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Altair Club Cars Break out of ordinary with the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Break out of ordinary with the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Dare to explore beyond with the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, featuring a fresh, sleek distinctive design, turbo-charged engine, and an enhanced interior.

Foreign christmas the rain stopped meet us at the sunset spot mitsubishi eclipse cross hello everyone welcome to the mitsubishi motors showroom we bring you the online presentation for the new eclipse cross i’m your mc for the day kauri we hope you stay with us for the entire program the presentation begins with a greeting from mr takao kato

Representative executive officer and ceo of mitsubishi motors corporation now please welcome mr kato hello everyone thank you for joining us today for this online event of the new eclipse cross the eclipse cross is a crossover suv launched in 2017 the year of the 100th anniversary of mitsubishi’s car manufacturing combining elegant styling and dynamic

Mobility it has won acclaim globally as an authentic mitsubishi suv while the new eclipse cross looks more sleek and dynamic it also boasts higher quality and more elegant suv styling furthermore we’ve enhanced utility with a larger cargo space and strengthened the body and suspension for better ride quality in pursuit of higher performance and functionality

As an suv the new eclipse cross combines an easy to maneuver size highly rigid body and stronger suspension for nimble exhilarating driving and highly stable handling next we will take an in-depth look at the design driving performance and its unique value even when it’s parked our next speaker is seiji watanabe head of design he will tell us about the new

Car’s design let me welcome mr watanabe hello i’m seiji watanate the head of design eclipse cross has grown into a global model our design concept for the new eclipse cross is daring grace it is daring as a sporty suv with powerful driving performance and agility next the front design the dynamic shield design concept evolved into a sharper more refined

Design to raise the front center of gravity and give it a more majestic suv like appearance we first revise the lamp layout the daytime running lights and turn signals are placed in the upper part and given a sharp thin shape while also raising their visibility for a look that is both tough and progressive the headlights give off a sporty image and a

Straightforward expression other functionality the headlights are arranged vertically on the bumper side to reduce glare from oncoming cars and pedestrians and to enhance light distribution which enables drivers to see the road surface easier at night moreover the three under guard garnishes on the lower bumper express suv robustness next the rear design

The t-shaped rear lamps accentuate the slant of the rear window in the rear view the horizontal emphasis seems to push outwards creating an elegant flow and sense of stability resulting in a definitive and very iconic design for the new eclipse cross also this thick body panel emphasizes the strength of solidity and a sense of width combined with the symbolic

Sculpted hexagon motif it expresses the vehicle’s high level of stability and handling as a sporty suv next the body colors along with the current red diamond we added the new white diamond to our diamond series lineup white diamond combines pearly white luminosity with metallic shading producing a mature elegance that is both charming and exhilarating the

Center display is enlarged and mitsubishi motors user interface innovations result in greater visibility and a more progressive look and feel daring grace this is a car that will inspire calm confidence and stimulate your spirit of adventure your desire to go farther and to meet new challenges please look forward to even more exciting mitsubishi design in

The future thank you mr watanabe let’s now learn about how the new eclipse cross drives as a motoring journalist i really enjoy test driving new cars figuring out their strengths and weaknesses but also thinking about the people who made them as well as the people that they’re made for today i’m driving the new mitsubishi eclipse cross this is a car that

Encourages you to explore beyond as it breaks away from the norm and has remained proudly unconventional with a distinctive coupe style suv exterior so with a car like this i’m on my way to meet someone who breaks out of a rigid life to discover the world and live a little more freely someone who’s lived up to the idea of exploring beyond michelle lim is a

Co-founder of mud rock ceramics she’s been an industrial designer and award-winning educator of at-risk youth and now she’s a ceramicist full-time her amazing designs are found in the best restaurants all over singapore and her clients include architecture firms government bodies corporations and the quirky individual she’s even designed a tea set for the queen

Of england it was singapore’s present to her on her 90th birthday so michelle i’ve driven a pretty interesting car here today to a really interesting place but tell me how did you get started in all this so actually it comes back to a day like this when it’s raining i would be the child out there in the field playing with the mud getting my hands dirty making

Things building houses and you know i was just drawn to a material that’s tactile fast forward to my days in design school i got you know to play with material like this but it was just very different because of the computer software that we had to deal with okay and then going into the workforce it was worse because we’d be designing a lot of things for the

Consumer market one design after another okay i just wanted to get out of that and go back into what is good design making things with my hands again and coming back to universal design discovering where that is and where it will bring me it’s kind of similar to car designers you know all the good ones that i talk to they they all want to make something lasting

Yeah they want to do something iconic and understand the test of time so if you have a look at the mitsubishi eclipse cross the car i drove today yeah now it’s an suv and those are supposed to be quite rugged yeah but this one’s actually very stylish as well it’s got a very sort of coupe like side profile and there are kind of clever design tricks so for example

The roof instead of sweeping down the window sill actually sweeps up towards the roof and that helps it to look like it’s tapering very sportily and yet it kind of preserves a lot of space for the interior so it’s an eye-catching design and it’s stylish but it’s also very practical and very functional that’s just like ceramics really being the makers we have

To be responsible for the material we use unlike wood that decompose metal that will corrode or glass that you can re-melt ceramics once it’s fired it’s permanent so as a maker i want to make something that is lasting enough to look at it aesthetically every day well you know it sounds like you’re someone who wants to bring a lot of beauty into the world

Yeah so i’ll leave that part to you i’ve got a practical class so maybe i can bring some practicability into your world so maybe we can do a delivery together sure let me pack up some things from my latest restaurant don’t worry cool yeah okay well why don’t you drive all right and i will make myself useful all right buddy come on so michelle like do you

Ever get nervous or scared when you’re behind the wheel with strange new car no not at all no yeah it’s exciting okay i think it helps that this one is also pretty instinctive yeah i mean the the controls are very logically laid out the displays are clear and you can mirror your smartphone you know so it’s very easy to operate yeah very intuitive but you know

What’s scary what going into ceramics that was scary right yeah tell me about that it was unheard of at that time leaving my nine-to-five job using my savings to reinvest in a new path that was uncertain that must have actually taken a lot of my bold action on your part right like not being part of the typical singaporean nine to five uh existence yeah it

Was calculated risk you know but i had to do it because i was looking for something that would suit me right and not to you know bend um to what everyone else was doing you know i actually see the same thing with cars because they’re so expensive in singapore people seem to be a bit shy about wanting to try something different and they feel safer if they make

The same choice as everybody else yeah feel a bit better about their decisions yeah so there always be these people who are a bit bolder and who are willing to try something different yeah and they’ll be the pioneers they’ll be the ones that will go against the grain step out of the status quo and just like me you know um when i went to ceramics it was scary

But because i persevered put in the hard work i eventually got to the destination i wanted to be in right and i tell you what i really can’t wait to see the results of all your years of hard work oh thank you oh you know what you’ll get to see it in rain all right i can’t wait so michelle you know the japanese have a word called worry and it’s all about the

Pursuit of perfection but when you chase perfection in your work yeah does it ever take a toll on you yeah for sure i think you have to be realistic about your health and take care of that so they can go the long road they are of course cheaper ways to do things faster ways but is that going to be true to yourself is it authentic to your craft and those are

The questions that you need to ask in the pursuit of perfection as you say that i’m sure that a lot of mitsubishi engineers who can relate to what you’re saying because they have to go through so many iterations of their work as well and it’s really not easy to build reliability into a car you have to know what you’re doing from the start but you also have to

Validate your things over and over and i think what customers see is the result of all that research and all that validation and that takes us to the end of the digital premiere of the new mitsubishi eclipse cross thanks for watching and be sure to look out for the launch promo code right after this so no so uh you

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