bmw x6 rear drop links sway bar
Altair Club Cars BMW X6 Rear Drop links Sway Bar Link Replacement Tutorial

BMW X6 Rear Drop links Sway Bar Link Replacement Tutorial

BMW X5/X5 Rear Drop link Sway Bar Links Replacement Tutorial in simple easy steps. Here is a simple how to guide in simple easy steps on how to replace sway bay links and improve your handling on your BMW. It’s a very easy job that requires basic tools. If these videos help, you are welcome to buy me a coffee using the link below.

Foreign we’re going to be replacing the rear drop links on a bmw x6 same as the x5 e70 e71 models it’s quick and easy so let’s do this so here you can see the drop link damage there leakiness goo the gator is all broken so this is what we need to replace same on the other side that’s not going to last much longer so it’s really really easy this you can do it

With the wheel still on get a bit of wd-40 if you’re going to help yourself penetrain oil which is ever your chosen one it’s just about undoing it it’s only two one not one bolt you just gotta hold that center in while you’re undoing it make sure to get the right one because they do vary same thing on the apple one like i said you could do this with the wheel on

My one got stuck so i knocked it off you can see and here we go it’s really really easy just pull it apart it’s all loose you go slip it out okay so now here is the old one and just getting a close-up on it and already you can see how battered and bruised it is and inside there look it’s going to open it up it’s guts are open now it wasn’t quite knocking yet but

It wasn’t far from knocking so this way you’re going to be looking out for you might as well replace them they’re pretty good value for money and um yeah these are super easy to fix this will take you 15 20 minutes to change both so so here’s a new one remember you can go get this from my website get yourself great replacements i’ll put the link

In the description of where you can get them from and look the upper ball mount there is super tight where the other one was overly loose now these are big cars so these are always going to use up parts like this so make sure you change them regularly and not cost yourself later on replacement is just the the reversal removal super easy no tricks of the trade to

Be taught here or learned see i’m just working it up pushing it in and there really is nothing to it now this in england is what we call an mot failure or an inspection failure if you’re in the us so you can just do these parts yourself there’s no reason for a a mechanic to have to do this or you know i mean you have to pay extortionate money for these things a

Lot of these things are really simple and diy level so if you just take your time you’ll get it done so always replace these in pairs once you’ve done one side hit up the other side and it is exactly the same procedure as before like i said make sure you get that talks bit inside they do vary so you know you’re gonna have to look at your particular arm and it’s

Just tightening up you can get your torque specs if you want but once it’s tightened up it’s got loctite thread on it it’ll look after itself so i hope you enjoyed the video don’t forget to comment like subscribe and all that good stuff and i’ll see you on the next one foreign

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BMW X6 Rear Drop links Sway Bar Link Replacement Tutorial By BMAC VAGS

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