bmw x4 m competition a real fast
Altair Club Cars BMW X4 M Competition | A real fast moon rocket

BMW X4 M Competition | A real fast moon rocket

The BMW X4 M is FAST! A real fast luxury SUV aimed at the ones who like performance! Sharing its mechanical elements with the X3 M, the BMW X4 M adds a coupe-like roofline which may not appeal to everyone with that unique style. Under the hood is a turbocharged straight-six that develops 473 horsepower in the standard model or 503 horsepower in the Competition version. The latter manages to push the BMW X4 M from zero to 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds! It’s impressive! To go with its high-powered powertrain, the X4 M offers sharp handling, making it a pleasure to ride on a twisty road full of curves; compromising comfort on a road infested with potholes. The cabin is essentially the same as the top-of-the-line X3 and X3 M models, except for the rear headroom and cargo area, both of which are slightly tight due to the roofline fastback style. Most should find the X4 M quite practical, however: the rear seat is roomy enough for two adults, and the cargo space provided enough space for several suitcases.

Hey what’s up everybody welcome to car question matt is a real happy guy this week because he’s rolling the bmw x4m but wait we’ve added the competition package this is the kind of suv performance luxury that you buy when you like some razor sharp handling and performance this is the kind of vehicle that you look at it it’s looking real unique and bmw likes to

Play with its version with its styling and finally an m package that means performance but when you add the competition you’ve got bigger stabilizator for your suspension how about 30 more horsepower look at those sport exes when you look at the interior those party seats how about some carbon inside everything revolves around the world sport i really like

That package and it’s worth every penny that you’re gonna spend on it so what we like about the car first of all it’s a real head turner look at the front grille design not too big compared to what we saw on the internet lately with bmw look at those headlights look at the lines look at the side of the vehicle look at that fast back rear and how about those

Exits this car means business when you see the m competition package on it so you’ve got also the m button inside right there on the steering wheel you’ve got two of those as soon as you press twice on this one because traction control will be modified well you’re in sporty territory and you can customize everything on the car from the direction from the

Transmission and look how many settings you have this is incredible the engine response the suspension the feedback force right there everything can be configured even the x drive mode which is gonna send more power to the rear wheels if that’s what you like but you cannot put it only in rear-wheel drive just like the sedan of bmw anyway this is a real precise

Vehicle once you’re gonna drive it and easy access to those configuration so little press here sporty mode little press there next thing you know you’re in comfort mode you can personalize completely your driving experience look at those seats this dishes how they are comfortable how they will hold you in place once you’re gonna push that machine to the limit

Once again great seat you’ve got also even the belt with the collars with the stitches of the m package another little attention to detail that i really like look at the light mc when it’s dark this is looking so good i really love those little lights this is the little addition to detail that will once again make a big difference so let’s talk about another

Thing that we like and it’s the heart of that machine twin turbo 18.9 psi that’s going to be sent through that 3 liter 503 horsepower incredible power for such a six cylinder you’ve got 442 pound foot of torque and this machine is going to be able to do zero to 100 at 4.1 seconds this is so fast this is the kind of thing that goes light speed warp speed as soon

As you send it i really like and once you’re gonna hear that engine the music to my here right there until it hit that 7200 rpm note you’re gonna see what i mean how about that adjustable hexis note you can even configure those through your m button and i really like to roll open with those as soon as the road can give me the option to do it fast is sometimes

Not enough you’ve got to get a good grip how about point 95 gs of lateral grip we had some winter tires on this machine so it’s quite different from the oem though but guess what i was scared even before i get to the limit with those pirellis great handling great road biting and once again some razor sharp handling of that bmw and one cool thing about it is that

You can master this machine this piece in five minutes as soon as you’re gonna roll that you’re gonna feel pretty comfortable if you’re an experienced driver though if you’re a race car driver geez you’re gonna see exactly what engineering means and even more with the competition package sharp and lean and sometimes you want to roll with some comfort next thing

You know you can adjust everything to be so smooth and you will have a low cabin noise level and you’re gonna combine that to that high quality sound system that’s really going to make a difference that harman kardon just sounds so beautiful and you’ve got the tons of present that you can select otherwise look at that cluster look at that carbon inside look at

That screen that i really like all of that combined to make one unique experience that i have not failed for a long time driving some vehicle this is a razor this is sharp this is the kind of vehicle though that you’re gonna have to enjoy at the racetrack so it’s not gonna be that funny in the world of restriction every day so this comes at surprise though

You know the suspension is kind of stiff with the potholes that we have in quebec we call that nidutrus and you’ve got that lag that you can feel if you are not rolling above 3000 rpm with that screaming engine and one of the big downsides of it get ready you’re gonna have to live with the fear of losing your driver listens like 20 times per day because this

Is the kind of vehicle that you roll it’s saying 100 kilometers per hour you talk you just enjoy the road you break you turn but that’s in the 70 kilometers per hour limit road so can you imagine on the highway what is it like geez i wish there were some other man here in quebec so what do you think about that bmw x4m competition feel free to comment in the

Section down there below for my personal days i really like but i could not own something like that because i won’t be doing review for a long time without any driver license on the plus side do a thumbs up and also subscribe to car question acceleration is gonna be coming soon also for that machine and how about some diagonal testing that’s gonna have to be

Seen to be believed take care see you another time guys oh

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