bmw x5 xdrive40d mht m sport rs
Altair Club Cars BMW X5 xDrive40d MHT M Sport | RS Car Sales

BMW X5 xDrive40d MHT M Sport | RS Car Sales

Foreign x drive 40d m sport edition now we do have a force superb unscratched unmarked 23 inch specially made for this vehicle vossen alloy wheels they look absolutely superb and have the balloons but brake calipers just highly behind now we do have at the end of individual paint code which is the david growl pearl rear does look this very very nice on this car

Especially with the black accents we have the m sport plus package so you can do get the adaptive suspension you get the air suspension on this vehicle so you can raise a lower the vehicle is at its lowest point right now and does look absolutely superb we have your led headlights the black kidney girls the m sport styling kit so you get the black front splitter

Extension doesn’t also rear beat spots and the size and your rear diffuser we have your blacked out stylancer with the black wing mirrors which the m sport merge you to get the black window trim but you press gas on the rear black roof bars and you can see at the back we have your black star as well now you get the m50d budget on the back of the x5 joox exhaust

Flush the rear bumper and obviously rear diffuser now i do have when we go to the inside you can see we do have the m50d front seats and you also have the sky lounge package on this vehicle now this vehicle is free from any major mark extent or scratches and raiders look superb from every angle forget to do rear i’ll show you a quick look at the inside of this

Vehicle you can see all the beaded on this vehicle so it has been very well looked after we have your m sport seat belts you also have these full leather seats throughout the icefix points pulled down our mess ambient lighting in the back a bit hard to see it in the daylight which is there go into the front see the m sport wing mirrors there’s a look at the m50d

Seats very very cool seats indeed there are fully heated electric and memory you have extended five spot on the doors you have your heat memory function press that button and you can also control the passenger seats from the driver’s seat position which is just down there electric windows electric power folding mirrors quick look at the inside of your auto lights

Just down there you have your digital dash heads up display just up there as well multi-function stem with your adaptive cruise control speedometer paddle shift they first hit cut into mining mode you have your auto hide beam assist big screen in the settings navigation you have your media connective cc do you have your dab radio your spotify bluetooth media now

Going through apps you do find your upper carpet and android auto there as well put the currency reverse front rear parking sensor with a rare reversing camera do get different drive modes jaws and crime patrol just down here if you’re too heated front seats as you can see just there beamed a bit individual trim all around at the center of this vehicle use air

Suspension certificate driving modes track shot on and off your parking sensors looking just up you have your sky lounge you can’t just see all the little specs just there that is the sky lounge so at night the entire span roof lights up and it is a very very nice sight to see now this vehicle it’s just too heavy full clean now once it does we do a full walk around

Video go through all different specifications and optional extras that do come with this vehicle now it is available to take away today free console edition one next day delivery is hpi clear against a fresh service new mot and we do offer competitively finance thank you very much for watching

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BMW X5 xDrive40d MHT M Sport | RS Car Sales By Rs Car Sales

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