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Bored Smashing – TESLA MODEL S

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Hey guys welcome to board smashing tesla okay obvious joke that no one will believe out of the way let’s start the video after i picked up my model 3 i thought it’d be hilarious to do a video called bored smashing tesla and smashed a tesla model s for kids problem was the price of $500 for one gross but then fate happened a few days later i saw a post on next

Door which is a private social network for neighborhoods of someone selling to tesla model s is for kids for $100 each i talked with the person selling them and decided to get the red one and i offered him $85 for it which he accepted of course i went to go pick up the tesla in a tesla the seller got a real kick out of that but there was a problem the kid model s

Wouldn’t fit in my model 3 trunk to try and get it to fit we took out the c but then we couldn’t get the steering wheel to come out so then i confessed to the seller that i’ll be destroying the kid tesla for a video anyway he thought that was cool and he helped me record this and then it went it easily and i’ve kept this thing in the garage for months using it

In a few of my videos so i think it’s time for it to go i wonder if these two have been talking with each other since the garage is where both of them spend the most time well i’m depressed now so these two have been talking with each other i better end it now before they get more emotionally bonded let’s go over its features and clerks first they say this

Thing has an 81 pound capacity but i weigh and it will still go the staggering max speed of 6 miles per hour it’s also scarily similar to a real tesla with its folding mirrors trunk and frunk working headlights working horn that doesn’t work anymore and it even has an aux port for music so plug your ipod in i think i just broke it the charger also looks like a

Real tesla charger down to the plug shape and location where you plug it in it also came with a car cover upgraded wheel rims that someone on instagram told me looked better than my real tesla rims a custom license plate that i removed for privacy reasons and upgraded premium battery and an extra premium battery which also doesn’t work for some reason after doing

Some research this was $50 these were $15 that was $20 this was $60 more than standard and this was 160 dollars i feel bad for getting such a damn good deal and now let’s waste it the insurance institute for highway safety may have already tested the real model s but what about the kid version how will you know if your kids will be safe in an accident i’ll test it

First up the full width front crash test three two one my results really could use some knee airbags car is alright though the crumple zone didn’t do much next up the small overlap front crash test results again still need those air knee bags please car still looks perfect no this is the only similar vehicle i have to attest law so we’re gonna have to make do

We could get a fourth view in now the side crash test that day work okay three two one hey one more time that was kind of fun three two one okay hey we’re good i give the duct tape two stars out of five car is damaged a bit but i didn’t feel a fig in there the pedestrian hit test how well will you fare and the pedestrian if you hit one let’s find out hmm pretty

Good the driver probably will be alive and i had a soft landing yeah it’s not bad cut didn’t even receive any damage so run over and he what you like and finally the rollover test now unfortunately i can’t be inside the car for this one but i could still get you a view from inside the car though three two whoo yeah that’s not good not good at all so we gotta try

It again so for the final test the trunk is still on that’s good but the seat broke off which is way no good looks like it will still drive though the conclusion from the tesla model s four kids crash tests it is still drivable after an accident but most likely your child will be definitely dead so three point five stars and now i think it’s time to send it to the

Junkyard i tried to turn but looks like a gold under the tripod i’m gonna recreate the final scene from baby driver and to add authenticity i’ll add an ipod three-two-one i was hoping for an explosion but you can’t get everything is the ipod okay there it is yep battery fell out oh my god even the headlights still work i’ve had a fun several months with this thing

But now i need some garage space back thumbnail shot whoa dangerous electronics apologies for the earthquakes in california hey no gas whoa the wheels don’t want to come off oh my god whoa that was way too close that was actually amazing the phone literally went through this hole and this fell backwards oh mike okay i don’t think i can reduce this

Car to an empty shell than it already is so what have we learned today just like with all my videos absolutely nothing at all i can’t come up with a better outro i just want to get this video out before i head to vidcon and so that thank you guys for watching tommy like and subscribe and i’ll see you guys later bye here you can still be friends with the battery

Of the charger

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Bored Smashing – TESLA MODEL S By Plainrock124

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