bmw x5 xdrive30d m sport 5dr aut
Altair Club Cars BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport 5dr Auto [7 Seat]

BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport 5dr Auto [7 Seat]

Here at Lloyd Motor Group BMW South Lakes we’re proud to offer this stunning example of the versatile BMW X5 finished in the fantastic Arctic Grey Metallic with complimenting Black Vanasca Design-perforated Leather upholstery. This X5 comes with the M Sport Pro Pack containing M Sport exhaust system, upgraded 22″ 742 M Double-spoke Bi-colour Alloy Wheels and Sun protection glazing. It also comes fitted with the Technology Pack giving you BMW Display key, Parking Assistant Plus, Head-Up Display and the excellent harman/kardon Loudspeaker system. All of our cars are professionally prepared by our BMW Technicians at our state of the art prep centre to the highest of BMW standards, this brilliant X5 comes with a full service history, all of our cars also come with a minimum of 12 months warranty giving your that extra peace of mind. Why not come and meet the team at Lloyd South Lakes in our Newly Refurbished State of the Art Showroom, just 10 minutes from M6 Junction 36. We are a family owned business that prides itself on delivering excellent customer service and satisfaction time and time again. If you have any questions that we’ve not answered here or would like to book a test drive please get in touch on the contact details provided. We can also make a personal video of the car if you’d like. We are proud to say we have no hidden admin fees or costs. We’re open 7 days a week.

Hello and welcome to lloyd bmw south lakes today we have this uh stunning bmw x5 it’s a 30d m sport it was registered in march 2019 put it on a 19 plate it’s finished in arctic grey metallic paint and it’s got the black vanaska leather interior other options on this car include the 22 inch diamond cut alloy wheels it’s also got the m sport pro pack and the technology

Pack as well so very very well equipped car and in mileage terms it’s just done at just over 22 000 miles so not many miles at all for a 19 plate which is three years old now scary other time flies uh but really really nice spec car so as i said we’ve got the 22 inch diamond cut wheels you’ve got the big brakes there the blue brake calipers you’ve got it’s an m

Sport you’ve got the m sport uh bumpers there a little bit more aggressive inside we then have said the black vanaska leather interior fully electric seats and they’ve also got two position memories as well you’ve got electric windows all round you’ve got electric folding mirrors electric tailgate you’ve got the upgraded harman kardon sound system as well so if

You’re into your music that’s a really good thing to have obviously you’ve got the electric seat controls on the side there being the m sport you get the bigger side bolsters hold you in during cornering you’ve also got the adjustable under thigh support as well let me jump inside just shut that door even though it’s not raining today um all right start the car

Like on bmw’s phone the brake press the start button car will come to uh will come to life um and then you can see the mileage there twenty two thousand and forty one miles is all this cars done obviously it’s a full digital uh display unit in front of you there you’ve obviously got the big uh sort of like navigation screen here as well uh if we select reverse we’ve

Got cameras all the way around the car as well so again we can select that so we select that so there’s no excuses for uh bumping into anything you’ve also got bluetooth and dub radio as well right what else we’ve got so we’ve got this uh aluminium trim which runs through the doors into the dashboard and into the center console we’ve set the ambient lighting on

This car to blue pretty difficult to tell in the sunlight think is a few different colors you can choose for that um what else have we got so we’ve got the climate control you can select different temperatures drive room passenger we’ve got heated seats obviously the leather is great but in winter it can be a bit chilly below that you’ve got some favorite buttons

Underneath there you’ve got a charging pad for your phone or you can plug it in you’ve got a couple of drinks holders and another 12 volt supply obviously it’s got the three litre diesel engine with the automatic gearbox driving all four wheels if you are in the mood though to change gears yourself you can have the option of using the paddles which are mounted on

The rear of the steering wheel like so um then you’ve got the different drives so you’ve got the uh camera button we’ve got different parking sensors we can turn on and off manually we’ve got the different driving modes down here electric handbrake hill descent control so it’s kind of if you are off-roading going downhill and then the other button we have here

Is for the height so it’s a twin axle air suspension so we can adjust the height of the vehicle so we can make it lower or we can make it higher so depending where where we are and where we where what we’re doing we can adjust the suspension using this control here a nice big center armrest with storage in there and another usb port multi-function steering wheel

Gives you the cruise control speed limit on this side on the other side we can answer the telephone we can change the volume or we can adjust the radio stations uh as well so rather so if you scroll this wheel here you can then scroll through your radio stations and choose your radio station that that you require and that comes up on the head-up display so if

Again if i zoom in hopefully you can see that it would be difficult but uh it shows you the speed limit shows you what speed we’re doing and then and then it shows you the different radio stations you can scroll through those choose a radio station that you like press the button and it selects that for you so just save something to take your eyes off the steering

Wheel to look across here you can keep everything nicely in line other standard options you’ve got automatic wipers we’ve got automatic headlights as well so very very well equipped and as i mentioned the excellent harman kardon sound system right i’ll just turn it off and show you the rest of the car so you’ve got privacy glass on the back loads of room in the

Back as you’d expect you’ve also got this travel comfort system here so you can get an adapter and then bolt in an ipad or other devices and then you’ve got a charging point as well for that loads of storage there in the center console again the ambient lighting continues through the rear seats are electric as well so again we can adjust those using the controls

Here so you can slide that back and then this car is equipped with the seven seats so it moves the front seat forward obviously then moves that seat down moves out of the way and then under here you’ve got two extra seats so it’s a seven seat version um so let’s put that back so you’ve got the two extra seats in the back um tailgate is electric you can either

Use the key you’ll just press the button like i have there split tailgate um and again the button on here so you can adjust the suspension so if you’ve got a heavy load to put in you can lower the suspension from there here uh or you can just fold that down quite handy obviously if you’re parked up somewhere to uh to sit so just when we remove that load cover you

Can see the two extra seats are in there are in the floor there and there and if you need extra space you can fold the seats down and there’s a tony cover as well which i’ve just put underneath there and that can go across there and just to hide anything that you don’t want people to see and there we have it so this car currently for sale here at lloyd bmw south

Lakes if you have any interest then give us a shout we can arrange any finance figures test drives anything like that if you’re not local tours don’t worry we also offer a nationwide delivery service in the meantime i hope you enjoyed the video thank you very much for watching bye for now you

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BMW X5 xDrive30d M Sport 5dr Auto [7 Seat] By BMW and Mini Lake District England UK

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