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Altair Club Cars BMW X4 Singapore Review 2022 – xDrive20i M Sport

BMW X4 Singapore Review 2022 – xDrive20i M Sport

The BMW X4 is a SUV Coupe with the raking rear windows and roofline, that is based off the same platform as the BMW X3, and is available in Singapore as the BMW X4 xDrive 20i or X4 xDrive 30i. With the latest LCI, the X4 now comes with all wheel drive even on the base variant, and delivers are more assured driving experience with better grip, and also mild hybrid technology for more economy and smoother gear changes. In M Sport trim, the car comes with M Sport suspension for enhanced handling.

Hi guys welcome to another sg family man review and today we have the bmw x4 on review with us the model that we have here today is actually the x drive 20 and this has actually already undergone the latest life cycle impulse or lci for short and bmw has actually introduced a few key things to the bmw x4 probably the most notable introduction is actually the

Addition of a mile hybrid drivetrain the new x4 also comes with all-wheel drive even on the x-drive 20 model which is the base model and there are also a few key styling upgrades there is actually a redesigned front apron and rear apron it does come with a new mesh grille and this mesh grille is actually exclusive on the x4 you won’t find this on the x3 now the

Cars come with this matte chrome finish which i think looks a lot more modern than before if you are interested to actually check out the x4 for yourself there is actually a test drive link in the description box below which you can sign up for test drive sg family man viewers also do get an sg family man exclusive bias incentive should you decide to lease or

Purchase the bmw x4 or any other model from performance motors limited so let’s go check out the car so with bmw’s new mile hybrid system you can’t actually deactivate the auto start stop anymore there is a little bit of a quick fix to this which is actually to activate sport mode in the car that actually kind of nullifies the auto start stop honestly i think it

Doesn’t really pose too much of a problem when you’re traveling along on wet roads you can actually feel the difference with the all-wheel drive traction there is a little bit of security even overdrive system gives you so apart from that many of you will already know that the x4 shares much of its driving dna as the x3 they’re built on a very similar platform

Has similar drive trains and in that regard we don’t have any surprises with eggs for the car drives wonderfully it’s one of the best in class when it comes to driving dynamics for suv of course the car doesn’t actually feel that large to drive and around tight spaces the vantage point of the x4 gives you help with visibility a lot it actually makes maneuvering

The car fairly easier people so essentially the reverse assistant works in a way where it can actually backtrack your cast movement for up to 50 meters and what this essentially does is that for example if you’re entering a narrow alleyway and you can’t really find a space to do a three-pointer you can actually use your reverse assistant to get out so now we’re

Just going to exaggerate some movements assuming we are weaving our way into a sort of an early all right and let’s say you come to a date end and you find that you don’t have space to make three-point turn you’re going to turn on reverse assistant and then you just need to control your brake pedal and you don’t actually have to steer because your car will

Backtrack the movements on its own of course while you’re doing this you still need to look out for traffic but other than that the assumption is that on your way in if you haven’t hit any obstacles then the back tracking mechanism will actually help you to take the safest route or the exact route that you took when you came in and as you can see it’s actually

Really accurate it’s actually making all the movements i took when i came in it’s safe to say that the mild hybrid technology that has been introduced into the x4 really does help to smooth out the gears create a more refined experience when it comes to town driving overall i think the car looks great it does look a little bit more special than the x3 if you

Want to check out the x4 for yourself there is a test drive link in the description box below for you to sign up for test drive sg family man viewers do get a special bias incentive if you decide to buy or lease the bmw x4 from bmw and with that we’ll see you next time foreign these little things like a reverse assistant definitely go a long way

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