yeah this is my personal 2016 sti i had this car delivered to vermont sportscar the race team that i was driving for it sat there for about eight months they finally did a few things to it and they sent it to me it arrived here to california it needed some bits and parts still so we took it over to an spec right we threw

A bunch of stuff on it and here she sits no bunch of stuff meaning what performance or appearance yeah we had we did a precision turbo a stock location just slightly bigger we did paran front mount hoses we did cobb exhaust tow me up pipe and what modifications horsepower wise stop there what around 300 yeah doctor just over a little over 300 and this one’s about

400 to the wheels oh the wheel so that’s uh well that’s where you want it you weren’t at the wheels yes if you do want it at the wheel okay well i see a few things that are not stuff you added these mirrors these yeah okay yeah the carbon fiber pieces the mirrors i can show you basically what the team added which is really cool that you really can’t get this kind

Of stuff yeah unless you’re pretty pretty good at like cutting stuff up yourself right but the hood they did the hood that’s just like our race hood of okay so they added that they cut that aluminum hood so i didn’t really need to go carbon fiber right okay pretty light it is a little gurney there they did skid plates underneath so it’s got like their looms good

Place to protect the oil pan it’s got a killer b oil pan okay is that hold more oil and stock it holds a motor oil a little bit better than stock it’s it’s slightly bigger slightly bigger baffles and have some baffles okay these cars they tend to starve when you go around turn right i’ll go over so right so it’s just little so the baffles keep the oil from yeah it

Has the pickup is a lot lower okay very cool um what else we have here we have we have gurney flaps it’s well protected for for any gravel if you drive it offroad i mean basically i built a rally inspired streetcars what i wanted to kind of have as a daily so if my friends want to go to the track i can go to the track if i got to go pick up the groceries if i got

To go skate or go do whatever i can you know if it fits my fishing rods yeah so you can actually fish at the trash while shopping with this car yeah okay so it’s and raced yeah raced shopped and fished all from the inside you know it’s amazing how substantial this car looks now i mean i remember the subarus are really small i mean this is really a beefy car and

With 400 horsepower it’s got to move out pretty good you’ve got the 5-speed manual box correct 6-speed yeah they don’t add extra gear in there for us okay very good it’s got the cobb accessport so we can go in and change the tune it’s got the flock – that usually race cars have to stop the glare gosh okay so i’ve got the mouse fur there on that okay and you put

Those recaro seats those are not stuff yeah those are i put those in i’ve had those in three cars now oh is that right boom from car to car yeah i just get different brackets yeah no that’s great i’m building a new car now actually i’m building a super impressive it’s a 98 impreza and i started my own youtube channel and it’s basically me tearing this car apart

I bought this car i tear it apart why a 98 what because it’s what started subaru in the rally community in racing and it’s it’s a smaller car it’s a thousand pounds lighter so basically i’m taking this car wow and shoving it in a car that’s a thousand pounds lighter and it just has a lot of heritage you know colin mcrae bigger motor those guys thought this motor

It’s basically but it didn’t come in the us you know we didn’t get that car we didn’t get the 22 b okay so i’m building my own and where’s that japan only japan i think uk got some oh okay and why didn’t we get it emissions or something or cuz because we’re not cool we’re not maybe they’re just talking to you though because a lot of us are cool and if they think

Oh well like but i think you know i think there was more people like us i think they already came over but you know yeah yeah not everyone’s as cool as lost yeah yeah yeah well i would speak for yourself there but yeah yeah i feel nice am i serious okay how it breaks our stock breaks our stock yeah an sti brakes are pretty good they didn’t do much to the brakes i’d

Stop in to escape all right we’re gonna trip over that break-in you drop you drop that yeah this is uh this is my lifestyle really it’s you should offer these like to get around the shop now the wing that’s the stock wing the wing is it’s a stock wing but it does have some stuff added to it i did the parent stabilizers mhm i also did a logger knee flap on top okay

And i had my buddy enrico wrap the wing and the roof the roof and the wing are both wrapped okay in the satin anything stock under the hood we should say or is it pretty much standard i got a couple horses under there yeah i could pop it and show you this thing a lot a couple ponies i mean i don’t want to put you out or i’m not you know i gotta get home sometime but

I mean i’ll show you yeah because it seems like a lot of work for you look i guess i get over like guessing hey well open the hood well i mean i thought we came here to drive honey i’ll see what you got all this all this talking there you go okay so we got a lot in there don’t they a few things in there again we definitely have the white line coil over is the cross

Right arrow oil separator that does that separates the air in the oil it does that’s an aerial separated you catch no fam all right we have intake we have the intercooler piping this is usually where the stock intercooler sits gotcha it gets fed through there so got rid off to get more air down there well it gets cold air from here doesn’t it from here if you have

The intercooler here you’re getting the heat from the engine it to yourself yeah after a few hot laps but okay got the coil upgraded radiator everything is good to go i mean it’s it’s it’s ready to rip now radiator is that different from a radiator because my car has a radiator well in baltimore’s got a radiator okay all right okay but if you graduate it’s called a

Radio well when you come to the west coast yeah yeah okay all right cool cool well let’s take it for a ride let’s see what it does yeah i’m anxious to drive this thing can i um can i maybe film like a gymkhana episode in your garage you know i’m sorry no yeah maybe i’m my skateboard yeah you know especially now on the ski after what i saw you do to my floor let’s

Do that are you driving yeah i want to drive this thing at least you kind of gave me my board when it comes on and when it’s bucking short for nothing nothing’s being for everything it’s long what is your actual first name charles oh charles see that’s why i go by bucky look at that smile makes me laugh charles oh charles subaru kind of invented this genre

Of cars i mean this kind of thing small four-wheel drive i think so car but off-road vehicle not quite a jeep you know i mean that whole i’m not even sure what it wouldn’t even call this this and they come across over yeah i guess crossover is is is the best but see why i think the crossover i just think of some testament elias you know yeah crazy for this thing

People love this car when i was a kid super really got their start in new england vermont because of the snow you know people kind of subaru kind of took the place to sob when i was a kid the cool rally cars were sobs you know guys in the snow front-wheel drive not much horsepower i have won a two-stroke it’s only 33 horsepower but it’s got freewheeling it’s

A lot of fun to drive and when you went up to vermont every sort of english teacher that worked in a vermont college they sort of had the saab but the guy had the pipe and you know there was it’s kind of like an intellectual and then the super who came along and it kind of just one day there were super oohs instead of sobs they just seemed taking their place boy

That turbo kicks it about 3500 it really makes it different why’d you feel it well kevin it also has a diff controller so basically he can control the deaf front the rear don’t feel like a small me are you on the road as my a slowing down more like i’m still skating a lot right but as far as racing i don’t really have anything kind of sorted out as a season so

I’m just jumping in random things and yeah just spending time at home these guys feel so different than the way they used to feel like you know it just feels like a more substantial automobile a little heavier faster more power took a pretty good billet sara it’s twin turbos for single it’s a single turbo the reason i went with the turbo i went with this car

Is capable of 500 horsepower just with a different turbo yeah easy i wonder the smaller turbo just because the drivability like as you can as you were saying it’s it feels like a torquay drivable car go big turbo he’d lose all this work yeah i know the brz up and this rally school you like those what do you think they’re fun i think they come they come stock with

A really small tire and they’re not that powerful so it actually makes the mix it a fun car yeah could you get to use all the power all the time yeah that’s what’s fun yeah yeah and you were sliding it around and some dirt yeah it was good it was hey it was a lot of fun it probably felt like it had 500 horsepower have you been up there at dirt fishing yeah i’m in

The dirt fish yeah you’re a nice job and let it set up yeah they have really really nice cars and their instructors are really good you ever get it got straight muscle car it’s a powerful street cars was it always a seller crossovers an off-road i’ve never had a muscle car i’ve never had like an american muscle car i came really close to buying one what were you

Gonna buy i was gonna buy two different ones i was looking at like a chevelle like a an older chevelle ronna and a fastback of course mustang yeah yeah you’ve raised just about everywhere with any favorite tracks i’ve raced a lot of tracks and i have to say it daytona is a fun track just because how fast it is with the banking yeah the rovol there that little was

That the first time you ever got up on banking no pocono pocono is the first banking i ever drove on oh it’s not a real banking i don’t know that one yeah favorite track probably road atlanta’s pretty cool but like daytona just because of how fast you go on the banger there is literally like that hand things take a friend who’s never been on the lap take them on

A lap potato no oh it’s it’s easy to drive yeah he’s driving in a straight line yeah but if you’re in a passenger yeah we know if we you like about this car you can drive it hard you don’t scrape when you go in a gas station you’ve got normal ground clearance yep and if you get off road it’s not the end of the world you don’t rip out some expensive electronic you

Know piece lucky pigs live so it’s fun happening on your show i enjoy screwing around with you yeah good i’m glad i found out your full name that’s kind of fun to meet bucks for it you have a middle name michael so you’re charles michael bucky suppressing well thanks for bringing this by i like the cars you build and don’t worry about screwing up my flow with

The skateboard i’ll just send your bill on that lane okay yes no problem thanks a lot man i figured i’d back oh yeah real soon i’ll get those you know i’ll get those next time a guy kenyan when you get that other car built will you come back now do that we’ll do that okay cool all right and my friend thanks

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Bucky Lasek's 2016 Subaru WRX STI – Jay Leno's Garage By Jay Leno’s Garage

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