bmw x6 m competition review the
Altair Club Cars BMW X6 M Competition Review | The New Benchmark?

BMW X6 M Competition Review | The New Benchmark?

Join IGNITION GT presenter Ernest Page as he gets to grips with the BMW X6 M Competition.

It’s got the engine of a sports car it’s got the looks of a copay but it’s an suv but not just any suv this is the x6m competition and you and i are about to take it for a spin but before we hit the road let’s take a quick tour of the new x6m competition up front you’ve got the blacked out grille over there which looks amazing under the bonnet it’s now upgraded

To 460 kilowatts yes 460 of those kilowatts 750 newtons thanks to the m5 4.4 liter twin turbo engine over here you’ve got upgraded suspension upgraded brakes and those brakes are so uprated that they can operate at temperatures over 100 degrees more than other regular braking systems at the back here you’ve got x6m competition badging just in case you forgot

What you were driving you’ve got this teeny tiny spoil over here and a diffuser at the bottom there but i’ll tell you what isn’t teeny tiny are these hundred millimeter exhaust over here which uh are quite hot but enough talk let’s see what this thing sounds like anything else step inside the new x6m competition and you know you’re gonna be end up why because

Bmw tells you so you’ve got m’s over there over there over there over here on the dash over there and i’m sure many many other places too it’s a special place to be and not just because of those m badges you’ve got this leather over here that feels amazing and matches the seats it does feel quite flush inside here cruising around at 60 kilometers an hour feels

Pretty good the ride can be a little bit harsh over very bumpy roads because of all that reinforcement under the chassis that’s not what this car is about if you do get bored all you gotta do is say i’m bored i can’t imagine that you’re bored maybe you haven’t yet had the chance to try sport mode you know what don’t mind if i do not 100 comes up in 3.8

Seconds and some publications have gotten down lower than that top speed is 290 kilometers an hour bmw does however know exactly how to make a sports car and the bracing and suspension work on the x6m has been extensive add to that the m differential at the back and you’ve got a car that handles like it you will drive off on a slippery road put your foot

Down and the car goes into opposite lock so i’m kind of glad that bmw doesn’t allow owners to put this car into rear-wheel drive only mode it’s fast it handles really really well and the brakes the brakes are just fan test having said that if i was to criticize something it would be that the steering just doesn’t feel as good as some of the other bmw steerings

And maybe just doesn’t live up to the rest of the car it has the ultimate engine it has the ultimate set of tyres it is the ultimate bmw suv but is it the car that you should consider should you wait for the audi rs q8 i don’t think bmw owners are gonna care if you are a bmw enthusiast and you’re in the market for performance suv this is the car that’s right

At the top of the list if you can afford that two and a half million price tag the rsq will have the bragging rights of being slightly faster with its 305 kilometer now top speed but this is and will most likely remain the best handling suv coupe that you can buy in south africa

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BMW X6 M Competition Review | The New Benchmark? By IGNITION

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