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Altair Club Cars BMW vs Mercedes: Which Is The Best Luxury Car?

BMW vs Mercedes: Which Is The Best Luxury Car?

Which is the best luxury car brand? Mercedes vs BMW is a big topic, especially if you’re someone who loves the European luxury cars so today we’re going to explore which is best?

Which one’s better mercedes-benz or bmw while that’s a very complicated conversation and it doesn’t take very long for you to browse the internet and some people are saying bmw is better and others are saying mercedes is better guess what i can do even better than that because i’ve personally owned multiple models within each particular brand and i can share

Specifically some of the goods bads and uglies of each one and summarize which in fact is the best brand if you like that german luxury motoring let’s get into it now life’s too short to drive boring cars so the first point i want to make out between bmw mercedes of course bmw has declined actually recent purchases to mclaren obviously their motorsports interests

Aren’t quite the same place that you have with mercedes-benz as a matter of fact mercedes is often doing very very well in f1 formula one of course in recent years now i know everybody’s going to argue with me and say well bmw’s always done this or they’ve done that and there’s been a lot of sports touring series that bmw’s participated in but currently the way it

Stands right now mercedes-benz is one of the top pops in formula one and bmw just really isn’t with all of that said of course if you’re talking about cars that are meant for the street where it’s a different conversation many mercedes does what we’re looking at here often come equipped with a lot of different variety of engines you can get 2-liter turbo engines

Six cylinder turbocharged engines you can also get big v8 and twin turbo v8 engines v12 engines mercedes is always historically known to put the big hammer to performance they’re always about the long front end big power rear drive and just stab the a throttle and away you go where bmw has been always a little more finesse high strung engines smaller displacement

Generally tweaking similar horsepower output but the difference is bmw is going with the option of manual gearboxes in some of their cars for example the m3 m4 you can still get the manual gearbox clearly the sporting intentions for the street driving is a little more dialed in for the bmw now cars like this gorgeous e63s are some of the rare exceptions where amg

Gets a hold of these cars they make cars that are immensely powerful with well over 600 horsepower and the closest competitors in bmw’s world is the m5 which puts down very similar performance numbers but it does so in a slightly different fashion and even if we’re talking about the entry level engines what we’re looking at is a c300 coupe here this has about 240

Horsepower and it’s a lively little so and so but if you’re talking about the base model 3 series bmw which is the direct competitor to this it’s up around 255 horsepower and bmw always has a little more high strung sensation when dry driving their cars so in summary if driving easier one and only priority then bmw is likely where you want to go right here we’re

Looking at a couple of suvs right here we have a bmw x2 and here we have a glc this is slightly upscale this is the next variation the direct competitor would be x3 for all intensive purposes it’s a great comparison if you like styling which one’s your flavor i mean clearly if you look at bmw things like headlights are a little sharper then mercedes are a little

Bigger and more open of course the grilles are bigger and more prominent here with the mercedes whereas on the bmw smaller other than when you get those ridiculous x7 those oversized grills in some of the upscale bmws generally a lot of them are a little more taut like this also bmw lots more little vents it’s a little simpler layout here on this particular unit

And you’ll notice a lot of the features are a lot more round the overall design themes are round by general nature here as we look around the top everything has more softer lines of course at the bottom we have a set of dual exhaust tips because this is the glc 43 and that’s the v6 this isn’t the base model but then we look at the bmw and you’ll notice the lines

Are a lot sharper everything’s a little more chiseled the tail lights are a little sharper than they are over here which are a little more rounded we also do have a set of dual exhaust tips on the bmw but these are real right there versus some of these fake jobbies that they put on the mercedes right like that very crisp designs as you see like this and you’ve got

Some nice contours everything’s structured sharper and crisper lines in the bmws whereas mercedes a little softer as i said same thing there rockers are a little softer down here as opposed to the bmws which are a little bit more pronounced along the bottom edge there but the overall fit and finish is very similar painted wheel flares there and there on both cars

Both have large oversized glass panels for sunroofs and quite honestly are both very similarly equipped the interiors are quite different as well let’s take a look this is where from a styling standpoint i think mercedes-benz has bmw beat on every count on the interior there’s a lot more brushed aluminum nicer detail more detail as you’ll notice in the seats and

It’s just a more upscale feel to most of these modern day mercedes as opposed to bmw cleaner basic and very simplistic is the key and name of the game so as far as i’m concerned mercedes owns the interiors bmw owns the exteriors in terms of an overall design theme now what i can honestly tell you between these two vehicles after owning numerous of each is that

The way they hold up structurally is quite different as well the mercedes that i’ve owned in the past they don’t generally hold up as well they tend to rust and a lot of mercedes will tend to rust down at the lower edges of the doors sometimes around there sometimes in the rear leading edge of the trunk and they generally don’t hold up quite as well a lot of the

Plastic parts inside don’t hold up as well either and this is a very similar car the one that i own and this piece even here this panel interface actually broke loose i hit a set of train tracks and that came apart also inside the car that speaker inside the door actually popped right out when i hit the same set of tracks so overall i would say mercedes is a little

More fragile they tend to rust a little more where bmw on the other hand i find a lot more robust when you slam the door they’re actually pretty sturdy for example it actually feels solid when you close the door it feels more like a vault whereas that always has a little bit of a looser feel to it i’ve also commented that i’ve had a lot of struggles with bmws in

The past with some reliability issues particularly with the twin turbo six-cylinder engine called the n54 that was a real problem as well as my x535d which is a diesel also had some problems it starts to get very expensive when your emission system starts to fail so that’s where things get ugly but generally speaking bmws generally resist rust very well they hold

Together the leather is very stout plastic parts don’t fail like they do in a lot of these mercedes and really the only thing that you can really speak of on the interior of the cars that fail are you get those gummy buttons and the weird button syndrome that you get with some of these older bmws mercedes yeah i haven’t really seen that bmw yes i have so overall

For the driving experience as well as the overall cosmetics and fit and finish and the way it holds up goes to bmw so far now let’s talk about the third element and that’s really about reliability reliability is a real debacle in terms of a conversation they both have their nuances they both have their weak points and they both have some strengths as well but one

Thing i’ll comment on my personal experience with mercedes transmissions and engines as well as bmw engines and transmissions generally on the outside of everything are very robust they both hold up very very well i’ve run a lot of miles on both bmws as well as mercedes and never have i ever experienced a fault a flaw an issue with the transmission they hold up

Very very well the engines yeah i’ve had a few small issues with the engine on my mercedes i had an ml 500 years ago the only thing i had developed a misfire it’s a twin plug it was costly to maintain change coil packs change wires of course change plugs gets a little pricey i had a water pump that failed on me as well but generally it was a very strong engine

And and transmission combo but the bmw on the other hand as i mentioned already i had an n50 powered twin turbo 335i it was a 2007 and it was a nightmare that bmw of mine needed a new fuel pump injectors water pump thermostat coolant hoses there were seals all over the engine that went from the oil filter housing to the pan gasket and beyond it also threw check

Engine lights like it was going out of style is basically like christmas time all again and i’ll also comment that my bmw x535d was quite robust but i did have to do glow plugs i had to change an injector diesel exhaust fluid tank twice and a plethora of other parts but the core engine was good the m5 i have is an e60 m5 with a v10 that of course is high strung

It will need rod bearings after about another 30 40 000 kilometers because that’s another weak point in bmw’s armor i will also comment on previous generation four-cylinder engines in the bmw lineup called the n20 brutal timing chain issues failures there’s class action lawsuits to sort that out as well as the n63 twin turbo v8 4.4 liter in displacement lots of

Problems timing chains premature battery drain of course fuel injector issues fuel pump issues but it was the massive oil consumption that was really getting to a lot of customers with anything that was of the designation 50 series in the bmw lineup now with all of that said i would say looking at this current generation bmw here this how now has the b48 engine

It’s a current generation four-cylinder proving to be modular in design and much more reliable than the outgoing n20 as well as the n63 i generally steer away from the v8 bmws because even though they’re getting better and some of those problems are being worked out they’re still very expensive to maintain and when they break it’s going to break the bank but i

Can honestly say in mercedes yes there’s glitches most of which now in modern mercedes are more based on electronics and gadgets modules but from a drivetrain perspective their current generation four-cylinder turbo 2-liter engine is actually pretty reliable i’ve owned mine now for about two years similar to that white car and we’ve got about 50 000 kilometers

Not a hiccup in terms of drivetrain issues mercedes always has a very stout v8 engine and their twin turbo designs are quite robust as well even though they run the hot v similar to the bmw’s n63 v8 now the fourth element is actually about aftermarket of course you can always get aftermarket parts for virtually every manufacturer on the planet today however what

You’ll find typically is mercedes a lot of people generally leave their cars more stock and more factory bmw has a much stronger aftermarket presence and you can find a lot of tuners like dynin for example that really do focus on making your car more personal to you for in other words you can get lowering springs and performance upgrades chip enhancements larger

Turbos exhaust upgrades you can also get cosmetic updates like wings and flares rocker upgrades and it’ll generally there’s a lot of wheel upgrades from most bmws a lot of the aftermarket also does touch on mercedes but i just generally find that bmw is more well suited for that you can search the forums and you’ll find a lot of people talking about the upgrade

This upgrade that there’s a lot of different apps that you can even plug in a dongle and then two and then tune out a lot of different features in your car or tune up a lot of features in your car and that generally is more done through the bmw circle there’s lots of people that really love tuning these cars customizing them making them do different things and

Those real car geeks like myself like the opportunity to be able to dial right in and integrate and make little changes to the car to make it do a little odd features for example like unlocking your button to get in and it’ll activate different features different lighting and mirror options when you unlock your car lots of different nuances for those car geeks like

Myself and as i say before in the mercedes world there’s just far less of that so if you like tuning your car bmw is the way to go and the fifth area that these cars you can actually compare to is all about innovation to technology those people also like to geek out on different features and elements and all kinds of electronic updates there’s no doubt that both

Mercedes and bmw have upped the ante in terms of innovation and technology but here’s a great little mercedes glb let’s look at one of the key elements that i personally love that they lead the charge over bmw let’s look you’ll notice now mercedes is just applying these overly large screens that incorporate your dash pod with the center screen all in one long panel

And it’s actually very inviting for all the passengers in the car bmw doesn’t do quite so much of that but instead bmw keeps it a lot simpler as you’ll notice pretty traditional dash display of course you have your idrive system but one thing that bmw does is this great little mood lighting that you’ll notice under here it’s purple you can actually alter that with

A little stroke of the keys on that touch screen right there they also both like to use these interesting little paddle shifters right here you’ll find that typically available in most mercedes and bmws power seats is common for both sport modes is also available on both and honestly both bmw and mercedes are trading punches for technology in the way of safety and

Keeping both the passengers as well as pedestrians all out of harm’s way every manufacturer is having to step up their game just to stay competitive and these two are by no means any different i just want to add in one more point here and that’s between the two cars which one has a much much higher level of cheese factor well there’s one specifically that has way

More cheese on it than the other in my opinion and that’s mercedes-benz like this let’s look i mean what’s going on with this car sure at first sight you can’t really tell where’s the cheese right in there is the cheese what am i looking at there i’m looking at tailpipes but there’s really nothing connected look underneath there that is cheese galore right there

Nothing but pure cheese pure cheese all the way along very fake you also get in the four-cylinder version too like this glc 300 how is that well look it look looks like an exhaust tip but no wait it’s right under there there’s your exhaust tip there’s your muffler right there no jeez look at that that’s nothing right there there’s also that the stars here are a

Little bit on the cheesy side if you ask me and i’m not gonna lie even bmw has a little cheese going on right there too what were they thinking what’s the point of having that extra bmw logo like having it on each wheel and the front hood as well as a back isn’t quite enough let’s throw another one on for good measure not sure what they were thinking so there are

A lot of great vehicles out there to buy and which one is best for you so if you live in further in the south and of course rust and the salt belt isn’t your issue then it doesn’t really matter pick what you like if you’re a driver really like to pull gears well bmw is your bet if you like that feeling of luxury true luxury when you’re behind the wheel and the

Powerful engine and the v8s and all of that goodness and the technology you find on the dashboard then mercedes is your plan bmw’s got some very expensive problematic areas mercedes has a few of their own some car brands are more sustainable and potentially have more focus on motorsports which is more promising for the future while others are more motivated on

Developing innovation for example 3d printing and some of the latest ev type technology my personal opinion as you guys already know i’ve had many experiences that were not all that positive in the bmw world but if i had to buy a brand new bmw or a brand new mercedes guess what i’d buy and with all of that said right there be sure to check that video you’re gonna

Love it the most reliable luxury cars that will essentially go forever hope to see each and every one of you on the next one catch you all soon bye-bye

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