bolt ev walk around sierra chevr
Altair Club Cars Bolt EV Walk Around – Sierra Chevrolet

Bolt EV Walk Around – Sierra Chevrolet

Did someone say road trip? The Bolt EV is here today and ready to revolutionize the way you drive electric. In this video, our Sales Consultant Rashad, is here to give you an in depth overview of the first affordable all-electric car to offer an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range on a single charge.*

Hello my name is rashad and i’m gonna introduce you to the 2018 ball tv let’s take a look so as you see here you have an led daytime running lights trip projector hid lights standard on this vehicle this vehicle does come with a dc fast force provision so you can use a commercial class charger which is a 440 volt it does come with the standard 120 volt and you can

Also install a home application for the 220 volt this vehicle has a pa rating of 238 miles it is all legit so you see all this points here this is all high voltages and it is all electrics wood does have a drive motor this vehicle does come with the option for blonde spot monitoring for avoiding collisions so it does have 16.9 to the feet of space and rear here an

Additional option of all the mcs completely flat for additional space so you do have a 10-inch mylink touchscreen you do have home we’re just going to show all vehicle information as far as radio status of charge phones connected any devices that are connected via usb we also show your heating and cooling functions here and you have your hazard and spark functions

Here and your traction control on and off buttons here if you click this button here you’re going to see applications you have also audio functions follow functions to connect to bluetooth connectivity you have projection which is android auto and apple carplay and in any settings and you have onstar features here also so you do have an electronic parking brake

Electronic shift lever it’s simple function forward and backwards and over to the left for reverse and when you want to park you just press apart so here you have an 8-inch subscriber information cluster on the left you have your maximum range for a battery capability and on the right we have my tentative battery charging in the center you have driver information

Which will show tire pressures your miles per hour average breeze well you can set yourself a timer they get from location 8 to e and you can also see what your longest trip has been now to access more information you would touch your steering well your d-pad and you would press left and more information would pop up you can also access audio phone and any onstar

Navigation capabilities on the back of the steering wheel you do have volume controls on the front here if you have an android phone you can use google voice if you have an apple phone you can use siri on the left hand side here you have cruise control and your heated stereo phone booths on the back of the steering wheel here you do have one pedal driving or what

Is called regenerative braking on-demand land what i like to call a handbrake so if you have any questions feel free to give us a call or visit us at sierra chevrolet calm thank you and we hope to see you soon

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Bolt EV Walk Around – Sierra Chevrolet By Sierra Chevrolet

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