bmw xm redesign just hear me out
Altair Club Cars BMW XM Redesign – Just hear me out

BMW XM Redesign – Just hear me out

BMW XM Redesign – Just hear me out!

Looking at the rear this angle i think it doesn’t even look like a an okay bmw it looks like a really cool design of a bmw suv i can’t understand why people give this so much hate because i really like this rear end bmw is getting a lot of heat for the 2023x and production version and me personally i can’t understand why because i think it’s a pretty good looking

Suv i’m going to show you why in this in this video i’m going to redesign the front end because i think it has so much potential it’s just a little messy specifically in the lower part and also work a little bit on the kidneys so the 2023 bmw xm is a plug-in hybrid it has a twin turbo v8 with 645 horsepower for the base model it’s going to have a label red version

That’s going to have 735 horsepower might sound like a lot but you also need to keep in mind that this weighs 6 000 pounds and it comes with 23 inch wheels the standard so what i want to show you here is the concept and compare it to the production before we go in to the redesign so up top we have the concept and just have a look at this design the word that comes

To mind when i see this design is brutal it just looks like a brutal car all over the place and the brand new graphics for bmw that we haven’t seen before we see the ix with a completely different design language than this then you have the x7 which looks also different than this the entire line of the two series have a another design language in in the current

Bmw lineup so they are all over the place when it comes to design dna so what i thought when i first saw this is that it has not a lot of automotive design in it it’s very structural very architectural design not a lot of emotion in it and the kidneys are really big in this concept right here as you can see but the thing is if you look below the grilles it looks

Like this i can’t really see what’s going on in this area it’s all blacked out so it looks like the kidneys are sort of hanging inside of a void of this front end and that’s one thing that i want to work on in the redesign to make it look a little more in line with what we’ve seen bmws from from before from just a couple of years ago and then we have this surface

Right here i’m not sure what’s going on with this intake in the side it looks very disorganized almost origami details in this area of the car and then we have this big graphic feature which is this line that wraps around the greenhouse and it kind of goes into the headlights here as you can see in the same line as the headlights but i think this is too much of

A static design static graphic feature because it has the same thickness all around and it creates it just adds more to this product design feel of the car and looking at the rear this is the what i have the big biggest problems with when i first saw the xm you can just see how far these taillights stretches into the side and it doesn’t even create a muscle from

This line going into the rear fender i want to have some sort of muscle here when i first saw this and i also think that this is also way too static of a design for a bmw it’s just a simple strip of led basically that stretches in a very same thing here very brutal design of the rear end and on top of that we have this interesting triangular shape or body surface

Right here that doesn’t make sense doesn’t connect to anything in the rear end and as i said in my other video i think the rear end of the xm concept it feels almost grotesque when you look at the graphic features and the surface treatments of everything but i kind of do like this treatment of the tailpipes something that i think looks good in the production as

Well so let’s have a look at the production what happened here so look at the void that we have underneath the grille they fix that by creating this piece so as a nice foundation for the main graphic features of any bmw front fascia and that is the grille right here so it now rests on something it doesn’t just hang in like a empty space down here that’s one detail

I really like that they added into in the production version and looking at the kidneys themselves look at the height of this concept kidney and how they now defined the outline of this design more we have a long line right here and then we have a shorter line right here with two different angles but in the production version we now have almost the same angle in

Both top and bottom of this graphic feature and they also shortened it and stretched it out horizontally to stretch out the front fascia and make it look more wide and a little more aggressive than we have in the in the concept and also a little bit more automotive design feel in this design but we still have this part so we have all these features at the bottom

Of the design in in the front fascia that just doesn’t make sense to me it’s too messy i’ll do way too many lines going on here and it doesn’t really connect with for example the side view the side view looks super clean there’s nothing going on in this surface this needs to be i think simplified a little bit and that’s what we’re going to do in the redesign now

Looking at the rear this angle i think it doesn’t even look like a an okay bmw it looks like a really cool design of a bmw suv i can’t understand why people give this so much hate because i really like this rear end however it needs to be in a monochromatic color so i don’t want to have for example this graphic feature right here be a different color that they had

In some of the press images i like it when it’s all black it would probably look really cool if you had some sort of gun metal gray on this as well and look how they fixed the rear end it’s not grotesque anymore and on top of that we now have this taillight which is a lot more slimmer and more dynamic than the concept and my favorite great part of the of the rear

End is how they fixed this piece now has a nice horizontal lines all over the rear end also stretching it making it look a lot wider and on top of that we now have the corner here is the starting point of this rear fender muscle that i really wanted to see in the concept and that is now integrated right here in the production version i think this looks fantastic

I also like the treatment that they kept this uh vertical positioning of the tailpipes i think that looks really really cool and i’m glad they kept that in the production version so with that said let’s jump in to the redesign let’s talk about what i’m gonna do here as i said i think the xm has a lot of potential i actually think the production version is a pretty

Good looking bmw to be honest with you specifically when you compare it to the ix which almost feels like some sort of parody when you compare it to the the the beefiness the the confidence of this xm front fascia so what i want to do first of all is bring in a more i would say traditional lower part of the front fascia and add that as the bumper underneath the

Grill so i want to have a solid foundation for the grill and i also want to i don’t want it to look too product designing and i think the production version of the xm is kind of heading into that territory of product design i want to bring back some more automotive design features and also the the the the typical air out intakes that you have in the front end of

An m product going back to the ee39 m5 e46 m3 when you have a sort of a v-shape in the middle and then you have two complementary intakes on the side so i want to have something like that in this front fascia and in black of course i want everything to be blacked out i think it looks fantastic and also working on the grills i think i don’t have a problem with the

Height of these grilles on the bmw xm compared to like texas grills now for example these are maybe 60 percent of the sizes of a lexus suv grille so i don’t have any problems at all with the size or the height of the of the grille i like that they reshaped the outline of the grill to as i said stretch it out horizontally and make it more defined in the outlines

But i think we can shorten it a little bit and in in height wise and that will further emphasize the width of this car in addition to this lower part that the grille is going to sit on it’s also going to be a horizontal line going into this new treatment of the lower end that i’m going to add to this design looking at the side view i want to remove this graphic

Feature that we have going around the greenhouse as i said i think it adds it doesn’t add anything it just adds more static feel to this design so i want to remove that all together and create a shoulder line instead just a sharp edge chamfer that goes underneath the greenhouse and then goes back up almost like a like a stretched out hofmeister king in the in the

Rear of the greenhouse and i love the fact that you can see the muscle of the rear end now that you could we had no idea was coming from looking at the xm concept and last but not least the lower part of the side side view i want to create more of a forward motion design of this graphic feature that we have that is the side skirt i guess you could call it i want

To have it be more of a solid line going up and then dipping right before it meets the rear fender so i’m really excited for this car i think bmw made a did a great job just turning the concept which looked very strange in turning that by keeping the same vibe or spirit of the concept by turning it into a much more attractive car in my opinion however the front

End looks a little busy and that’s the key features that i wanted to work on in this redesign all right

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BMW XM Redesign – Just hear me out! By TheSketchMonkey

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