borla exhaust for 2021 ford bron
Altair Club Cars Borla Exhaust for 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost

Borla Exhaust for 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost

Hear & compare Borla’s ATAKĀ®, S-Type & Touring exhausts against the stock system of the Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost. Includes details & sound for the high-clearance “Climber” option.

My so i’m here at borla’s r d facility in oxnard california and what you see in front of me here is the stock rear section from a 2-7 bronco behind me i have our 27 with our exhaust system on it so i’m going to show you the stock rear section first and then we’ll move over and look at what we did on the vehicle um i thought i’d start in this position because

It gives you a good shot of the inlet the muffler is actually oriented in the opposite direction i’m going to turn it around in a minute but this is the inlet it looks like it was cut but it wasn’t it comes like this from the factory there’s a factory clamp on here we reused the factory clamp and as i’ve mentioned before in some of our other videos we try not

To go into the side of the can like this for durability purposes we offer a million mile warranty we really want to come in through the end cap so i’m going to show you that on our system in a minute and uh now i’m going to turn this rear section around to orient it properly so this is how it would be on the vehicle in this position here and you get a really

Good look at a lock seam if you’ve never seen a lock c muffler before have you ever wondered what this is this is a lock scene this is how they construct the muffler this would be instead of a weld obviously the borla mufflers are going to be fully welded and that helps with durability as well but i think one of the most important things to point out on this

System is this hanger here because it’s it’s very visible from the rear of the vehicle when the vehicle is on the ground you kind of see this hanger hanging below we thought that we could improve upon that look it doesn’t look so great hanging like that we wanted to get it tucked up under under the bumper so now let’s go over and take a look at what we did on

The 270 with our system as i had mentioned earlier we’re reusing the stock clamp on the inlet but we want the borla inlet to come in through the end cap as opposed to the side of the muffler so that’s what we’ve done here it’s a single inlet muffler with a dual outlet so that we could get this look of two different tips we’ve tucked everything up really tight

So you get excellent clearance with this system and in order to do that we had to move that hanger that i was talking about earlier to get it up tucked inside the bumper which also uh makes it less visible or not visible at all so you no longer see that isolator hanging right here and we offer three different sound levels for this vehicle touring s-type and

Attack as well as two different finishes a fully black finish including the muffler and all the piping in the tips or a stainless steel finish like you see here we offer a million mile warranty it’s fully constructed of t304 stainless steel between the three different sound levels and the two different finish options really gives you the opportunity to make

Your broncos sound and look how you want um so um come on so um um so you

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Borla Exhaust for 2021+ Ford Bronco 2.7L EcoBoost By Borla Performance Industries

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