brixton music producer wins a e1
Altair Club Cars Brixton Music Producer Wins A E132,000 Audi R8 V10 | BOTB Dream Car Winner

Brixton Music Producer Wins A E132,000 Audi R8 V10 | BOTB Dream Car Winner

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Junior coocy is about to get the surprise of a lifetime he’s just won a 132 000 pound audi r8 v10 and 50 grand to go with it we’re here in mitchum to surprise him at his house let’s go and knock on his door and give him the surprise of a lifetime junior hi hello christian here from botv you’re joking definitely not you still get your pajamas on yeah um we thought

We’d just drop in see how you were everything good nice to meet you good to meet you i’ve got something part down the road for you oh my gosh i’m sorry i look terrible don’t be silly are you are you working today or what do you do for a living i’m a i’m a music producer songwriter oh cool junior yeah i’m pleased to say you are this week’s winner of the dream car

Competition you’ve just won a 132 000 pound audi r8 v10 um i won that yes by playing botv this is not a joke this is not a joke we’ve got the v10 performance to surprise you with today but you have one a brand new audi r8 v10 it’s worth a hundred and thirty two grand i can see i started to shake yeah i am i can’t believe this so the car we’ve actually surprised

You with today this is the pandora car alarm car which has got a remote start function so if i hit this three times we can fire it up should we do it yes please here we go oh that engine oh good oh what’s going through your head i think that says it all what do i say let’s go and sit in it come on come and have a sit in oh my goodness it sounds good doesn’t

It yeah oh good in terms of power powered by a v10 engine producing 563 brake horsepower all of that power going through audi’s quattro system so it’s phenomenal and it sticks to the road like glue oh my goodness not many people can sit in a brand new route in their pajamas but you put it off rather well i look odd and my hair is just this is the worst i’ve ever

Been like this you say it’s the worst you’ve ever been yet funnily enough it’s probably the best you’ve ever been as well yeah yep well it’s about to get even better junior oh please no no front trunk your joke here come with me not only have you won a 132 000 pound audi you’ve also won 50 grand to go with it 50 000 pounds and a brand new audi r8 this isn’t real

It’s definitely real oh my goodness you play it because it’s fun you don’t think this is going to arrive when you were playing online and when you were putting your spots there you said you just really enjoyed playing it you never thought that this yeah it’s just it’s just fun i’ve played for a little while and if i don’t win it’s like ah i was wrong but i was

Close or i was way too fast some of your money back yeah it’s kind of like when you’re learning the game you just found it fun to play yeah that’s good fun to play yeah yeah what do you think some of that money would would go towards that is definitely like perfect to go towards like a house deposit if you’re happy to have a handshake and a botv absolutely thank you

So much well done in my pajamas so just before we leave mitchum it’s time for christian’s lucky letters in this bag i have every letter in the alphabet junior it is your job to pick a letter out of the bag and if your first or surname starts with a c then head to forward slash lucky letters hit the enter button and you could be winning 100 pounds dream car credit best of luck

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Brixton Music Producer Wins A £132,000 Audi R8 V10 | BOTB Dream Car Winner By BOTB

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