brabus g800 review 800hp v12 rev
Altair Club Cars Brabus G800 review: 800hp V12 review + 0-60mph test

Brabus G800 review: 800hp V12 review + 0-60mph test

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This beast here is a brabus g800 and it’s a little bit like a rainbow rolex daytona that’s a gold rolex that has then been encrusted with gemstones and diamonds mark wahlberg john mayer and the actual owner of this car has one in fact his look at the owner’s watch now it’s pretty special now this is the same kind of thing so basically brabus has taken a g65 which

Is already expensive and exclusive enough already and then they just made it more expensive and more exclusive now in this video i’m going to tell you all about it and why it costs so much and yeah i’m going to point out it’s cool features it’s lots of cool features i’m going to take it for a drive and of course i’m going to launch it and hopefully i won’t crash

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There now let’s talk about the design upgrades you get on the brabus g800 over the normal g65 so i’m sure you’re all very familiar with the normal g65 obviously it’s the previous generation of the g wagon so it’s very boxy in shape but brabus have added some high-tech led reversing and fog lights on each side you’ve got this extra bit here with the reflector

And there is a roof spoiler with a high level brake light and obviously the brabus and 800 badging there but that’s about it from the rear it’s from the side where this g800 looks noticeably different than the standard g65 if ever a g65 was standard now all stems from these wheels they are 23 inch y monoblock forged alloys platinum edition you know how i know

That little plaque on them they’re like that they’ll immense these wheels as a result they’ve had to widen the body work so you’ve got wider wheel arches you’ve actually got wider body panels as well you can see this sticking out here it’s 12 centimeters wider than the standard g65 it’s nuts there’s also these little led lights there and there which illuminate

The running board so you can see your expensive shoes as you climb in and out i don’t have expensive shoes there’s this vent here which is respect to brabus normally be an amg one actually it’s not a vent at all look it’s fake it’s fake vent hmm yeah anyway let’s ignore them and talk about these huge exhaust pipes there’s another two on the other side as well

What an absolute beast it’s huge and don’t forget look you’ve got brake calipers that match the platinum bronzy brownie coppery colour on the wheels there’s some huge breaks but they’re going to need to be because this is a heavy car it’s a very heavy car sounds like we’re being dive bombed where is this world war ii it’s battle of britain the most obvious one

Is this big carbon fiber bonnet scoop to feed air into the engine it doesn’t actually feed any air in at all it’s it’s fake look it’s all blanked out oh well it’s just there for sure it looks mean as do the led lights on the top there another upgrade this car has over the standard g800 is the designer paint it may look black it’s not black it’s actually grey and

Therefore it’s more expensive now what the bra burst jet engines does have a standard over the normal g65 is of course the brabus grille you’ve got your g800 badging your brabus badging a redesigned front bumper this bit here look that’s metal that is it’s got hardcore you’ve got carbon fiber here and here led little spots there and there plus the light covers

They’re smoked and instead of the usual indicators that sit on top of the wings you get on the standard g wagon you now have these carbon fiber ridges kind of like carbon fiber toblerone this is one aggressive looking car you don’t want this in your rear view mirror because you think it’s going to just drive straight over you here on the inside there is one major

Change and you’ve probably spotted it already haven’t you yes you’re right it is this little bee here on the loch thingy we call those things uh not thingy lock stud lock nipple obviously it’s this insane brown interior which is alcantara alcantara alcantara soft leather soft leather soft leather even soft leather look the floor mats oh these seats are actually

Lovely looking they’ve got rubber’s fine leather back on them there and braber’s 800 stitched into the headrests so nice and these seats of course they’re ventilated and heated but they also have air bladders so you can get them to squeeze you tightly on your love handles and you can extend the actual seat base for some more under thigh support that’s not all

You’ve got carbon fiber here carbon fiber here carbon fiber here it’s nuts then you’ve got these lovely big gear shifter paddles made out of aluminium there’s brabus here on the gear selector you’ve got brabus on the cells now illuminated brabus on the pedals look lovely but for some reason there’s no grabbers on the doors still says amg hmm i haven’t changed

Infidence system either it’s this old-fashioned one that you got in this car back in the day but look at this love this sunroof big big sunroof let the light in speaking of letting the light in or not letting the lighting this car actually has a very tinted windscreen so it’s very hard for people to see in at the driver which is pretty handy if you’ve got those

Forward-facing speed cameras and you get a pass-through no no don’t listen to me i’m not saying that i’m not saying that dead speed this j800 is designed to be like a limousine though a whole lot more badass so let’s say i’m a mafia boss and i’m off to the arms deal and i need to stretch out look i can move the front passenger seat forward give myself more knee

Room yeah that’s better don’t care sat there they can’t complain because i just shoot them in the back of the head i can also then take control of my seat and then recline make it more comfortable i’ve got heating and ventilation here on my seat as well unless i need to do some work i can fold out my table here maybe chop up some classes whatever that means

I don’t know what that means or i could get out my ipad and play mafia city see how much of a boss i truly am and then when i’m done with that if i need to make a phone call i can just press this and here is my iphone oh yeah hello how you doing yeah yeah you kill him kill him yeah kill him as well now keep him actually kill him when i’m done with that and i

Want to play playstation press this button fold down this huge screen plug in my console into the hdmi input in the back and play again the first person shoot him up blast away from heart’s content without ever alerting the police oh and the sound system as well so you can really get into the game is amazing look at these tweeters up there it’s utterly nuts

And then if i need a cool drink don’t worry look cupholders which are called and of course there’s a fridge for my champagne there it is lovely oh yes this is very very opulent finally there’s the boot which is just as luxurious as the rest of the car with loads of quilted leather about the place so if you’re a rival boss that’s been bundled back here and being

Transported to a shallow grave there are worse ways to travel apart from this though this kind of fridge bit fits in your way might bang your head off that’s a bit uncomfortable and that brings me on to five annoying things about this car whenever you open the door the car makes this buzzing noise it might be the fuel pump priming sometimes it switches off quite

Quickly other times it just stays on until you lock the car and go away can you hear that what’s that all about sometimes this screen just lowers with its own accord almost like the vehicle is possessed by poltergeist yeah it’s odd these big gear selector paddles are so close to the switch for the lights that if you flash them in anger you end up accidentally

Changing down at the same time look and like the latest g63 you don’t have electrically operated child locks you have to do it manually here in the doors there’s a little switch there so you have it off your children you forget about it then your mates get in the back and they can’t get out and it’s all very very embarrassing this car is averaging 11.9 miles per

Gallon now if you can afford one of these you don’t really care so much about the cost it’s more the constant stopping because even though this thing has a fuel tank of the size of a swimming pool it still gets through it rather rather quickly it’s always having to stop and refuel thankfully this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this this

Car was built before the days of petrol particulate filters so it sounds fruity oh yeah this car gets specially tuned adaptive dampers from bilstein set up specifically for brabus and you have two modes quite hard and very hard you know which is which they’re all pretty hard and jiggly suvs don’t come much more exclusive than this only 13 g800s were ever made

This car here is one of only 13 in the world madness yeah it’s still making the noise but never mind that because behold this thing six liter twin turbo v12 puts out 800 horsepower hence the name and 1100 newton meters of torque though it’s actually been rained in the engine could produce 1400 newton meters but then it would destroy the gearbox which is a seven

Speed auto with a torque converter drives all four wheels permanent four-wheel drive system and you’ve got a diff on the front and the rear axle and one in the middle as well i’m liking the carbon fiber and this reflective material that i think they use on nasa spacecraft as well stops the bonnet melting anyway shall we launch it let’s launch it okay let’s

See how utterly insane this thing is when it comes to accelerating i’ve got my specialist timing gear here gonna break boost it and launch it yeah oh wow once that powder comes in oh just totally mashed up poor insect there once the powder comes in it absolutely flies so i’ve got five to 60 which isn’t dead quick really my old g63 would say oh my new old g63 is

Quicker than this anyway let’s have another go great boost let’s just reset that here we go once it’s flying though i mean i’m wrestling the wheel at 4.91 when you lift off the accelerator as it just releases all that boost brakes right through the wastegate oh my god 4.91 i’m glad i came in sub 5. it doesn’t take off hard but once it’s going it is going and the

Wheel lights are tracking all over the place where are we carrying whoa i mean that’s where it’s at just there right there that mid-range once you’re moving is insane what i think right i’m gonna try and do you turn having a little blast in fact i might just do it in the garage well i’m stopping the garage i should probably fill up with fuel because i’ve probably

Used about half a tank just doing that twice i wonder if they sell new pants in there as well because i could do with some just whack it into manual oh that engine there’s so much noise so much like sucking and blowing sounds a bit rude but you know what i mean nice big bi-turbo v12 just like oh my god okay so it’s quite interesting having had the new g63 for

A long time i’ve done for a year i remember what these are like these previous generation models when i say previously one generation is this it’s like from the 1970s and they just tweaked it here and there but an absolute pig to drive let’s be honest it it really is i mean i’m doing so many steering inputs i’m gonna take it on a twisty road now it should be

Quite funny because it might just double over and when you combine it with that power that gets you into trouble very very quickly and then you’ve got steering and brakes that aren’t great for getting you out of trouble this could be disastrous oh gosh yes there’s rigid axles front and back aren’t great for on-road driving brilliant for off-road but they sent

All this bumps and shakes through the cabin the steering which is i think it’s recirculating ball i don’t even know what that means what it is i just know that it’s not rack and peanut like most cars have anyway here we go there’s a little drive up here it is an event though i’ll give it that much right here comes a tight corner yes slow i’m gonna do exactly

What it says on the road and slow down corners are not this car’s friend here we go the roads have been wider here i just love the noises the noises is so good and there’s so much torque it just feels so old-fashioned if you want to see the difference between the old g-wagon and the new g-wagon in terms of acceleration there’s not much difference in terms of

Braking and handling there is a load of difference i’ve actually done them head-to-head in a drag racing through various challenges and if you click on the pop-out banner just up there you can actually watch that video the comparison will blow you away because the new car may look like this original g-wagon but boy it’s in a different league dynamically okay so

I’m like shaking about all over the place it’s almost like being on a bouncy castle when you’re a kid and then a real fat kid came along and no matter what you did they just bounce about all over the place it’s like this thing is possessed it just wants to drive wherever it wants to drive i’ve got very little say in it it’s like having an unruly bull mastiff on

The lead you know it takes you where it wants to go and you’re basically just stopping it running away and maiming other dogs bloody hell the steering you know i think i want to get out of this it’s just too expensive and too difficult to drive and too quick very chassis it’s just gonna be safer for everyone if this driving segment ends now so then what’s my

Final verdict on the brabus g800 should you avoid it should you consider it should you blah blah blah blah blah blah blah forget all that nonsense i’m going to summarize this car like this it is the most amazing car i’ve ever driven i’ll probably get shot for saying that oh by the way can you can hear it still buzzing still buzzing it’s probably something to do

With all the classes that have been left in it hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like let me know what you think of this car in the comments below click on those windows to watch some more videos and if you click on that box there you can go to kawaii to sell your car you can hear that oh yes it is still buzzing

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Brabus G800 review: 800hp V12 review + 0-60mph test! By carwow

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