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Hey guys welcome back to electrical repair live thank you guys for watching subscribing to the channel guys today video guys is a video request okay some of you asked in the comment section under our videos guys if you have a bmw x5 okay bmw x5 with a 1600 engine such as n51 and 52 and 53 and 54 and 55 engine guys pretty much any x1 from year 2016 to year 2015

Guys and you need to guys uh locate where your brake vacuum pump is located how to get to the pump and what needs to be done to replace that pump we’ll cover that today guys we’ll demonstrate on n52 engine that has been used in multiple bmws specifically this engine is used in three series five series x3 x5 x1 one series guys one of the most popular engines

Will demonstrate on 3 series bmw but it’s exactly the same for x5 we just want to answer your request guys we have a little bit of time here to make a few videos uh for any of you having a problem with that so now before we start every single car we get at the shop we may guess it is 200 free repair videos specifically on bmws we even make close to 4 500 videos

While we do all that simply because our mission in the shop is to save you as much money as we can all we need in return please subscribe to our channel and like the video guys so we can keep providing that free information if you guys need to buy any of the special tools parts new pump check out the links we will share them for your convenience so specifically

Now guys okay we have a bmw n52 engine here as i said all three series but it’s the same for the x5 as well number one step guys you will need to disconnect car battery then you will need to remove the intake manifold for any of you that don’t know how to do that both of the videos will be shared okay in the description of the video below so check out the links

It explains everything from start to finish okay how to remove okay the intake manifold and how to get the thing out of there once you guys remove it one recommended thing always replace the intake manifold gaskets here because you can develop a vacuum leak and that could be really hard to diagnose uh make your car may not even start correctly guys why you have

To disconnect the car battery because this is guys your starter and that’s a positive wire coming from the battery and one goes to the alternator now uh if you touch them accidentally with use or something you can damage your electrical system fuses relays modules computers we’ve done that in the past so don’t do it guys very important which battery terminal

You will disconnect first positive or negative that’s why we put the video in the description of the video below guys so this thing on the back side of your six cylinder engine this is your vacuum pump right here check it out vacuum pump guys right there now most of the models will have that one some may have even electrical pumps and but not all of them most

Of them will have a mechanical pump that is actually driven by the timing chain okay let me show you something quick here now uh now one second to unlock unlock the phone and show you the picture this is the timing chain diagram for that engine this is the main chain secondary chain on that secondary chain guys okay this pulley is the one for the brake vacuum

Pump now you have three little bolts and one big bolt in the middle there is a special two that you access from the front okay you have to remove the belt and the idler tensioner pulley remove the tensioner assembly and you get to that okay to that cover there for the pump and there is a special tool that actually locks the pulley and the chain so it cannot

Spin and get the engine out of balance and mess up the timing and then you can remove the four bolts and that pump will come out towards the back and you have one gasket there as well but before you do all that always check the hoses okay for any cracks like this one this is a weak spot here why because all the heat from the engine accumulates here guys and

That becomes very fragile guys always inspect your brake line for leaks as well because that’s a weak spot as well hopefully guys the video will be helpful to any of you okay having that problem uh and you’re trying to figure out where the pump is and what needs to be done to replace it if you want to see the replacement video it’s coming very soon on our channel

Thank you guys for watching please subscribe to your channel for more help and see you guys next time

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