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Altair Club Cars Both The Toyota 4Runner & Nissan Armada Are Off-Road LEGENDS And This Proves It

Both The Toyota 4Runner & Nissan Armada Are Off-Road LEGENDS And This Proves It

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Hey nathan who would have thunk that we would be driving forbidden fruit i am in the nissan patrol four-wheel drive suv and what are you driving well technically speaking if we’re speaking from australia i’m driving a land cruiser prada uh with v6 and i got me a fosters in the back that is very good i don’t think i can do an australian accent but i am

Joking a bit of course i am in the brand new 2022 nissan armada that’s based on the patrol yeah and i’m in the 2022 toyota 4runner with this awesome green but unfortunately it shares parts with the prado but it’s not exactly what i would call the same vehicle they share some components well this offroad video is all about let’s call it off-road legends shall

We and let’s climb the hardest part of tombstone hill and actually maybe go find the tombstone itself well currently you are driving the most off-road capable nissan suv right and i am driving the most capable toyota suv at least available here in the united states well let’s tackle the mountain and see what’s what whenever we go off-road i never leave home

Without onyx off-road maps i’m just hooked on it and why well because right now nathan and i are looking for that tombstone location and we’re not on a designated trail as you can see it’s not really marked but you can see the property line and actually if you see in real life there’s a fence right next to me so i know exactly where i am and where i need to go

And probably in this area up here is where the tombstone is so i need to go and check it out this brand new armada of course is frame based truck independent suspension in this case this is a midnight package truck which comes with these 20-inch wheels blacked out badging and this bridgestone dueler hd tire which is not super super off-road worthy so we’ll have

To wait and see exactly how much grip it has so what are you laughing about i’m not laughing at anything don’t they have like some sort of crawl control systems no you don’t and i do yeah there you go you have you’ll have the gun yeah so i have to overcome and let the system know that uh i’m searching for traction right so it already struggled now it’s not the

System it’s the tires these tires are street tires well they’re street-ish they’re straight tires andre you’re trying to be nice i’m not they are definitely not what i would call mud terrain tires and so everything that they’re going to be doing in the next couple minutes yes it’s going to be a struggle so watch this so i am articulating um i do have independent

Suspension how this thing’s smooth though it’s smooth and quiet and large and i have my camera system dude you know what i don’t have a lot of ground clearance yeah especially with those side steps i’d pull those things off if i owned this yes but then i would also replace the tires wheels yep okay but it’s compensating for the lack of traction really well yeah

So the computer thinks a little bit yeah i also have um sort of air helpers in the back and uh well that’s for load leveling mostly right but it’s really a comfy ride i don’t know if you can tell like from this oh it’s surprisingly good yeah so there’s not a lot of head toss there’s no moving around when we were going on the regular dirt roads leading up here as

I was bouncing around you were just you guys are casually like just leaning back and forth just a little bit here and there this is extremely comfortable off-road ride first i gotta say the new armada interior is just very luxurious and very nice nice materials leathers very nice touches and this is my main control module here i have of course toho mode which

We’re not using right now snow mode traction control but very simply i can rotate this from four auto which is what this vehicle is usually in to four high to lock that in and then if i’m in neutral which i am i lower it and push it in four low it’s very very easy my cameras turn on automatically and my traction control system is slightly disabled and then i

Can also cycle through my camera systems if i need a different views i can choose those so there you have it that’s all i really need this thing weighs a lot yes it’s a full-size suv so these two don’t compete not at all the only reason we’re taking them both up here is we just came up with the ingenious idea of they’re kind of based on these overseas models

That we don’t get that we really wish we could yeah it sucks because everything in australia is better except except they drive on the wrong side of the road send your comments courtesy of nathan adlin hey after saying everything else they do better everything else dude have you seen their olympic team their youths are amazing yes olympic team both winter and i

Mean for a little country they absolutely by the way little country meaning in terms of population they kick ass i mean they really do so everything they do everything they get is cooler now i know i know i know something about well wait a minute it’s really expensive to live in australia and cars are really expensive yeah get over it so i was able to modulate

My uh brake yeah i noticed that and you didn’t use hill descent or anything else that you got here no uh but why use it well okay of course you know the people will yell at me oh you didn’t use it yeah well you know i mean it’s honestly i prefer using my brake pedal as well and i probably will do that on the forerunner even though the forerunner has way more

Gizmos to go off-road with yes this is for the size and weight it’s remarkably good yeah so maybe i mean this is not a rock crawler per se but this will take you off the beaten path it will take you you know deep into the mountains on a forest road i bet you that if you eliminated a couple of the things that hang down just like they do with lexus they do a bunch

Of different lexus right the alex gx if you did that with this and you put on proper wheels and tires and got rid of some of the crap underneath maybe put on skid plate not even with lockers just like that this thing would be remarkably good and would take on those lexus that i just mentioned easily nissan how about the pro4x armani oh my god how awesome would

That be because i know that overseas you can get a locking rear diff there you have it so i did the hardest part so let’s see how the uh your prado does piece of cake depending on your pronunciation it’s either nitto or neato or naido who knows but i call them nitto and these are terra grapplers now these tires are fantastic off-road and not too bad on-road

More than enough traction for these types of obstacles but on top of that we are talking about a trd pro as such we’re talking about everything from skid plate suspension upgrades the vehicle itself is higher and beefier and just really really stupid capable off-road honestly this isn’t much of a challenge but i will say this for today it’s a lot of fun to

Drive you know i think they can see us from australia because this lime rash color you could see the name lime rush oh my god perfect i i love green okay so unlike a lot of people are like oh my god it’s horrible i love it i absolutely adore this color and really 99.9 of this vehicle is amazing i love feeling like i’m in a vault and strong yes it’s got a great

Off-road system there’s only one little issue what you can see it from here what look at the hood what do you see in the hood i see a bulge well it’s a hood yes it’s a hood scoop okay it’s not fun but but yeah it’s not it doesn’t need to be there it doesn’t need all right so are you putting it in the right mode yeah i’m going to put it in low there’s absolutely

No reason i need low by the way this thing will do it with no problem in high but got it in low and oh what’s that i’m going to lock a rear locker yep i’m going to lock the rear selectable yeah sometimes it’s a little funny and it doesn’t like the lock in there but i think it’s okay today and i’m not going to use the a-track system i’m not going to use any the

Hell to say i don’t hear that okay okay yeah i got more than enough shall we yes so the the beautiful part between uh with both of these are cv’s dude you just went over the first obstacle oh yeah and i didn’t lose okay uh the beautiful thing uh with both of these suvs they’re you know proper frame based shrug based suvs mucho macho mucho macho and you know

On top of that one of the things that people i’ve passed like a dozen of these driving up here right you saw some of them yes they’re very popular they’re very popular first second second and third generation just saw him everywhere good take this harder line oh yeah hell yeah you know just go over well i’m not going to tell you what to do yes you are it’s all

Right it’s like we’re married and we have driven across the country together yes but you know what’s one thing that really gets me with this vehicle is the fact that every single time i get one of these even even not you know the the pro 4x pro forex i said pro 4x sorry even even the um the pro version of this vehicle yes it never lets me down no matter what

I do the only issue i’ve ever had is the lack of efficiency and it’s not that horrible uh no but both of these the armada and the foreign impact they’re kind of old-school designs yes which is so good and it’s not gonna last forever this is going away a lot of people don’t realize that well not quite soon it’s going to go away in the next year yeah i’d say the

Next two years because everything’s backed up but within the next two years they’re going to change the platform they’re going to change definitely get rid of the engine and transmission these things have been around forever i mean they’re older than tommy and what you’re seeing here is kind of the last gasp of what is an absolutely incredible vehicle and they

Sell the hell out of these things still and dude these trd pros the most recent ones because there were some shortages right yep they’re commanding markups on lots well and this is an older design like we said but the markups are just stupid high like 30 grand i’ve heard stories of 30 000 you guys are criminals that are doing this and it’s going to come back and

Bite you in the tushy in the very near future old school baby so it’s in too high now we’re in four high now put this in neutral and now i’m gonna go into four low that’s right that’s all it takes and once you get used to it it’s not too bad oh and then of course you have to put it back in here which i’ve actually forgotten more than once cameras yep i’ve

Got them i mean they do look like they’re out of the 80s with some of the graphics i mean the 1980s but it still does do some interesting positioning and you can change some of these and mess around the angles and whatnot i didn’t even bother using this stuff but basically you can terrain select here and it will allow you to there we go now it’s on and it’s

Multi-terrain select and you can choose mogul loose rock mud sanded dirt rock i mean that’s just the beginning this allows you to control your speed as you’re going off-road and this system basically is like cruise control off-road you set the system low medium-high and everything in between and it’ll take you up and over obstacles all of this really is for

People who are a little concerned by simply using locker and for low and you also have the eight track system so you’ve got an awful lot of stuff you can mess with fantastic vehicle i totally understand why people buy them and honestly i’ll be completely honest with you i should have bought one of these instead of my mitsubishi montero this is a much stronger

Better off-road vehicle however yes we all make mistakes what are you talking about this is one of these would have been just really cool but everybody’s got it you know so you want something unique yeah that’s why you get an armada because yeah i know they’re not selling quite as many as no they’re really really good and honestly that armada yes is so much

A better deal than the infiniti qx80 it is and it has a lot of same luxury features that’s exactly my point so dude this 400 doesn’t even care it doesn’t it went up this it didn’t lose it didn’t lose one bit of traffic one bit of traction it didn’t lose uh battle control anything it just doesn’t care and did you say bowel control i meant this but the point is

Is that this vehicle off-road in this format is one of the best in its class it still is one of the best in its class yes you can get jeeps and whatnot that compete with broncos now and broncos but this still holds its own more than holds its own right unbelievable unbelievable just a really good view tell me about your five-speed automatic again please please

Tell me or or the four liter v6 but that’s part of the charm right it’s yes it’s reliable it’s old it’s reliable i got to tell you though on the highway i really could have used another 50 horsepower i could not even keep up with you well that’s why you need the v8 like the armani and just to prove the point that these two do not compete under the hood of this

Patrol i mean armada is a 5.6 liter endurance v8 with premium fuel 400 horsepower 413 pound-feet of torque older school seven-speed automatic transmission and that’s just goodness because it means it’s reliable and it’s very capable and with everything you see here sixty four thousand six hundred and thirty dollars is the msrp 270 horsepower and 278 pound feet of

Torque not bad numbers coming from this ancient 4 liter v6 it’s hooked up to a 5-speed automatic transmission and of course proper truck 4-wheel drive rear locker all that good stuff it’s a little expensive uh this one is about ten thousand dollars less than the nissan this one comes in about fifty four thousand dollars actually fifty four thousand four hundred

And thirty five dollars that’s the msrp that is very pricey i admit that but both vehicles can be had for a lot less still i love this color i just absolutely sorry i fell in love all right dude so this time how about we take the truth site not there it’s a little bit easier still very very steep um and then keep keep climbing and climbing and let’s see if

We can find the end of this trail easy peasy i’ll watch you from behind curious to see if he’ll break traction well i’m trying to go as slowly as possible to just make it difficult and i think you just lost a little tiny bit of traction right there in my case absolutely not i mean this thing is this this is this is kind of a joke now crossovers would be really

Challenged on this part and you know we’re not crossovers no we’re proper suvs we’re like waltzing matilda offroad australian reference aside from the head i really do like it also i have a friend who lives here that’s why i got this nathan i’ve got my onyx maps off-road but i don’t see a tomb i have my ionic shirt and i don’t understand why there’s not a

Tomb when they’re our sponsor well so well the tomb is not marked okay well let’s just let’s go to the you want to go to the symbol no let’s close the video here it’s been it’s been a blast actually it’s actually been pretty fun uh the armada actually i’m impressed you know i thought it was going to be kind of too big maybe not enough clearance but it went

Everywhere up here actually if you swap the tires that thing would be damn near perfect in terms of what you’re doing here at least plus power the power is incredible but the toyota yeah i had the sunroof open i had the rear glass down and all the windows open so i got all the air coming in and everything else as i go over every obstacle without a problem and

I feel kind of badass in it and actually i do know for a fact that toyota for runner owners are psycho and they all love me for driving this thing lime rush right it really is a lime rush it’s so cool looking nathan the onyx off-road maps prevailed indeed they did now we’re a creepy tomb of two people it’s not really tomb i mean this is unfortunately where two

People or three people maybe even more passed away uh and we’re really sorry about that we’re not going to trample on their graves burial grounds yeah we’re this is as close as we get with these vehicles but maybe it’s symbolic because these vehicles are sort of dying no no no they’re selling as many vehicles as possible it’s really incredible but uh i hope

You enjoyed our adventure coming out here i do too and it’s snowing while the sun is out because colorado i i don’t even know what to say about this that’s crap as always and this channel for a lot more offroad reviews thanks guys

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Both The Toyota 4Runner & Nissan Armada Are Off-Road LEGENDS — And This Proves It! By TFLoffroad

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