bought the cheapest chrysler gra
Altair Club Cars Bought the CHEAPEST Chrysler Grand Voyager (Town & Country) in Europe Chrysler Restoration

Bought the CHEAPEST Chrysler Grand Voyager (Town & Country) in Europe Chrysler Restoration

I bought the CHEAPEST CHRYSLER GRAND VOYAGER the other week and my plan is to get it back on the roads after being parked for 2 years!! Follow me on my journey to bring this car back to life!

We got a new project this is a chrysler grand voyager from 2001 in europe we call it grand voyager but in the us i think you call it the town and country i guess it got 22 000 kilometers on it and it hasn’t been ran for the last two or three years this project is gonna be many episodes we got a lot of stuff to do on it and in this video i will list what i’ve

Seen so far and it’s everything from the windscreen it’s brakes it’s rust it’s interior it’s everything and in the end i will tell you how much i paid for this car and my guess is that this is the cheapest chrysler grand voyager in all of europe stay tuned now we’re gonna roll the intro so that you are going to get a picture of what we need to do with this car

We’re going to go through the list that i put together but first we’re going to go over the specs of this car as i mentioned it’s from 2001 it’s got 22 000 kilometers it’s uh 3.3 liters v6 engine it’s an all-wheel drive 174 horsepower so not a beast it got seven seats in the car as a normal minivan the color is dark gray i don’t got the color code right now but

I will find it out and because i have to do some touch up work on the painting what else what else what else what else yeah we got motorized side doors we got motorized trunk lid i don’t know called trunk lid but trunk lid okay so now we got some background information of this car oh and i forgot later in this video i’m gonna tell you how much i paid for it and

The story how we got it here because it was not a fun ride back home now i’m gonna list the things that i’ve seen so far that we need to do on this car to get it through the inspection and when i first bought a car the guy who sold it to me he said that the engine was like stalling and it was a little blubbering when you drove it so i did some googling and my

Guess is that this is the map sensor so this is one of the first thing i’m gonna do with this car is to install the new map sensor so it runs better than it did on the way back home then we have brakes because the brakes are so rusty and crusty so we really need to redo them we’re gonna have new brake pads we’re gonna get rid of all the rust and repaint them

So they’re fresh and working properly again because brakes is something you really need when you drive a car so number two yeah i got nail polish third thing we got the car and we tried to get it heated and warm because it was like minus five celsius outside that day and the wind was blowing and it was snowing and not good conditions to get a car back home the

Windscreen didn’t wanna get rid of the ice so we had a hard time to get invisible and i didn’t see much and that was because one of the fan motors didn’t work and the one in the front the one in the back did that is thing number three number four we got some rust on the car we got it on the rear fenders trunk lid the frame suspensions and everything so that it’s

Gonna need quite a lot of work to get rid of all the rust number we got a leaking exhaust system so so that is need to get swapped to a new one or if we can fix it in some way but i think we’re gonna need to just get rid of this old one and put in a new exhaust number six sliding doors on both sides does it work or the trunk lid in the back the motorized one that

Is something we need to dig into and i don’t know what it could be i’m not an electrician and i’m not a mechanic either really so this is do and learn if you say so i would just google quite a lot and then just try to do it it doesn’t work try again doesn’t work third time and hopefully it works so trial and error number seven headlights these are the worst i’ve

Seen so far doesn’t have any cracks in them but they are really filthy it has this green like sea stuff or from the nature what’s called swamp or i don’t know it’s not good windscreen got a big old crack in it and it actually happened when i drove it back home probably had a chip in the glass from before and then when i had a cold car put up some heating in the car

There wasn’t much but it’s like that needs to be fixed before the inspection number eight we gotta clean this car properly my daughter did a heck of a job yesterday she was vacuum cleaning all of the car i will show you a photo right now she was like with the ear protection and then just she kept going for like 30 minutes at least so she did a really good job so

It’s not too dirty inside but there is some mold in the carpet on the doors they left like old candy and stuff so we need to manage that one number nine then we got the interior the headlining doesn’t have any adhesive left so it’s just letting go from the ceiling number 10. we got to do some service it hasn’t been done for a couple of years and just a hint

Of how dirty it could be i’ll show you this so my other kid and so he helped me out with trying to change the tire stuff and we opened the air filter in the engine compartment and this is what we found do you think it’s in need of a service maybe i’ll do that one and then win a new one later on number 11 and also a common problem this car is that the oil tank

Underneath and the transmission oil tank or what it’s called quite often leaks oil so we need to change that gasket and that we will do when we do the service so we can empty all the oil get rid of the tank new gasket and up again so it can stop the leaking because it’s quite wet underneath okay but i think that’s it and i hope you want to know how it goes with

This project and as you might have noticed i’m not from us or england i’m from sweden and i hope to get this car going maybe within six months maybe so we can have it to the summer or at least during the fall so please please like share subscribe you know what to do because i’m gonna need support and if you have some advice on common problems how i should do

Things please just write a comment please i will surely need it who knows when it’s done maybe i sell it and hopefully can earn some money on it or i’ll keep it for a few years and we can have it on vacation we’ll go to the mountains or just throw in the kids and just go to the beach i don’t know something okay but now as i said in the beginning i’m going

To tell you the story about when i picked it up and what i paid for it so my fiance found this car on marketplace on facebook there was a girl who didn’t put up any pictures nothing she just wrote a short text that she had a chrysler grand voyager from 2001 the engine light was on and it was stalling or bluthering when it was driven and the price idea was a

Thousand swedish cronor that is about 100 bucks or 100 or i don’t know 80 pounds and he had only for like two three years was supposed to get it through the inspection but didn’t have the energy to do anything about it so it’s been just sitting so we bought it for 100 bucks that must be the cheapest one in europe right so when we were gonna pick it up we came

To his his house and was sitting on just a parking lot two of the summer tires were flat the winter tire all four were flat so we couldn’t drive the car home it started up but we couldn’t drive it home because we didn’t have any tires next day i got back home onto the marketplace found a couple of tires or four tires of course that was located just outside my

Town pick them up the day after go back to this car to pick it up trying to put it on in front the caliper was too big so the rim was touching the caliper so the wheel couldn’t move so oh no okay so we had to rethink the winter tire still on the rear then we kept the summer tire on the front because we had two summer tire still working got it going i had some

Problem with the heating couldn’t see a got it on the road the headlights as you might see are terrible total darkness it’s black pitch black it was like driving in 70 about rubber scraper i was like because i couldn’t see anything well 30 minutes later and i got back home almost hit a lady when i was crossing my the last intersection i was like couldn’t see

A so i was like and then just ran over a girl or a woman heart attack so guys that’s about the first video i will do of this car and hopefully you will be interested and follow my journey if you do please subscribe to the channel and just give a high five in the comments or anything so i know that you’re there and we can continue this journey together the next

Episode i will either do the map sensor if we got it or i will dig into the brakes because they are rusty as hell see you next time comrades ciao

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