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Altair Club Cars BMW X5M Competition INDIVIDUAL Finished in Ruby Black on Silverstone

BMW X5M Competition INDIVIDUAL Finished in Ruby Black on Silverstone

Check it out everyone! This week I am bringing you stunning X5M Competition. Now this is an INDIVIDUAL which means it was build special for my guest. Finished in Ruby Black Metallic on Silverstone.

What’s going on everybody fernando from georgian bmw and today i am bringing you something very special today i am actually bringing you a client car that we’ve been working on for quite some time and it has finally arrived it’s a 2022 bmw x5m competition completely individual finished in an incredible color and i cannot wait to show you now if you are new to the

Channel don’t forget to show your support by clicking that thumbs up button and of course click the subscribe button to keep up to date with us and all things bmw now guys before i unveil this beautiful x5m competition something that i do want to talk about is in fact the individual program now when you’re picking out your bmw and you’re on you don’t have

To be stuck to just the colors that you see there there’s actually a whole suite of colors that i can show you guys for exteriors and interiors to make the car perfect and customized just to you as you can tell just by the color wall here there are tons of options so you are not limited at all and here we have it it is their 2022 bmw x5m competition individual

But can you guess what color it is it’s not black sapphire in fact it’s ruby black so when you have a look at the paint up close you’re going to notice that the metallic fleck in it is not silver in fact it is red which when it is outside in the sun is going to come to life and shine giving it almost a purply red color and at night making it look very black so

Let’s talk about some of the styling cues that we’ve picked for this particular x5m competition now this is in fact an ultimate package which is going to give us everything but we’ve added a couple of other nice little touches to it of course we have the 50th anniversary emblem so 50th anniversary on the front rear and all the way around on each wheel x5m does come

Standard with the black extended contents so the black grilles black window surrounds and the blacked out tailpipes of course you have this really aggressive front end so checking out the side profile of the car what you’re going to notice is we have a staggered wheel set so we’ve actually got 20 ones in the front and 22s in the rear to put down that power we went

Ahead and we picked the bi-colored option and when you look through the rims you’re going to notice that we picked the red brakes now the reason why we picked the red brakes with the ruby black the red brake really complements when you look at the rear tail lights bringing that whole red message together now because this is an ultimate pack you also get all the

Carbon fiber little goodies so you’ve got the carbon fiber mirror caps carbon fiber trim inside and when we pop the hood a little bit later you will see the beautiful large engine cover that is all carbon fiber so coming around the back of the car a couple things that you do notice you’ve got the x5m competition badging you got the really nice aggressive spoiler

Back here and of course you’ve got the functional loud quad tip exhaust now we do still remember that at its core this is still a bmw x5 just with a ton more power you still get all the great utility features that everybody has come to expect with the x5 like the insane amount of cargo space and of course the favorite split tailgate that is actually designed for

You to be able to sit on it when you’re looking for somewhere to sit you don’t want to muck up your rear bumper just press the button here and it with power will drop and you can in fact sit on it and not have to worry all right so let’s check out the interior of this beautiful 2022 x5m competition so this is an ultimate so we have added everything in fact when

I was sitting down with the client they basically said if there’s a box to check off they want it checked so we’re going to go through the long laundry list that you’re getting with this car starting from the door so we’ve got the beautiful suede alcantara headliner on all your pillars on your entire headliner this is the full merino interior not just the extended

So we’ve got the napa leather dashboard leather all along the bottom here leather even along where your knees are the side of the door all the way down to the bottom of the door and your center armrest we’ve got the really nice bolstered m seating here in the silverstone interior so we’ve got the ivory on the side with black up the middle we have got bowers and

Wilkins audio which in fact are going to light up at night and give you an incredible feel we have got massaging seats memory seats carbon fiber trim everywhere the big bolstered m steering wheel with m1 and m2 preset programmable modes as i said bowers and wilkins carbon fiber trim heated seats ventilated seats heated and cool cup holders wireless charging the

List just goes on and on let’s talk about some of the tech that’s in this car so we’ve got of course the live cockpit professional which all of you know is the dual 12.3 inch screen we have the advanced drivers with active stop and go allowing you to put on semi-autonomous cruise control which will allow the car to completely steer for you with just a little bit

Of pressure from you on the steering wheel or at speeds less than 70 kilometers an hour it will actually do all the stop and go traffic when you’re in that annoying bumper to bumper traffic we’ve also got the programmable m1 and m2 mode so instead of going through your idrive system and programming different modes such as chassis throttle steering suspension anything

Like that you can actually just hit m1 or m2 for different modes depending on what type of driving you’re looking for you’ve also got a whole bunch of safety features you’ve got forward collision mitigation cross pedestrian detection lane keep assist side collision avoidance rear collision prediction blind spot monitoring and the list just goes on self parking for

Reversing in parallel parking and then some all right so let’s talk about the power and performance of this 2022 bmw x5m competition underneath the hood we’ve got the 4.4 liter twin turbo v8 mated to the zf 8-speed transmission pumping out 617 horsepower 553 foot of torque launching it from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in just 3.8 seconds now this car weighs

5489 pounds with a perfect 50 50 weight distribution so you can imagine taking that much weight and going zero to 100 in eight seconds is incredible and of course being an ultimate pack as i mentioned you’ve got all the carbon fiber so you’ve got the really nice carbon fiber engine cover just to show you that it’s something special now guys as mentioned this car

Is in fact spoken for as it was a custom order almost a year ago but if a bmw individual is in your future you can leave us a comment just below and i’ll do my best to get back to each and every one of you i do highly recommend that you look at and pick your different color configurations and then come on in and speak to us so that you can see what your

Really cool color options are so you can have something as unique as this card is right here for more information you can visit us on our website at my name is fernando and i’m a product consultant here at georgian bmw and until next time thanks for watching

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