bmw m8 v m5 cs v m5 comp drag ra
Altair Club Cars BMW M8 v M5 CS v M5 Comp: DRAG RACE

BMW M8 v M5 CS v M5 Comp: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you malwaton here from car wow so i’m sat in a bmw m8 competition grand coupe and next to me is a bmw m5 cs and next to that is the bmw m5 competition we’re gonna have a drag race to see what is the difference between these cars in terms of their performance because they are very similar but have some key differences so they all have 4.4 liter twin

Turbo v8s now in this m8 and the normal m5 competition they put out 625 horsepower and 750 newton meters of torque however in the m5 cs the power output is up to 635 horsepower they’ve still got the same 750 newton meters of torque they also have the same four-wheel drive system eight-speed automatic gearboxes with torque converters and launch control they all

Have the ability to decouple the front axle so you can put them in rear-wheel drive mode and they’re all extremely quick and expensive though there are some price differences so the normal m5 competition costs 104 000 pounds this m8 grand coupe competition thingy it costs 124 000 pounds but that m5 cs it’s a lot more expensive it’s 140 000 pounds now for that

You do get some lightweight parts you see that car weighs in at just over 1.8 tons whereas the normal m5 competition weighs just under 1.9 tons and this is the heavy one this weighs just under two tons now this particular car has been lent to me by a viewer and if you want to lend us your car to have them featured in a drag race simply email us at review my car

At carwire dot co dot uk okay so do that there’s a link in the description below you can do that and this particular and let’s have a look around his car he’s very much into his m stuff like he’s got an m cap in here it’s got m performance things here i have to work things on the seat belts and there’s also a very big wing on the back which i think will actually

Slow the car down because it’ll create drag anyhow let’s see what else is going here googly eyes stick on eyes now the owner of this has also told me that he paid his bmw dealer an extra two thousand pounds for the m performance pack which basically increases the top speed to 190 miles an hour though he’s never been able to vouch that because he’s never even been

Up to 155 miles an hour let alone 190. now the m5 cs has that fitted as standard but that m5 comp over there doesn’t have it but it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the rolling race if this really is fitted with that system or not now before we race please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way

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Quick and simple to do and our dealers will bid on your car and you’ll get a great price for it and you can choose which dealer you sell to and they’ll come pick it up take it away and give you the cash no messing around so make sure you check that out anyway let’s get on with the race but before we do just want to say hi to a guest driver hey how are you yanny hi

Matt i was actually looking at you when you were doing your piece of the camera and i could see you holding up hats and things like that is the owner of that a real bmw fanboy exactly he’s a real bmw fanboy how about you do you like bmws when i was younger i had loads of bmw z3036 m3 schnitzer’s so yes back in the day i’m not such a fan anymore however the one

I’m sitting in is very very special so you think you’re gonna win in that special car i think it’ll be close probably between you and me let’s do it buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site now before we race obviously we’re going to do the customer car wire

Sound check so i’m going to start by revving up this m8 i reckon these cars will sound very similar there’s my car go on rev it yourself four and a half thousand max and let’s have the m5 competition yes we’ve all got soft limiters though mine seems to be at 5000 rpm rather than four and a half the extra half makes all the difference mate yeah absolutely right

Yeah i don’t know what he’s talking about oh do you know what you’ve got to do now before we write should we warm up our tyres and shall i go first ladies first classic sorry to do this to your car john let’s do the other way now i probably did that now i’ve got the m cap on yeah it made me better didn’t it can i play gone then yanny you warm up your tyres wow

There’s too much power leave some tread left we’ve got to get home in that wow this is mad that car is probably quicker than every lamborghini you’ve owned yawn it’s actually not his aventador would have been quicker but i just like winding him up go on then sam show us how it’s done dave i know you had new tires on it before this but you might need some new

Tires after it oh that was lovely i enjoyed that shall we in our race i gotta jump on him on the line but can he come past come on oh he’s gaining he’s getting this game he’s gaining oh yeah that don’t work oh that was so close i had to jump on you on the line i’m not sure if i jumped i think we’re going to have to go to stuart’s inquiry but you were gaining

Yanny yeah a little bit longer i’d definitely catch you but yeah we need to see if anyone jumped we weren’t me maybe you stu’s inquiry did i jump i may have jumped but it doesn’t matter so i think sam jumped matt you were borderline but yanny was on time i win but you didn’t win i won you jumped i didn’t have borderline borderline is not quite you know it’s on

The border it’s on the border line it’s not over it it’s on the border you’re not switzerland you jumped do you know what you need to be fair on you i’m gonna rerun the race okay and that is the correct decision my friends i’ve got a feeling it’s gonna be the wrong decision for me in the long run though yes oh well let’s do it three two one oh such a good lord

That he’s just a bit quicker normal competition been dropped oh my gosh first of all i’m gonna go to the normal m5 comp did you have a problem with that it bogged a little bit but it wasn’t too much of a problem it was a good enough launch it just can’t keep up with youtube yeah i think you just beat me off the line but then you started to like gap me didn’t you

This car is mad it’s so so fast it is a noticeable upgrade isn’t it don’t you think huge difference would you pay that extra 40 grand for that extra performance no i just get someone to remap it for about 10 bags and then save 30 bags and you’d wrap it in rose gold as well right so then what exactly happened well the m5cs1 completing the standing quarter mile

In 10.9 seconds the m8 competition took 11.3 seconds and the m5 competition was last finishing in 12.7 seconds actually the best time we’ve had at the m5 competition was 11.1 seconds now we’re going for rolling race the cars are in automatic mode and all their comfort settings uh this is in kilometers an hour so i think it’s gonna be about 80 kilometers an hour

Right i’m gonna count it in ready three two one go kick down what’s good in this oh that m5 just dropped goodbye goodbye goodbye my friends i’m slowing down the ball good smashed my wing mirror off my calm okay we’re gonna do that race again i just want to say a quick prayer for the bird poor bird makes me feel a bit sad anyway the show must go on in honor

Of the bird let’s do this i’m going to count this in get to 50 which is 80 kilometers an hour here we go ready guys you ready three two one go kick down good kick down there there we go other m5’s gone i’ll never yanny to the half mile can i come on come on ah i don’t know that i did let’s go to the mile will this car be able to go past 260 kilometers which

Will be 155 miles an hour has it got this speed limit to restrict removed i don’t believe it has that topped out at 264 kilometers an hour i think i need to report that to the owner okay so what top speed did you have i want to say around 160 but i’m not 100 sure okay right so this car seemed to hit a limiter at about 264 kilometers an hour but it’s supposed

To have the performance upgrade where it’ll do like way above that like 300 kilometers now like 190 miles an hour let’s do another rolling race but this time in gear and we’ll keep on going okay see what these cars will do now you’re gonna do another rolling race from 50 miles an hour and i’ve got my units in miles an hour as well so we’ll see the top speed of

This car exactly sports mode for everything manual mode for the gearbox here we go you ready guys three two one go the way this pulls on the normal m5 comp and then the m56 just is ahead it’s just gapping totally beat me to the half mile what’s it going to be like at the mile what will this car’s top speed be 155 oh look it’s doing it oh no it’s topped out 164.

Ah it doesn’t do 190 miles it stops 164. what’s all that about i think that was pretty conclusive the m5 cs is definitely quicker and the m5 competition is definitely the slowest as simple as that got to 175 not bad mine here a wallet one six four so i don’t understand i don’t think this has got the um d restriction sorry john bit bad news for you mate probably

Wanted to speak to dealer now we’re going to do a break test but if you don’t watch this and you’d rather watch a group test with an m5 cs against its key competitors from mercedes porsche and audi click on the pop-out banner up there for the link in the description to go watch that video if you want to see the brake test stay here oh that m5 cs is on carbon

Ceramics these other two cars are normal steel brakes should make a difference for a one-off brake test more carbon storage is better for repeated braking but let’s find out what happens anyway here comes the line yes so there we go he won that in fact he pretty much won everything didn’t he damn let’s not tell him although i’m sure he’s well aware and gloating

To camera right now i found an amazing deal on a performance german car on car that’s a lot less expensive than these cars here if you want to check out where that car is because it’s not far off in terms of performance actually click on the pop-out banner up there for the link in the description to see what that car is anyway if you haven’t done so already please

Make sure you’re following me on instagram it’s at my watson cars and finally i’m going to have to give some bad news to um to somebody so i’m going to do that now john i’ve got a bit of bad news for you mate top speed on this car that i got out of it 164 miles an hour and it just like wouldn’t go any quicker so i don’t know whether you need to go to your dealer

And double check whether you’ve really got the performance pack fitted or maybe there’s a way to engage it or activate it or something yeah not having nominated to test it makes it a bit different sorry to be the bearer of bad news but hopefully it won’t be bad news when you check anyway i hope you enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like if you didn’t

Give it a dislike i don’t really mind if you want to suggest some other videos first let us know in the comments below click on those windows there to watch more videos and on that box there to see how these cars times compared to all the other cars with drag race the car drag race leaderboard see you next time

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BMW M8 v M5 CS v M5 Comp: DRAG RACE By carwow

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