bmw x6m 2016 review pov test dri
Altair Club Cars BMW X6M 2016 Review POV Test Drive

BMW X6M 2016 Review POV Test Drive

BMW X6M 2016 Review POV Test Drive

On this early saturday morning i’m taking pictures with the x6m and i think it’s maybe the most impressive thing you can buy today at bmw m i really do because last year when i first drove this car i was absolutely amazed by its by its by its possibilities its performance it’s really such an impressive car it’s so fast and well i’m i just delivered something here

In the area and i’m driving home now and on my drive home i’m going to tell you why it’s so impressive why i think this is the best m you can buy and it’s highly controversial that an suv as an m it’s the most impressive thing you can get there but they really pulled it off making this ultimate driving machine in such a enormous dinosaur so as you can see i did

Some burnouts now that’s that’s not my work this is just where i put the car and someone well did this so it wasn’t me bmw it wasn’t me okay let’s get in the car okay so first off the interior i’m going to compare this to the other super suvs i drove earlier this year the range rover sport svr and the mercedes gl ii amg and the interior quality is superior compared

To the other two it really is it’s so nice and these angles and bends and the carbon fiber and the leather and more leather and then the bang & olufsen system man it’s bmw really have the best interior bmws really have the best interiors i’m completely convinced and these seats they are specially made for the x5 and x6 m and they are huge they are comfortable

But they really are m seats because that logo there it’s not just there for marketing purposes these seats are really tight and you can set them so you can really attack corners let’s get the seat right so let’s do that let’s attack some corners i have some some roundabouts here and normally an suv really hates roundabouts but that’s but let’s push the m button so

Everything is now in sport+ gearboxes in the fastest setting the engine is nice and hot it’s amazing how good this thing cornish it really is and range rover claimed to have build the best handling suv with the svr but i have driven the svr and it just doesn’t hold up to the claims that range rover has made because this is so much better in terms of handling the

Weight you don’t feel the way it just distributes the way and it handles like a fool and guard it it rid it’s witchcraft it’s so good i don’t know how they did this and i think landrover doesn’t know it as well because when you drive the svr i first drove this car and then the svr it’s like they’re made in a different era the difference is so big you keep feeling

The weight when you put it in corners when you go out of corners you feel the weight being being transferred and you don’t in this car you just put it in hit the throttle and this thing just copes with everything you throw at it as you can see and the power 575 hp it also feels a lot faster than the svr the gearbox well it’s this has a torque converter normal

Automatic it says that f and you also get a 8-speed set f in the svr but this is so much more crisp and fast and it just bangs into the next gear and in the svr it feels a bit laggy although it’s the same manufacturer of the gearbox but when it comes to sound this car sounds sufficient and that’s all and that’s that that’s the thing of the svr yes vr sounds amazing

It’s one of the best sounding production cars out today so let’s check out the acceleration of this beast i’m now at first mr. gere there but now we’re going and then head up this way i don’t know if you can see it but it’s so good it really makes sure you don’t miss any gears well i just did but i’m not a very good driver i think maybe that’s the conclusion i

Need to make would you also get a head-up display in the svr and well it just looks 20 years old it’s like a gameboy color has been projected on your screen it looks really it looks awful to be honest and this looks very cool you don’t get early shows the last few refs and this way you can immediately hit the rev limiter too or just before the rev limiter but as

I said the sound but it’s not as engaging as it is in the svr the svr has a supercharged v8 this is a turbocharged v8 and the supercharger just it doesn’t take away the noise and turbochargers do and as i said this just sounds sufficient it’s not very exciting but the rest is and it really is a driving machine so that’s how you overtake with an x6m use handling

And power and normally you use only power with these super suv’s ok another big difference is that this makes 575 horsepower at the svr only makes 550 and there’s another competitor the jeely 63s which has even more power it has 585 hp but the jeely well it’s this it’s made for forum for straight line performance it’s not for handling okay why are you walking your

Dog here so as i said the ge amg is for straight lightspeed it’s not as nimble as this big blue beast and i think bmw really they didn’t they did something fabulous when the first sporty suvs came out like the first porsche cayenne all the journalists said it handles like a sports car but then i drove it for the first time and it just didn’t it was a false claim

And i think this is the first suv to really handle like a sports car i think in an m4 it’s really hard to keep up with this car even on the track the cool thing about this setup with the old wheel drive and the big v8 biturbo is that it this car can handle all the power you throw at it it’s currently with with currently with 575 hp it’s it’s enough it’s super quick

But you can get a 600 hp version of this engine in the m6 gran coupe a when you have the competition package option why can’t i get a competition package in this car 600 hp would be perfect it’s not like it wouldn’t be able to handle it i think this car would be able to handle 750 hp if you go to a journal it would be perfectly possible and i really think this

Car is the introduction to a new bmw m era with all-wheel drive it’s rear-wheel drive is is a supra with with naturally aspirated engines and you can you can feel the rest you can feel the power delivery but with these super powerful turbo engines i think all-wheel drive is the best option and i’m really looking forward to a new m5 with all-wheel drive and more

Than 600 hp and i think this car is scouting the area for that car but i do hope bmw will work on the sound because at times it seems a bit fake the sound is a bit artificial only when you hit the rev limiter i shift up you hear this bang out of the exhaust which well it’s pretty cool but it’s just pretty cool nothing more nothing less so the last time i drove

This car i also drove it on the autobahn and i did 282 kilometers an hour with this thing and it felt super it i just keep saying super and it’s brilliant and on all levels except for the sound and that’s why i think this is the best and most impressive and product out there today and it’s one of the most expensive ones as well okay we have to leave out the bmw

M4 gts because that’s very very limited you cannot walk into a bmw dealership and just say i want to be able w m4 gts but because you can’t it sold out many months ago and even before it was launched for production so what can you get i think a bmw m4 or m3 competition is the second best thing or it’s the best i don’t know i don’t know if i think this is the best

End product or the competition m3 m4 because that car is so impressive as well but from it from a technical point of view and not from a driver’s point of view i think this is the best end product the most impressive if you can make a car that is so big and so heavy handle this could be this fast i think the the head engineer of this car deserve the nobel prize i

Really do and he’s not very modest about his performance with this car and he shouldn’t be i think i think some boldness is is a good thing for an engineer because he said we have beaten the svr on all fronts on the nurburgring and it’s a lot faster and we didn’t use any special parts to make it go faster it’s completely stuck and i think he is insinuating that

Range rover use special tires and special i don’t know what so if you walk into a bmw dealership today and you ask for their most impressive car from a technical point of view i think they should give you this car and well since it’s one of the most expensive bmws i think they’ll be glad to or should you get the x5 m i haven’t driven the x5 m i really would love

To drive one to see if it’s as good as this car because i think it looks a bit better and it’s more practical obviously because you have a bigger booth and you get more stuff in it so i hope you enjoyed this little video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel follow us on facebook so you can see cool stuff like this thank you bye

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