bmw x4m vs mercedes glc 63s vs j
Altair Club Cars BMW X4M vs Mercedes GLC 63S vs Jaguar F-Pace SVR DRAG & Rolling race

BMW X4M vs Mercedes GLC 63S vs Jaguar F-Pace SVR DRAG & Rolling race

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Pilot speaking, today with another amazing drag race for you! You asked and I’ve listened! This time between the BMW X4 M Competition, the Mercedes-AMG GLC63s and the Jaguar F Pace SVR. With total combined power output of more than 1500 hp it will for sure be one very interesting race. And the most comprehensive one on youtube with 6 drag races and 3 rolling starts from sport and comfort modes. And of course some sweet exhaust sounds from these monsters!

Ladies and gentlemen this is your pilot speaking my name is tenno i hope you’re having an absolutely fantastic day and today again i have an absolutely awesome drag race for you and this time it is an suv edition and as you can tell it will be between bmw x4m competition the mercedes benz glc 63s and last but not least we brought you a jack it has more power

However we’ll see how it performs in just a moment are you ready let’s go but before we do that let’s cover some specs and most importantly we’re gonna do a sound check in just a moment so let’s see what do we have here in the x4m three liter twin turbo inline six cylinder engine with 510 horsepower 600 newton meters of torque and weighs around two tons it

Comes with eight speed automatic zf gearbox with launch control and according to bmw it should be doing 0 to 100 in 4.1 seconds but we all know it will be much faster than that on the other hand it is the mercedes glc63s and it is absolutely awesome with its 4 liter twin turbo v8 with 510 horsepower and 700 newton meters again two tons nine speed automatic

Gearbox with launch control and mercedes claims zero to 100 in 3.8 seconds last but not least we brought you a jack it comes with a five liter supercharged v8 in this svr version and according to jack it should spring from zero to 100 in 4.3 seconds no launch control from this eight-speed automatic gearbox and it is the heaviest of them all at 2.1 tons so who’s

Gonna win let’s find out oh it’s between me and the vm oh neck and neck and that’s it for me i’m just so slow me so man uh 60. once reach the line go oh that’s my race now the work is coming uh before we move on on to the results couple of variables i really want to mention so you can get clear where we are at first of all

The jack is with winter tires and the other two are still with their summer tires today we had temperatures of 13 degrees quite cloudy day with very very dry tarmac on the runway and most importantly we have elevation of 600 meters which is around 2000 feet with the wind of around 10 knots or around 20 kilometers on the nose so all these variables do play a role

Also the mercedes and the jaguar were with full tanks as you can see and the bmw x4m came with half a tank of fuel so this difference in the fuel might also play a role with that said let’s start with the stat we got the best 0-100 time in the jack and it might be because of my bad reactions or because of the lack of launch control to move on on to the mercedes

Glc 63s we got a very very amazing results today and it performed great especially with that full tank of fuel 0 to 100 time 3.57 seconds and a quarter mile of 11.7 absolutely crazy results last but not least the bmw x4m competition again another stunning car by bmw and we have the gps results with zero to 100 time much better than the claim 4.1 seconds from

Bmw and a 3.75 second to 100 and a quarter mile of 11.73 seconds as you probably saw in the drag race the bmw was the much much faster car at higher speeds compared to the glc so overall doesn’t matter who got the most points all of these cars especially the two germans are very very fast and impressive performance machines and with that said please comment

Down below which car did you like the most which car sounded the best i think was the jack and actually it was the only race that it won and if you made it up for the video hit that like button so we can grow consider subscribing to the channel and or you can also add me on pilot zeno and tell me what cars do you want to see next otherwise you might be stuck

Up with boring electric cars in the future thank you so much till next time

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BMW X4M vs Mercedes GLC 63S vs Jaguar F-Pace SVR DRAG & Rolling race! By Cars with Pilot Tseno

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