bmw x2 25e phev acceleration tes
Altair Club Cars BMW X2 25e PHEV acceleration test 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) & rolling test 60-110 km/h (37-68 mph)

BMW X2 25e PHEV acceleration test 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) & rolling test 60-110 km/h (37-68 mph)

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Okay we are using sport mode and in drive setup to auto and we are going to perform acceleration test okay are you ready three two one go bye in theory the lighter the vehicle is the quicker is from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour and as you can see on the graph bmw x225e is one of the lightest vehicles in its class that also means that the handling

Should be the best in its segment considering sporty oriented suspension but for good performance we also need the power so going further we can see that bmw x2 phv has only 220 brake horsepower which is even less than ford cougar phv has combining these two grabs we can now understand how powerful bmw x2 is and it looks like ctr and c5 php and ford kuga php have

Almost the same power to a ratio score that bmw x2 has however we can clearly see that this bmw is sporty oriented because according to the specification 0 to 100 kilometers per hour takes only 6.8 seconds where his competitors such as volvo xc40 ctr and c5 or ford kuga are a bit slower if you want to see a full review of ford kruger plugin hybrid you can find

The video on my youtube channel 60-110 60 to 110 on manual so and here is something you cannot find on the internet result of acceleration test from 60 to 110 or 37 to 68 miles per hour on this graph we can see that bmw x2 is in the middle between x5 phv and ford kuga phv if you want to see my full review of bmw x5 plugin hybrid you can watch it on my

Youtube channel under the hood we have twin power turbo 1.5 liters 3 cylinders four volts combustion engine equipped with 125 horsepower and 220 newton meters of torque on the back we have electric motor with 95 horsepower and 165 newton meters of torque total output of this system is 220 horsepower and 385 newton meters of torque top speed is 195 kilometers

Per hour and acceleration from 0 to 100 is 6.8 seconds but please keep in mind that four-wheel drive we have only when battery has energy if not this is front-wheel drive if you want to drive only electric then it’s rear wheel drive vehicle something worth noticing is that peugeot 3008 citroen c5 and ford kuga have a better top speed than bmw x2 and this is a bit

Disappointing because bmw appears to be a performance vehicle but i guess there are not many places you can actually test it out in real life maybe except german highways please let me know in the comments down below if this is actually relevant for you and this is how the exhaust sounds like um this and now to our conclusion so bmw x225e plug-in hybrid is

Very nice to drive vehicle give you a lot of satisfaction and pleasure from driving which means it’s the driving experience is just excellent so this vehicle i would suggest for people which want to have more fun from driving which like this more sporty feeling with more firm suspension one of the best feature i think from bmw and the way suspension is working

Performance and build quality and the feedback from the steering wheel from the tires and so on 19-inch rims and i think they are a little bit too firm and a little bit too noisy but of course if you like the look then you must go for 19-inch alloys so thank you very much for watching i hope you have enjoyed the video don’t forget to subscribe see you in the next video you

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BMW X2 25e PHEV acceleration test 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) & rolling test 60-110 km/h (37-68 mph) By ev_masterminds

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