bmw x1 2023 u11 int
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BMW X1 2023 U11 – int

Nouvel intérieur pour le nouveau BMW X1 2023 U11 – Nouvelle interface, nouvel éclairage d’ambiance et nouvelles fonctionnalité.

Good evening to all here are two nights the new bmw x1 2023 u11 you see it we will see the front just after you will see that there is a small quick animation come on we see the front look small animation of the lights at the front admire it’s two specific beans on this new generation of bmw x1 small hologram on the doors come on let’s go inside last night animation to

Welcome you to this pretty bmw x1 small animation on the screens look admire that it’s pretty well done wow full screen with ring as you want it ok come on we’re going to activate especially turn on the light together we’re going to look a little bit also look you have the right to this little lighting we let ‘s turn it on, let’s turn it on, here’s a little lighting with an

Animation of the lights, we’ll mainly turn on the interior to see it a little more clearly, so the idea is not to clearly test this new bmw x1, i took a config that still allows you to see these pretty beige seats and also to see this night illumination so look it’s very simple you can set all the colors so there aren’t many colors either i’m not going to count them with you

But it’s true that we are quite limited on the choice but in any case it remains sober and for those who do not want a nightclub listen it clearly does the job we will take a color that suits it well this little purple we can of course adjust different parameters on this touch screen and there you have a fairly cozy interior quite luxurious for a bmw x1 you should know that

The bmw x1 is still the least the most accessible suv in the end all suvs so new steering wheel also so we don’t have the steering wheel m i will show you in overlay it is quite pretty and very beautiful but we have a steering wheel which is still much prettier than the older generations we are on a quality of manufacturing also at i nterior which frankly goes up a notch

Compared to the old generations the disadvantage is that everything is now practically tactile we still have this central console which floats a little so we have it is airy which we have two usb c sockets here we have the reversing camera here that is of rather good quality we have a lot of things so it’s not necessarily a night test that i’m going to show you far from

It the idea is really to see a little bit together what’s new on this new bmw x1 we’re just going to turn off the air conditioning and ventilation a bit to have a little more peace of mind on board you can see we have a screen that is still quite busy a curved screen with an led here below which allows you to illuminate it also reflects on this lacquered plastic material

Here you also have a latest generation screen you can manage everything a little for the moment i don’t know everything yet but i can tell you that honestly it’s rather well integrated very futuristic in in any case very technological this x1 was in any case on a lot of advantages a driving aid which is there honestly we are not on a mercedes gla or we will have a lot more

Light we will indeed have more attention on the settings the color settings here we are on something quite soft the air conditioning setting is done only by this screen so we still have shortcuts that allow you to make some settings quickly that’s rather as practical but i would have liked to have once again had physical buttons on the back small quick night lighting and

Again it’s very very very light here here the ceiling light is hop i think tactile or not listen i ah yes it’s tactile sorry it’s me i think we can adjust it like that yeah i think it’s a little touch sensitive in short you understood the story i show myself a little bit the different menus different settings with warning warning of crossing line ment we have the menu here

We have some kinds of tiles we can navigate a bit everywhere so they have gone quite far bmw because when you put on the turn signal i will even put on the warnings look what’s the point you have this little ce little symbol and that frankly we’re going bravo bmw because honestly they’ve gone very far in the design and virtualization of the model that frankly bravo bmw i

Can even put the headlight calls it’s really not bad bravo bmw for this little point of detail i love so there is something also quite surprising i couldn’t demonstrate it to you but in fact with digital you can add anyone in your family with a smartphone, that is to say anyone can access apartment it’s configured to your car to your x1 and you can even configure a lot of

Things you can even block the music for certain people so that they are focused on the road you can really add r quite a few criteria which will ultimately allow the keys to be given, but with a certain degree of freedom if i may allow myself another point in detail that you are used to on premium cars it is the small one the small vanity mirror with the light courtesy led

It’s stupid but it’s practical we have different driving modes that we will see in the it is of course there will be a complete test on different engine versions we will have the 18d which makes 150 horsepower in diesel version there you saw i changed the display and necessarily everything changes even the light atmosphere on board i can change yet another mode i take

The efficient mode there the screen actually changes configuration you can really configure i would say almost to the little ones let’s onions inside it’s true that it’s very technological and we completely change the universe compared to i repeat to the older generations here it’s really not bad i’m not going to demonstrate it to you online gne of capacities also on the

Memorization of the last meters when you park it is also a possibility on board this x1 so you can park the vehicle and reverse and find the initial position in short that it is quite practical i i find it so pretty it’s the naf the map here integrated directly into the screen and then after that you can do several things several settings it seems a bit i must admit it a

Little complicated at first since there you have all the options available with its icons after there are still shortcuts there are habits to have and there after you can really configure everything i admit that for me it’s a bit difficult but i’m starting to find my screen marks display we can here we can control everything there are still a lot of settings so at noon you

Will be reassured you will be able to live your little life on board this new x1 frankly it’s quite amazing in the ergonomics you have to get used to the comfort of the seats you can there is a bit of everything so here is a little trick if you want to adjust the mood lighting it is the interior lighting here mood lighting and there you choose a little bit the different

Colors the ambient lighting you can deactivate them of course and then it will be pretty good and reduce one you can light the steering wheel even that it’s pretty good in short you have a lot of small adjustments pretty nice hop yeah friends so i’ll remind you there will be a test that will come from this new x1 a test see two tests on two different engines tell me a

Little bit what you think a little bit about this interior and above all don’t don’t hesitate to say a little here ‘s what you like or don’t like in this interior of the new x1 here you go friends little night discovery of this new x1 i had to present it to you it’s been a long time since i’ve done a bmw on the chain and again e less night the last it was the last series

One and it goes back more than a year and a half or even two years so here it is therefore do not hesitate to give your opinions with kindness in the comments of this video and i hope that well here you liked it if so don’t hesitate to put the little thumb it’s nice here i tell you see you very quickly two days like night on the vlogsart passion channel don’t hesitate to

T subscribe if you are not yet subscribed and i’ll tell you very soon for new adventures ciao ciao

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