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Altair Club Cars BREAKING: The New 2024 Chevy Silverado HD Has More Diesel POWER & A New ZR2 Model

BREAKING: The New 2024 Chevy Silverado HD Has More Diesel POWER & A New ZR2 Model

( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our TFLstudios content, from news to videos and our podcasts! It’s a big news week in the world of heavy-duty trucks, and we’re kicking things off with the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado HD lineup. There are quite a few changes worth talking about, including its upgraded diesel power and torque as well as a new ZR2 model on the horizon. Here’s everything you need to know!

Special news for all of you general motors and more importantly chevrolet heavy duty lovers there have been changes with the heavy duty chevrolet pickup truck that’s right so we got all the details on the new 2024 silverado hd we’re going to talk about the big engine changes because there’s some news there talk about some of the new capability features and

Everything in between so let’s start out with the design nathan because it’s been updated what do you think what do they change most noticeably the headlights the way they’re configured and the way they look they actually kind of reverse them to a certain degree making them look well like reverse c’s as opposed to inversees i guess that’s the way you put it uh

The grille does look different because of it there have been changes to the front end as well and all together the look is well frankly speaking heavy duty but different so in the press release they also say that exterior updates include standard tow hooks and chevrolet lettering featured on the hood scoop there’s a six new exterior colors sterling gray dark

Ash radiant red auburn metallic lakeshore blue uh which is late availability and meter meteorite metallic which is also late availability and then there’s also new wheel and tire options for the silverado hd including a 20 inch bright chrome wheel on the ltz 18 inch polished aluminum dually wheel and all-terrain tires optional on 3500 hd ltz and high country and

Then we also have a new 20 inch off-road tire package available on the z71 sport edition and something called the midnight edition what is that midnight edition is essentially what it sounds like it’s a darker edition where they have some blacked out components including a certain color but the for the most part it is the same truck really it’s a trim package

Now i think as you pointed out nathan the biggest change are these new c-shaped headlights which is a good look they did a good job kind of refreshing the outside of the truck work albeit not dramatically yeah i would agree but with that it does change the look of the grill significantly and i really do think that that is where it draws your eye so that’s where

You really can look and see the big difference for those of you who actually care about that i want to give a quick shout out to our new auction site where we’re currently selling our toyota fj40 a really cool albeit rough surviving fj check it out over at now let’s talk about some of the big exciting news which are the powertrain changes

Starting with the gasoline offerings is the engine the same in the gas v8 model well the 6.6 liter v8 is essentially the same but there are some changes coming to the transmissions yeah so what are they doing well remember there was a six-speed automatic transmission that was available that’s gone gone and it’s 10 speeds across the board absolutely yeah so this

Is really an exciting thing not only do you have more ratios but andre also noticed that like first gears might shorter now in the new 10 speed so hopefully we have more acceleration off the line should be more aggressive in the 6.6 is called the 10l 1000 10 speed automatic first gear ratio is 454 and final drive ratio is 373 for the 6.6 gas and 342 for the

6.6 diesel according to the spec sheet right here now let’s talk a little bit about the diesel engine because that’s where we do see some changes so more power right more power but i think some of you guys might be annoyed because they’re not taking the fight at least in terms of numbers directly to ram and ford what are the numbers yeah so 455 horsepower out

Of their 6.6 liter turbocharged v8 diesel and 950 pound-feet of torque so torque is up more it’s up by about 40 foot pounds right to 950 but it still is below someone’s competition that’s right and chevrolet seems to be more than content to do that and perhaps it has to do with drivability and capability we’re not 100 sure because we haven’t driven the vehicle

Yet but nonetheless this is something that at least on paper shows chevrolet to be still under the other two competitors now if we look at the field capacities of course we’ve got regular cab double cab and crew cab configurations and the tank capacity will change depending on the model but they range from 28 gallons up to 36 gallons depending on the trim so um

Yeah like you said nathan the numbers are very good i think you know who needs really a thousand foot pounds 950 is a ton yeah seriously it is but a lot of folks out there are looking for the highest possible numbers and you aren’t going to get that in the chevrolet now speaking of highest possible numbers let’s talk about some of the towing capability so this

Is where things get interesting so the 2024 silverado hd’s gross combined weight rating with the 6.6 liter gas engine has increased to 26 000 pounds up from 24 000 previously and if you look across the board there’s pretty much been an increase of about 2 000 pounds on the towing capability except except at the very top right so at the very top the max toe is

Still 36 000. yeah so what it looks like is it’s giving more customers the ability if they get the lower end models to tow more but if you’re going for the full bore most powerful setup you’re basically telling the same thing and gm says in the duramax production by up to 25 percent for improved performance at low speed or climbing grades and particularly when

Trailering so we do have some interesting little changes there now not only do we have exterior changes and mechanical changes but we also have a new interior that’s right but but the new interior there there’s a caveat there as well because the new interior only goes with certain models that’s the higher end models your base model your work truck model those

Actually have carryover interiors very true yeah so if we look at some of the higher end models we’ll see a 13.4 inch diagonal infotainment display in a 12.3 inch diagonal configurable driver infotainment cluster which is similar to what you’d find on like the the refreshed silverado 1500 it has new displays it’s got new graphics authentic leather wrap surfaces

Is what they’re saying there’s a new center console on the lt ltz in high country models and there’s more space for side-by-side cup holders are saying there’s a total of 10 cup holders available depending on the configuration well this is going to make them a little bit more competitive with ram and ford who have upgraded their interior significantly over the

Years yeah and we also um yeah you’re 100 right that’s a great point and you know we’ve seen spy shots of the new super duty and hopefully we’ll get some more information on that very shortly so let’s talk about some of the new trailering technologies adaptive cruise control with trailer is an all new technology for the silverado hd um it allows the silverado

Hds available that’s a cruise to account for additional dragon increased braking effort when towing a trailer there’s a new trailer side blind zone alerts enhanced transparent trailer which expands on the current transparent trailer technology camera system it now will work with fifth wheel and gooseneck trailers and then there’s a new gcw alert which wars the

Driver at the vehicle and the trailer weight exceeds the vehicle’s gross combined weight rating i mean these this is important text uh if you consider what you’re looking at as someone who’s looking at the vehicle for a business on the other side of it of course it may not matter for those of you who just have to tell fairly lightweight trailers by comparison but

Nonetheless this is something that once again will make general motors even more competitive with ram and of course ford you also have um google built-incompatibility and when it comes to safety driver technology according to the press release adaptive cruise control is a newly available feature it complements um and bolsters a suite of standard active safety

Features including front pedestrian braking forward collision alert automatic emergency braking lane departure warning and following distance indicator and availability q1 2023 all right well i mean that is definitely a step in the right direction once again i have a feeling that some of you guys might be disappointed that they are not going directly against the

Big boys when it comes to these numbers but at the same time that’s a lot of tech to pack into a truck and there’s one more exciting tidbit of news they dropped out yes off-roading yeah what is going on well they decided that they’re going to bring their zr2 package over to their heavy duty trucks absolutely now they’re being a little bit kind of quiet a little

Bit sneaky in what they’re doing exactly but what are you expecting out of a zr2 hd truck well i’m hoping for a solid front axle at the very least but i have a feeling i’m not going to get that okay but we’re gonna i most likely have a locking front and rear diff i’m guessing that’s going to happen uh possibly some heavy duty version of the spool valve suspension

Setup that’s available on the 1500 and the midsize uh you know zr2s very interesting uh the possibility of perhaps a more powerful power train i mean that could you could always hope but think about it this way if you can get the type of drivability that you have on the zr2 package that’s in the 1500 on an off-road package built for a heavy duty truck with that

Much possible torque this thing could be a monster and it could take the fight to the heavy duty trimmer and of course the power wagon yeah that’s of course the big big big reason that this could be coming right is because of the uh the push towards like the tremor i think has been very successful for ford and of course power wagon for ram so lots of cool news

Lots of interesting information and a little bit of tidbit you’re actually going to see this truck very shortly in person yes that’s right andre and i are going to be attending the texas state fair big text i think they call it uh and we should be bringing you a lot of footage from that fair not only from general motors but possibly from a few other manufacturers

As well awesome well guys be sure to stay tuned for that this has been tommy and nathan we’ll see you in the next episode thanks for watching see you next time foreign

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BREAKING: The New 2024 Chevy Silverado HD Has More Diesel POWER & A New ZR2 Model! By The Fast Lane Truck

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