bmw z4 m40i on air lift performa
Altair Club Cars BMW Z4 M40i on Air Lift Performance | Car Audio & Security

BMW Z4 M40i on Air Lift Performance | Car Audio & Security

We had the pleasure of installing Air Lift Performance onto a customer’s BMW Z4 M40i, plus a stunning set of Rotiform OZR’s, what do you think of the outcome?

Close your eyes close your eyes i really want to look yo oh my days sorry about that apartment car audio just spent the whole weekend in there do you know what i mean no i’m joking it’s monday morning we’re halfway through may and the sun has finally decided to show itself and what better way to celebrate than bag the uk’s first z4 m40i so this z4 belongs to

A very good customer of ours reveal now you may or you may not know him if you don’t i’ll put a link to his uh instagram handle down the bottom below he’s had really nice cars in the past he’s previously done a mark 7 golf a mark iii tt and now he’s on to this z4 and i can’t wait to bag it it’s going to be the first bagged z4 in the uk actually for you internet

Keyboard warriors i think according to me it’s going to be the first bagged z4 in the uk if you have seen another one in uk please feel free to tag me i’d love to have a look at it i think this car is going to look absolutely banger there’s also going to be a set of wheels going on it this week as well and yeah i think by the end of the week it’s going to be

Totally transformed we’re going to be laying this lovely z4 out on a full air lift performance kit now i’ll just go through the um components with you now i will mention that the z4 runs exactly the same chassis as the toyota supra a90 okay front air struts performance kit it’s got um adjustable bodies on there you’ve got camber adjustable top mounts and rebound

Adjustment on the shocks as well okay moving on to the rear these cars come with a separate spring and shock setup so the airbag is going to replace the springs in the back and then again the rear shocks again on threaded bodies rebound adjustment from there okay that’s that we’re going to be using a compressed air compressor it’s a quieter compressor than the

Normal one and then we’re going to go for the best air lift 3p okay that’s your manifold and that’s your controller now there are some wheels going on this but i don’t know what we’re going to put on there i’m going to wing it but i promise you this car is going to look absolutely brilliant by the end of this week so i will come back on friday and i’ll show you

The car see you then the length of the factory struts on the front are just really deep into the hub so you have to struggle to pry them out so that real easy we’ve got this lovely testarossa in but listen forget about that it’s all about the bmw z4 this week um we’re the second day into it so i’m just going to catch up with sam and find out how we’re

Getting on samuel what’s what’s happening how far have you got with this uh wiring’s done and bags are on so wiring’s done bags and straps are on any difficulties on this front struts are so long they’re so deep into the hub yeah sit about 18 mil oh okay deeper into it yeah so by the time you’ve got that knocked out you still got to pull it all the way up right

Over the hub so oh okay that’s all bmw but in terms of the kit fitting um perfect fit no modifications required a lot easier to go on and take off now that’s one good thing about air lift is that when they say it fits a particular car it fits the car you no need to do any modifications it’s a straight bolt-on application so the modification can be reversed should

You need to when you’re selling the car looks like sam just needs to run all the airlines which will get which will all get tucked in and nipped up underneath all the cowlings and that so they’re safely out the way um and that’s it really tomorrow i’m going to be test fitting some wheels on it so yeah mate um but yeah would you reckon be on the floor tomorrow

Yeah yeah you heard it from samuel himself it’s going to be on the floor tomorrow i’ll come back and uh we’ll see it all laid out happy days me and palm did a little wheel test just just above the arch i just thought we’d just wind them down a tiny bit just to close the gap completely the rear targets it’s just the front’s just above the lip so i thought we might

As well drop a little bit more opponents are tank compressor manifold water trap compressor takes the air into the system stores it in the tank um water trap there’ll be a line going from here to the manifold which will stop any of the moisture from the tank getting to the manifold need to put all the lines on the tank so just plug it all up like the compressor

Lines are going to go somewhere going into the tank this one going to the manifold and then you have a drain down here just to let all the because you have a build up of water in the tank you need a drain to let all the water out just so you don’t overload the water trap because that will only do after job and then we’ll run that outside the car and that is about

Chucked it in made a template and then carpeted it simple we’re going to calibration start and we’ll ask you a few questions completely guys it’s friday and normally that means customer collection day which also means ravel’s car is ready to be collected i believe he is on his way down at the minute so before we get to i’m just going to do this quick quick

Little outro on the car and then we’re going to do a reveal to him and uh we’ll get that expression on his face on video for you so i’ll start off by showing you what we’ve done in the boot now i know ravel likes to travel a lot so now what we’ve done in this car is a totally covert install if you have a look in there you don’t see any of the air ride components

They’re all hidden away behind here okay and he still has full access to his battery and control modules should he ever need to so it’s fully accessible fully serviceable you’ve got your tank your compressor that’s the manifold that’s the actual control unit of the whole thing the brain if you like and um water trap now water trap while i’m on i might as well

Just run through why a water trap is so important what a water trap does it basically stops any moisture from the tank going into your control unit more commonly known as the manifold and the manifold is what carries the pressure sensors now should those pressure sensors get rusty or get moisture on them they’re going to go pop and that’s that’s a mistake a lot of

People make they don’t actually use water traps but it’s very important to prolong the life of your manifold so guys if you’re not using a water trap come in store and buy one now move on to the controller there’s a cubby hole on the right hand side of the steering wheel so we’ve hidden it away in there all tucked away so if he does leave if ravel does leave the

Car parked with the hood down you know the controller’s all hidden away no one’s none the wiser now being such a new car uh it was a bit of the unknown for us so we had to play around with wheel sizes and stuff like that so we’ve decided to go for a 20 by nine on the front right for mos eda and a 20 by 10 and a half on the rear so there’s ravel’s car let us know

What you think down below and i’ll be honest with you i’ve just taken it out for a test drive it drives absolutely beautiful so listen guys ravel’s just landed all the way from milton keynes and we’re about to uh show him his uh lovely lovely z4 listen how you feeling man i’m excited i’m a little bit nervous but i’m excited i’m looking forward to the new car how

Long have you waited for this day because i remember we spoke about this last year didn’t we i have been messaging you say let me know when you’re ready let me know when you’re ready and i’m ready now hopefully it’s a good one but i look forward to it listen i trust trust trust the process close your eyes close your eyes oh my days yeah this looks mad what

You know what it is the hardest thing you can ever do is picture your car like when it doesn’t have air lift on it especially when like no one’s done this so for me to try and plan it in my head to see it it’s come out way better than i could even imagine this is the first one in the uk right i believe so yeah i believe so too i’m i’m 99 sure that this is the

First one in the uk but like i mentioned before if you have seen another one make sure you tag us in it because we want to do a couple of comments make sure you tag both of us in here because honestly this is your palm yeah um you’re saying you haven’t killed it killed it even on the front the fitment looks incredible so basically the reason why i left it like

That is so that you can air out and know that you’re not going to smell not going to smash you’re not going to bend any arches you’re not going to have bacon fenders so i’m actually in love this looks incredible man absolutely incredible so it’s all fully serviceable and accessible if i just think no way so it’s fully hidden yeah all hidden so you don’t you know

When you’ve got your boot loaded up you don’t need to worry about anything knocking at anything do you know what i mean so tank compressor manifold check valve uh water trap all hidden away yeah i love that that’s amazing and the thing is as well like the fats you wouldn’t actually know anything’s there that’s the craziest thing well this is it so to the average

Eye you wouldn’t actually know anything’s there that’s incredible yeah that is nice you go away a lot as well so you just chuck being a two-seater there’s no rear seat space to put your bags on so you need your boot space that’s amazing thank you very much very much happy days man yeah i’m in love man should we go for a little test drive i think we need to go for

A little test drive right guys that’s enough from me for this week i hope you’ve enjoyed this video and more importantly i hope you like the z4 um make sure you like share and subscribe to our channel so that we can carry on bringing you more content until the next time have a good weekend

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BMW Z4 M40i on Air Lift Performance | Car Audio & Security By CAS TV

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