bmw x5 with 251k km check up par
Altair Club Cars BMW X5 with 251k km check up (part 34)

BMW X5 with 251k km check up (part 34)

Bmw x5 this is the x5 that i put the repair kit on the turbos one week two weeks ago i don’t remember exactly when all right it looks fine looks okay it’s not smoking the car it doesn’t make any sound from the turbo chargers customer is happy me i’m happy we get away with that without balancing now you’re gonna ask me why it’s here the car right he came here because

The owner he found a lower temperature thermostat it’s 90 degrees i think the new ones the original it’s 100 or 105 and this is supposed to be 90 degrees there is no problem in this country it’s welcome to put this kind of thermostat now why i make a video you’re gonna tell me he brought also the cooler expression tank cap nothing wrong with his but this opening in

Different pressures this is this is supposed to be a 20 psi all right and this one’s supposed to be at 14 psi okay all right i said if it’s not dropping the the coolant level yeah you can get away with that probably yep yep give it that then regarding the thermostat because i said that we’re going to make a test i said to my friend that i’m gonna warm up some coolant

Dump it inside to see when shopping in the aftermarket and when shopping in the oem i don’t have a time i don’t have a time for the single reason because i’m on the a55 right now today it’s friday one second i didn’t say the date today it’s friday 3rd of september 2022. because i don’t have a time i’m sorry about that just i want to show you the difference what’s

The difference this has a thick spring this has a thin spring you can it’s easy to understand what i’m saying when when it’s opening dang it when start expanding the wax that has inside it depends how much tension has a spring this is how fast it’s opening this is a two-way thermostat classic nothing wrong that that means when sharpening this piece it’s closing

The other path behind when supporting this part and so in this you saw it closing this now what i don’t like to be honest the height you see the the oem it’s more high that means we’re gonna close faster the bypass that has inside the engine this will gonna delay a little bit does it matter i don’t think so because this expanding with the coolant temperature plus

Order from the ecu it can apply here it’s cycling i think one ampere 0.8 to one on bed like the mercedes and swarming up the element inside and it’s expanding faster so that’s why i came here the car today to put the thermostat lucky that we get away with the turbos with a kit again i’m not against changing the parts from the cartridge you know the the seals let

Us say or the compressor oil or something i’m gonna feel much better if we balance the turbo from this point of view this is at 300 000 kilometers 305 how much this right now and still working we are looking good i’m gonna make a video again later on in one or exchange later on and that’s it for now just to inform the owner but yeah i know i said to make a test

I’m sorry but i don’t have a time i wish to have a time to do it since they’re saying actually you’ll consume the instrument cluster when you’re cruising let us say with 80 kilometers per hour and you’ll consider we’re gonna maintain let’s say 90 degrees probably this one you can be a little bit higher foreign that’s it thank you very much small update we’re

Gonna we can keep monitoring the turbos you know to see in the future how we’re gonna end up if they explode new gas is on a video i hope not by the way before before i rebuild the engine at 250 000 kilometers it was burning one liter of oil every thousand kilometer one thousand kilometers one liter of oil

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BMW X5 with 251k km check up (part 34) By Tasos Moschatos

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