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Altair Club Cars Breaking news – 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV pick up truck launch

Breaking news – 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV pick up truck launch

Chevrolet has not been in the auto news much and many have been asking if they have lost their focus. GMs CEO told us last year that they were working on a Electric Silverado and today we get some of the big details of the full size truck.

Whether it be two-wheel drive four-wheel drive or these evs i think we’re all about to be forced to drive this is your all-terrain nation i’m your host david boyd and that’s right today we are talking about some evs because chevrolet just dropped their new ev silverado and i have to say if you’ve seen an avalanche you’ve seen this it’s like a modern version of

The avalanche which is not i say that funny but it’s not a bad thing the avalanche was actually a fun looking vehicle and there’s a lot of key features that they’re bringing from the avalanche over to this which i’m quite happy about because once again i like the avalanche i just think like for whatever reason it must have sold too many sales from silverado or

Something there was some reason why gm just didn’t like it i’m sure i’m sure you in the comments yeah you you right there you’re gonna let me know what they exactly was but uh anyways let’s get into a couple of these pictures and like i said uh i’ll have um i’ll have some thoughts down the road on this thing when i uh i can go through the the checklist and all the

Media information a little bit better but i wanted to get this out there real quick so let’s just get into these photos there’s your 2023 ev silverado and i think the thing looks really really good it’s just futuristic enough but not going too crazy now chevy’s debuting their work truck version first which is kind of crazy you would have thought they would launch

Their first edition but the first edition will come around the fall of 2023 and they’re all rated at 400 plus miles that’s crazy too and uh they’re going to do a lot of cool things with it they want the the first edition is going to be 105 000 now definitely can see the avalanche heritage of this thing which i like a lot and the avalanche was always a good seller

For gm so why not um prices are expected to be 50 60 70 80k with the first edition launching at 105 000 so let me know in the comments what you guys think of this i like it a lot now reservations are actually open right now they opened up at 12 eastern noon time so they are open ready to uh take your money now look there is your avalanche tailgate look at that

17-inch screen man it’s gonna be the biggest in its class and uh they’re gonna do a trail boss version that is right you know chevy’s you know they’ve kind of gone weak with your modern ice version of the uh the off-roading but it looks like they’re gonna take the eevee world and take all the off-roading there you have it what do you think of the new ev silverado

I have to say i think it’s uh i think ford and gm both both ford and chevrolet i think they’ve done a really good job at keeping the trucks looking like modern looking trucks they they didn’t go too far out there obviously you you know the ev buyer wants a little bit of tech they want it to look a little bit futuristic which i think this thing does but obviously

The way the uh the drop down tailgate does for the inside you know like the avalanche deal where you can put you know you have actually 10 foot of space that you could actually haul cargo with i think that’s a brilliant move um obviously the bed’s a little bit short but so was the avalanche i never heard anybody really buy an avalanche complain about land uh this

Is not working out for me now the the work truck version that i’ve seen of this stuff i’m we’ll see on the work truck stuff but range is everything and like i said if you’ll join me back maybe tomorrow i will have what more well thought out of what and we’ll go through all the numbers of it but whether it be two-wheel drive four-wheel drive these damn evs we’re

About to drive this has been your all-terrain nation i’m gonna save it away peace everybody love y’all

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Breaking news – 2023 Chevrolet Silverado EV pick up truck launch By All Terrain Nation

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