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Altair Club Cars Bringing My Tesla Model X Plaid To Get Panel Gaps Fixed | The Results & Tips

Bringing My Tesla Model X Plaid To Get Panel Gaps Fixed | The Results & Tips

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In this video, I will showcase my experience with Tesla when I brought my Model X Plaid to them to fix body panel gaps. Did they fix them? Also, let me share with you some tips that can save you money!

A day i’m at my local tesla dealership and that’s because i want to see if they can fix the body gap issues with my brand new model x plan now i picked up about 2022 model x plaid about three months ago and overall i have no regrets i really really really love the car i upgraded from a model s plan and for me it’s just a better car it’s bigger more practical it’s

More comfortable don’t have to duck in and out when getting in and out of the car overall i just enjoy it since i’ve owned a couple teslas i knew there would be body gaps and there are some on the model x quite frankly they’re not all that bad i know a lot of people when they make videos like this their body gaps are absolutely horrendous so horrendous that i

Don’t know how they were missed why not try to get them fixed that’s why i’m here i just dropped off my car they said you can pick it up in about a couple hours and they will try to adjust as best as they can they did say that they can’t perform miracles there are some things that they just can’t do and i’m like okay that’s okay i’m not expecting perfection but

There were a few places that i thought could be better and there’s also one trim piece around the wool thunder that kind of like loose kind of hanging off so i wanted them to fix that so we’ll see how the results are afterwards all right guys it’s been two hours i’ve picked up my model x plaid let’s go over it let me talk about some of the issues where some of the

Gaps i had um and how they look now oh by the way behind me that’s where i’m building my new house that’s why i’m here all right so starting up front the gaps weren’t too bad but it kind of bothered me how right here this hole between the hood and and uh the headlight is quite big you could see this versus this side which is about the same so basically i was

Explaining that tesla has some kind of intolerance and they basically measure this side and that side and if they’re within tolerance they don’t touch it so it looks like they didn’t touch it at all i mean it’s not it’s not the worst thing it really isn’t but you know i would have preferred they somehow could adjust the hood or something to to kind of fix that but

Anyways so that was not fixed also what i mentioned is this this a-pillar seems to be weirdly placed you can see how it’s much thinner here much thicker here again you could kind of stick your finger in right there right and it’s on both sides again they said they couldn’t adjust it because of the way everything else was fitting like if they adjusted it then this

May have been too small right and there’s this honestly just a lot of excuses it seemed like they were not ready uh to adjust this because if you just one thing a lot of things change so honestly uh that’s how it turned out so that was not fixed what else did i mention this this was fixed finally um it was kind of loose hanging off and even after they fixed it it

Was still not that good so i told them to kind of look at it again and they replaced the whole piece so at least that’s good uh back here a couple of things it’s hard to see but you can see right here how this is not perfectly aligned right so you can see how that’s off a little bit they did adjust that but even with adjustment it’s not perfect on this side it is

Right so you can see this is flush right there but not on that side again they said that if they adjust this the falcon door will be off or something to it and you know the panel if you look at like this is flush but this it’s not flushing you you rather have this fly i mean he was trying to explain a whole bunch of stuff to me you know what else can i say right

Other things are okay within within uh within range but honestly i had them look at it for two hours and really not much was actually touched at all so like i said at the beginning of the video i knew i had body gaps but they weren’t that bad especially compared to some of the other people’s videos showcasing their body gaps and some were just really really off

Right so my model x actually all things considering isn’t that bad but i thought i’d give it a shot i thought i just you know go ahead and just bring it to the the service center and see if they can fix it but it turns out it really they really can’t they really didn’t fix much other than that one one fender piece the the wheel fender that that uh you know that

Was loose and they fixed out other than that not much else uh just fyi if you plan if you do want to tesla it doesn’t matter which one the three y x or s if you want tesla to fix your body gaps uh you have to initiate it from your app and when you do it tells you to agree to a charge okay so keep that in mind that turns off a lot of people it turned me off until

I sent them a messenger like no you won’t be charged but in the app it always says you do so keep that in mind so if you’re kind of on the fence you’re like ah maybe i should schedule it right and you see that charge in your app uh don’t be discouraged by it because they actually don’t charge you anything for fixing your body gap so just keep that in mind uh tesla

Is still not up to par with other manufacturers especially the luxury manufacturers the fit and finish the quality is quite not there but i will say i had a loner i got a model xp90d so that’s five six years old and man the plaid interior blows away that interior so they have come a long way tesla has come a long way but still really really behind in terms of fin

Finish and quality versus the other manufacturers they’ll get there eventually but not today so thanks for watching hopefully you got something out of this smash the like subscribe to the channel and i’ll see you guys later bye

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Bringing My Tesla Model X Plaid To Get Panel Gaps Fixed | The Results & Tips By Drivers Only

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