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Altair Club Cars BMW Ms Secret CSLs Youve Never Seen Before – Part 2: V10 E60 M5 CSL + V10 E63 M6 CSL | Top Gear

BMW Ms Secret CSLs Youve Never Seen Before – Part 2: V10 E60 M5 CSL + V10 E63 M6 CSL | Top Gear

Ever since BMW’s M Division started business back in 1972, only three cars have ever officially worn the ‘CSL’ moniker. The original 3.0 CSL everyone of a certain age gets gooey over, the E46-generation M3 CSL that warms the dark heart of the internet, and the latest M4 CSL. However, there were four secret CSL prototypes that never saw the light of a Munich day, at least until now.

I’m going to let you in on a secret since we’re in a secret place and revealing plenty of other secrets today we didn’t know what we were shooting before we got here all i’ve been told is that there were four cars and i was given some model designations and from that i could build some deductions e46 m3 v8 yeah someone’s clearly been playing around m2 csl well they

Already did an m2cs so that’s just one step beyond if you haven’t seen the film for those two yet have a look at the link these two though were more intriguing so let’s have a look shall we so what we have here is a maroon 6 series and a nurburgring taxi so far so ordinary but actually not ordinary at all obviously it’s an e60 m5 and an e63 m6 coupe this famously

Is the generation that went hardcore naturally aspirated five liter v10 with over 500 horsepower it was a highly strung machine the v10 e60 arrived in 2005 replacing the v8 e39 m5 a much more soft-centered machine while the one that came after 2012’s twin turbo f10 m5 was again more of a business express at that time m5s did seem to go in waves but enough of that

Let’s go back to the mid-nories and into the brains of bmw’s m division ignore the 25 years livery that’s just something that was plastered on later what i want you to think about is they were going to take the most uncompromising m5 there had ever been and intensified and then do the same work to the m6 coupe and there was an e61 m5 touring as well they could have

Got completely carried away couldn’t they but what i really want to draw your attention to is this yes there’s now a vent where there used to be a number plate and that’s because they needed to get more air into the engine because this is not the regular v10 5 liter with 507 horsepower no it’s been bored and stroked to 5.4 liters and over 540 horsepower but it wasn’t

Just the engine that was modified i love the mismatched interior in here the fact they clearly didn’t care what components they got they just wanted to get the engineering right hence uh beige with black but they’ve pulled all the back seats out these are aftermarket buckets here are pretty cool but look you’ve got a rev counter that goes way beyond the 8000 before

It’s redlined but that’s not the only mechanical thing because here alongside the buttons here we have the regular gear lever but it’s not the regular sequential manual smg gearbox in this no they fitted it with a twin clutch there’s something i want you to bear in mind before i get out of this and into the m6 and that is these door cards because look they’ve had

A go at a bit of weight saving down here come and have a look at the m6 but look how much more stripped out this door card is and how tiny it sounds as well they’ve taken everything off it looked at mad angles they’ve had to put the window switches out and just one bar here much lighter so this m6 was about lightweight in philosophy and how much weight they could

Take out they didn’t say how much but as always the aim is a hundred kilos for a csl there’s clearly more weight to be saved if they’d gone ahead and taken the seats out and look it’s the same here on the center console it’s much more stripped out and lightweight and look what it includes remember the original i drive controllers this is basically the forerunner of

All the touch screens that you find today it’s amazing to use and very slow and doesn’t have much functionality but that’s not what i’m most excited about what i’m most excited about is these two buttons here because if i press them magic things happen outside those two buttons operate aerodynamic devices look we’ve got a rear wing at the back and under the front

There’s a separate splitter now bmw didn’t make any claims for how much downforce they produce but it isn’t it interesting that they thought they might need them if they were going to do a csl and that’s not the only thing because look they’ve also fitted twin prong mirrors that are smaller for less drag there’s a lot of clever thinking here unfortunately none of

This came to pass because bmw never put together the elements of that unique m6 with the powertrain from this m5 these cars were never shown to the board they were just helpful studies with elements that probably did make it onto later cars or not because as far as i can work out there has never been an m car with active aero a dead end then well no because you

Have to try these things to see if they work or not and likewise you’ll have to use your imagination to picture how an e60 m5 csl could have looked acted and performed but the recipe 540 horsepower naturally aspirated v10 twin clutch gearbox 100 kilos of weight taken out active aero it was a ripper wasn’t it the kind of m card dreams are made of a dream that could have become a reality

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BMW M’s Secret CSLs You’ve Never Seen Before – Part 2: V10 E60 M5 CSL + V10 E63 M6 CSL | Top Gear By Top Gear

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