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Altair Club Cars Borla Exhaust System – Hyundai Sonata N Line (DN8)

Borla Exhaust System – Hyundai Sonata N Line (DN8)

There is finally a big name company making an “catback” exhaust system for the Hyundai Sonata N Line (DN8) platform. This is the prototype model so it’s not full production but the sound and quality is what you’ll be able to expect once this system is out to the public. Let me know what you think!

Thank you hey what up guys it’s your boy sheamus and before we get into the video i just want to do a little bit of information just so you guys know what to expect so with these videos because i was trying to do the best job possible as far as sound clips are concerned i used a variety of different microphones um so we did a cold start uh we did just normal

Idle we did drive-bys both on just automatic and then of course a hard pull where i’m shifting the hard pull comes first and the second pass is going to be basically me just an automatic just stepping on it you know making sure that you kind of get a glimpse of it i also did of course uh footage from the exact uh exhaust and then finally i did a highway drive

So you guys can kind of get what it’s going to sound like under um highway driving as opposed to normal driving and then i did get a little bit of like twists and turns so i will label each part individually just so you guys understand now the reason why i did multiple mic setups is essentially just to get the best possible idea of what it sounds like so for

Reference one of the cold starts we actually did with the onboard microphones for the sony camera which is actually really good the only downside is that it picks up a lot of ambient noise it’s not meant to be like a shotgun mic so to remedy that we also did a shot with the rode uh little mini shotgun mic right here this is obviously used by a lot of content

Creators so this is pretty common and then another one that i ended up using was um sony’s brand new vlogger uh shotgun mic it looks something like this um this one’s new territory it literally just came out so um hopefully i’m hoping for the best i’m hoping for a lot of quality out of this as opposed to you know the norm and last but not least of course for

The footage mounted to the actual vehicle we used a gopro 10 however uh what we ended up using is this particular setup right here which is the gopro 10 with the media mod this essentially allows you to mount an external mic but it also comes with its own little filtered um i guess kind of like their own little boom mic so as you can see right here removing

The muff it comes with its own little mic um of course on every single shot we made sure to use the little uh muffs included to minimize wind noise so this was mounted on the vehicle the whole time uh should be a better microphone and of course less wind noise because it’s mounted on the car and of course just so you know every single one of these was used with

Their included muffs of the road and the sony shotgun mic so hopefully this will give you a really good idea of what to expect sound wise from this particular exhaust system but enough talking let’s get straight to the clips and let me know what you guys think thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign foreign foreign foreign guys

So what did you think of the sound um so of course i forgot to mention at the beginning that we also did of course a little bit of filming from inside the cabin just so you can kind of get what it sounds like uh normal driving the windows down and then of course once you get out to the highway with the windows up um the exhaust itself is actually very quiet and

Uh perfect for daily driving um the only time you really start hearing any of it is once you get on the throttle as and especially as you get up like higher on the rpm scale so more aggressive driving um all of these were shot in sport mode none of these were done in normal so again just more aggressive gear ratios and a more aggressive tune profile so higher

Boost things of that nature higher shift points like any exhaust system it’s you know it comes with its little flaws here and there um i cannot say that there is absolutely no drone however it is the tiniest amount so essentially if you’re cruising if you’re coasting so long as there’s no load on the vehicle you won’t hear a thing it is absolutely quiet once you

Have to start like getting a little bit into power mainly boost so let’s say like on an incline things like that you’ll hear the tiniest amount it’s not overbearing and realistically if you’re listening to music which most of us will be you won’t hear a thing however for full transparency i thought it’s something to address for those of you wanting to know it is

So minimal that you won’t notice it unless you’re driving with absolutely no music and again if you’re on load like going up a hill or something like that then you’ll notice it ever so slightly so for those of you with sensitive ears i’m just letting you know otherwise there’s really nothing to worry about number two and this is the big exclamation mark this is

A prototype system this is the only one in existence currently um at least amount it on the vehicle there’s estimations that this particular system will release in october or november of this year 2022 and hopefully this will be fixed by then but i rather show you because there’s really no other way to go about this is the mounting of the actual mufflers so it’s

A little bit too inward as you can see in this picture and really that’s my only gripe there’s so much space for the exhaust ports that i really wish they would have done the mufflers a little more centered or of course a little bit more outward towards the outside of the bumper side profile shows that it looks amazing you’ll not notice the difference and

Realistically most people probably won’t be able to tell unless they’re really focused on the way your exhaust looks however that ocd side of me just does irk me a little bit when i stare at it too long because like you could see in the pictures it is a little too inward and this is the same for both sides it’s not a one side issue so uh take that for what you will

Again this is a prototype model it has been addressed to borla um this particular gripe so hopefully they will um fix this before the production model and make sure to align the muffler a little bit more um i’ve personally been underneath the car and there is a decent enough amount of room to be able to move the actual muffler itself a little bit more outward

So i don’t think it is an issue about space however i will find out in the future because it bothers me enough that i believe that i will probably have to go to a muffler shop to have like an extension welded on both sides and of course the exhaust hangers uh remounted to make sure that it’s nice supported and centered so that’s really the only two complaints

That i have about the system other than that i love the sound quality i love that it’s not overbearing i love that it’s not insanely loud however once you get on it and when you want it to be loud it’ll be there the last little tidbit is just construction wise so this was actually a four piece system at the time of install they did install a very long resonator

Of course probably for sound profile and then of course the mufflers themselves so it is essentially that midsection piece the y-pipe that goes to the actual muffler cans and then of course the two mufflers uh that are on hangers going out the back so the four piece kit should be rather straightforward to install once it comes out so before we leave this video

I wanted to give a huge shout out to dan nguyen who essentially gave me the opportunity to get my hands on this particular item as you all very well know uh he was the only sonata and line that actually had this exhaust system at the time he’s uh well his was the prototype vehicle that they used to make the exhaust system um the reason why it’s in my possession

Now is he’s moved on to a bigger and arguably better things uh he traded in for something smaller he needed a compact so he now has a beautiful elantra and so shout out and congrats to him um and thanks to that of course the exhaust is now on my vehicle for the time being the only one uh but like i said it’s estimated that it’ll be out in the next few months

So crossing my fingers for those of you looking forward to it uh finally starting to see more parts trigger out for the online and of course hopefully this will be a slightly more affordable option it is borla so i definitely believe that it’ll be uh probably within the thousand to a thousand six hundred dollar range and again while it sounds expensive like i

Mentioned on a prior video as the quality of the car increases along with the cost of the vehicle so do the parts so of course you’re not going to get a higher end car still expecting to pay the 500 and 600 price of a cat-back exhaust from a honda or a veloster so to speak so again unfortunately you have to pay to play uh but let me know what you guys think of

The sound let me know what you think of the possibility of the price and is this something you’re looking forward to is there anything i missed that you’d like me to address let me know in the comments down below you guys know that i’m really active about that stuff so i’ll do my best to answer any and all questions but guys as usual that leaves me to wrap this

Up thank you for all the love and support keep doing you and i’ll see you guys in the next video bye foreign

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Borla Exhaust System – Hyundai Sonata N Line (DN8) By Chayness

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