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Altair Club Cars BMW Z4 M Roadster: unieker dan een 911

BMW Z4 M Roadster: unieker dan een 911

Van een Porsche 911 Cabrio kijkt niemand meer op. Van een BMW Z4 M Roadster in Imola Rood zeer zeker wel. En wat een fijn pakket is dit!

Look, they don’t make it like that anymore. that is literally so. a bmw m roadster. we had the z3 m. and this is the z4 m. the z4 is still under construction. the z4 m, no, they don’t have that anymore. and yet it is a recipe that actually worked. a really potent engine in a body that is lighter and more compact. the classic roadster feeling. if you look at it too. a really

Long hood. there is a nice big engine underneath. and then you’re almost on the rear axle. a nice short ass, cap can come off. on that note, the whole recipe is actually completely spot on. and then this copy. we can’t get around that color. imola red. it’s not firefighter red. it’s a little darker. but i think it’s pretty genius. might make it a little more outspoken

And eye-catching. but i think he can have that. yes, such a z4. it’s just a fun car. for the weekends. just enjoy touring when the weather is maybe a little better than it is now. although we occasionally see a watery sun. it’s a genius device. so, now let’s mess up my haircut. open the roof of course. and what is nice about such a roadster is if you go on the gas a bit,

You can hear the exhaust very nicely. it’s on one side always think a bit of an exaggeration two times two on those sides. on the other hand. it’s part of it . it is an m product. that you just see that it is the fast one. and the feeling. i wouldn’t say unparalleled. but it is correct. you look out over that long hood. there is a differential lock on the rear axle of

The m3 below. the brakes are also from the e46 m3. a combination has been made of the cs and the csl. i think it is a nice package that they have put together. for a nice ride. that can take it easy. if well i’m looking forward to it again today. both are allowed in the z4 m roadster. they are also relatively rare. about 5,300 of the z4 m roadster have been built. a little

Less of the coupe . something like 4,300 pieces. although there are various numbers all over the internet . but of course a lot of them went to the united states for that. so from the europe, the eu spec. probably something like 1,415 or 1,500 copies of the z4 m roadster. so that’s just scarce. a collectable i would almost say. and also in this color. now do i need to say

More? no, just buy! just kidding. but of course it is. you ‘re not going to run into a second anytime soon. there aren’t that many. also have a good time doing it. i just think this is a work of art. and i think many would agree with me. classic bmw recipe. a six-in-line. and the block is always slightly tilted. it’s actually a bit on its side. for example, the engine is

Less high and the hood can remain a bit lower. s54 engine block. 3.2 liter fly-by-wire throttle. double vanos. that means that the camshaft on the intake and exhaust sides are adjustable. and a big airbox here. you can see from everything that this is just serious. a serious car. 343 hp and 365 newton meters of torque. it can run at 8,000 rpm. i think these are a bit like

The candies from the bmw collection. this engine block. because then of course the v8 came in the m3 and we now have turbo – charged six-in-line engines. and of course, if you look at it theoretically, they are better. have more torque, more power. this is just going so well. so silky smooth. if you pass it then you will be rewarded with an insane sound and two an insane

Acceleration. and three just a nice kick you get out of this. really fantastic. also just a piece of art to look at. not very polished. all they have is an m logo. and it is also very functional. this is what a traditional engine block looks like. traditional? it’s not traditional at all. it’s super modern, but you might get what i mean. yummy. and yes the performance. do i

Still have to convince you? of course, a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. but in most convertibles you will not really go full. certainly not with the roof open. that’s all possible. the sprint to one hundred takes five seconds. but you have to do that yourself. that’s also nice. operate that link yourself . switch on time yourself. right at the red line, say at 8,000 rpm.

It’s pretty genius though. listen up. you may not hear that very well. but for me as a driver to just have the volume pedal under control here. delicious. at the bottom he just wants to have fun with it. and everything falls into place in terms of operation. so my hand immediately falls on that gear lever. the steering wheel is just fine. just right in front of me. i’m

Looking forward to say two counters. old-fashioned counters, but just classic counters. tachometer. with what i’ve always found very cool . and orange block at 7,500 rpm. and from 8,000 rpm it turns red with those lights. and when your engine is cold, you will see that those blocks turn orange and red a bit further. because the engine actually needs that protection. you

Have to warm it up nicely. we should emphasize the lightweight a bit. you have a leather trim that then has a kind of carbon look. it doesn’t look disturbingly ugly or anything, but it is special that they did that there at the time. by the way, they have really done a lot of weight saving. magnesium for example for the frame of the roof. also aluminum for the boot lid. so

Just to make the car a little lighter. and when i’m steering like that. lots of steering feel! and that will come. this is a hydraulic power steering. where the z4 also had electric power steering. and that was something that all purists strongly opposed. because yes, with electric you have less feeling. but this one definitely still has a feeling. nice to know they fixed

That. those little things. i can safely drive down the roundabout here with a huge feeling. you notice it when driving. it’s just a nice package of hardware that they’ve put down. yes with the hood open it just sounds nice inside. and that remains really fun in a convertible . with a sporty car. you just hear more about it. do you want to know more about this bmw z4 m

Roadster in imola red? take a look at the

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