bmw m8 2020 ultimate review see
Altair Club Cars BMW M8 2020 ultimate review – see how quick it is to 60mph… and how I nearly crash it?

BMW M8 2020 ultimate review – see how quick it is to 60mph… and how I nearly crash it?

Watch Mat’s Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door review:

Hello everyone matt watson here from car wow and i’m here with the new bmw m8 and of course i’m gonna give it a jolly good reviewing and to do that i’m gonna talk you through the design upgrades classic em dual mirrors show you around the cabin alright mate measure its performance that bucked up the line test it on track drive it on road and i don’t care cuz

I like my bmw see how much fun it is and of course yet i’m gonna poke it with a stick i’m gonna need a bigger one anyway on with the video so i’m sat on an empty racing circuit on the start/finish straight within um a competition i’ve got my specialist timing gear up here the car is in its sportiest settings i’m gonna launch it to see how quick it is over the

Standing quarter mile can it beat the m5 the best time i’ve got over an m5 competition is 11.1 seconds which is the same time i’ve got of an amg gt four-door let’s do it come on the meal made that bucked off the line come on what you gonna do it’s certainly feeling very quick very quick and there is a time there is the time right hmm so i did it in twelve point

Four seconds lion lion it did it in 11.2 seconds point one of a second slower than the m5 competition an amg gt four-door but those were filmed in the uk when it was cold it’s quite hot here and that does affect a car’s performance it’s close isn’t it i what you want to say the note 60 time as well okay naught to 60 in 3.1 seconds that’s also impressive now if

You want to see my full in-depth video review of the amg gt four-door just click up there on the pop-out boner or follow the link in the description do you know what be interesting doing the launch again with the car in two-wheel drive mode like old m cars what time would it do then well that’s hard it’s going sideways mentally yeah that they did in 15 seconds

It’s got that smells and not sixty eight point three seconds and almost crashed into the wall which would have been bad now let’s talk about this cars design upgrades over the normal eight series so the ma gets a slightly shorter rear spoiler which is a bit more kicked up also you got your m8 badging there this one’s the competition you’ve got a deeper rear bumper

As well with a defined diffuser and look at the exhaust pipes i’ve got this puny stick someone can do the job here but they are real however anything with a bit more girth we can illustrate it to the bottle again real exhaust pipes and they’re very big down the sides you’ve got some unique em alloy designs there’s some sportiest side skirts as well as standard you

Get the carbon roof it’s not an option you get it when you buy the car there are of course classic em door mirrors and em side air vents there’s bulging wheel arches you’ve got a deeper front bumper you’ve got twin slats in the kidney grille as well it just looks a little bit meaner than the normal m8 50 i doesn’t it what do you think of it click on the pop-up on

The top right hand corner of the screen to vote whether you think this looks cooler than the standard car if you’re more of a poser and you want to have the wind in your hair then there is this convertible version of the m8 was he conceding its thing with the roof it is more expensive though 130 grand instead of one hundred and twenty three thousand pounds now if

You’re thinking about buying a new car or you know someone who is head over to car white coat uk to sandwich you can save from our trusted dealers i’m actually gonna take this car for drive later on but let’s continue with the video yeah now i want to show you this interview has a closed room with a new m8 grand coupe oh it’s secret now journalists are allowed in

But we’re not allowed to have cameras in here but just kind of ignore that and chance it quickly quickly so here’s the car here look normal ma but it’s longer obviously they got rear doors so let’s see if we have a look inside before we get rumbled let’s have a look so here we go inside it can we just film it a little bit yeah mate have some upgrades here on the

Inside so you get an m specific gear selector and it has three settings for the ferocity of the gear shifts these buttons here are slightly different as well and you get a read starter button yes there’s also some n specific dials on the digital drivers display you get an m sport steering wheel with some m stitching and badging there’s carbon fibre on the center

Console you also have an m8 badge here and on the sills and up here on the sea and that illuminates in the dark looks really cool you obviously get m sport seats as well which are more body-hugging than the ones in the m855 so you have the competition version you can get two-tone seats if you want it to look like you spilt chicken korma the competition also gets

Alcantara headlining which is nice to throw as of the normal 8 series keep a it’s still pretty crap in the back the boot is more spacious though tada so you can fit some stuff in there so long as it fits through this gap which is actually quite narrow which does make a little bit awkward to pack and that brings you up to five annoying things about the m8 you have

To pay attention for automatic cruise control with auto steer which is a bit of a rip-off considering this cars price and the fact it comes a standard on a toyota corolla in fact if you want to see my fault in depth video review of the toilet any joking if you wanna see my full in-depth video review of the audi rs7 click on the pop-up banner up there having had

An m8 50 hours of daily driver i fell in love with its crystal gear selector but you can’t get it at all on the m8 which if you want to go topless in the m8 the bad news is that the convertible adds over a hundred kilos to the cars weight which isn’t ideal also for some reason the gesture control for the inverter man system doesn’t operate in the convertible the

M8 costs twenty-five thousand pounds more than the m855 a nice as a worn series yes you do get a lot of upgrades but really out there on the road you need that will you benefit i’m not sure that you will if you’ve got the norma inmate you have to pay extra if you want the ms for sex or state does come as standard on this competition version that said it’s not as

Loud as it could be due to new and annoying european noise regulations so that’s all right but it could have been so much better my advice to you is get an aftermarket system immediately it’s not all negative though here’s five good things about this car let’s have special end buttons here m1 and m2 and you can configure them for the engine response the chassis the

Steering the four-wheel drive system and the brake you can actually alter the responsiveness of the brake though just to be clear when you give it full brings on the brake you do get maximum braking no matter what mode you’ll read them the m8 has some serious chassis upgrades over the m8 50s and it’s start different you have stiffer springs high-performance dampers

The call so sits lower to the ground and the stiffer anti-roll bars as well now we move on to this plaque here which adds bracing to the front subframe you have that on the m5 but here on the m8 they’ve actually extended it out to the sills to provide even stiffer strengthening another thing to note is this the oil pan is made out of metal and they make 50i it’s

Plastic this helps call the oil better moving to the rear get some more shutter gracing you don’t get on the m8 50 i and once again improves suspension and stiffer arms for the suspension as well that all does help with the handling we’ve also got an m differential which is high performance than the differential you get on the m8 5000 minium which calls it better

Than the steel version you get on the standard car then there’s the brakes so they’re improved in terms of the pistons the calipers and also the brake pads and the discs over the normal a make 50 i but you can also get carbon ceramics which you can’t on the standard car finally though the track at the rear is slightly wider which helps improve the stability this car

May be four-wheel drive but you can put it into two-wheel drive if you want to be a little bit naughty hello hello how are you doing you’re right yeah it’s madness the competition version of the ma gets some stiffer and demands more cambon from wales for improved lateral grip and a track mode for the entertainment system which basically turns it off and the stereo

So you’re not distracted but maximum focus on lap times the m8 has a 4.4 liter twin-turbo v8 which is sim to that in the m855 but completely reworked so new turbos new exhaust system new pistons pretty much knew everything as a result it puts out 600 horsepower in the normal car and 625 horsepower in the competition torque is 750 newton metres and it drives all

Four wheels for an 8-speed torque converter automatic gearbox all right then let’s kick off the driving section by driving the m8 on track because it’s an m car makes sense doesn’t it now i’m going to do is press this button to put it into m2 mode and i’ve got the car set up in its sporty setting dear c is off but i’ve got full wheel drive on rather than four-wheel

Drive sport because forward rice ball is a bit more red biased it’s good for making a tail wag bit of a laugh but you’ll be faster in full wheel drive mode i am changing the gears myself and it’s on maximum attack and oh my god this thing pulls ass of the straight really does it’s got these braces that i turn this one it’s a hairpin this is a heavy car two tonnes

But does a good job on the brakes and it just grip stays flat there’s no hiding its mass it it doesn’t fit us play for or as race car ii as an m4 competition but it’s good it’s sharp i think than the m5 definitely lower center of gravity helps it but so does the extra bracing wow let’s be honest though not many people will be taking their m8 on track not like they

Would do and they’re in force but you can do it if you want it to let’s head out onto the road now and see what it’s like there exact what really matters isn’t it so here we are then out on the road in the m8 and the fact it got less runoff and the corners are tighter it amplifies this car’s performance it feels even quicker out here you don’t notice the weight quite

So much either because you’re going a bit slower but you know just the performance more so when you put your foot down on my god if we go again this car does feel noticeably more aggressive sharper more fun than the m855 had for three months i know that car really well i’ve got all the settings in sport so for most things it’s mid-table by the throttle response

Obviously the suspension is in its sporty settings yes this definitely performs as you want a name card to out on the road all right it’s time for the sensible and slightly boring bit but bear with me because if you’re buying one of these cars you are going to end up driving it on normal town roads i’m just gonna put the gearbox into less aggressive mode and heck

Automatic drive don’t have to change gears myself i’ve got everything else in comfort apart from the engine which i’m not going to put inefficient because why the could you do that in a named car i’m not going to do it but the suspension because it covered that’s the main thing and i’m just going a pretty nasty bit of road here this does feel stiffer than the m8

58 not quite as comfy but it’s not a backbreaker this is all for this bit here and it dealt with it fine yes you can live with this driving around town every day no problem at all which is what you want yet again from your end car now there’s only one last place to test it but i’m going to jump into a different one for that you know what when you got everything

Dialed back into comfort mode this ma is a really comfy cruiser it’s especially nice convertible format when the sunshine it stuff the roof down not too much wind buffeting yeah it’s lovely relaxing but if you suddenly need to get a move on you floor this thing gun it just fades off yeah i can port or the driver’s aids on if i want blah blah blah and just go no

Hand it and then just kind of adjust my cap make sure they look too much like it bmw i guess a dave i don’t care cuz i like my bmw it’s awesome yeah hold up yeah shouldn’t do that yeah don’t copy me disclaimer don’t copy it’s bad always keep your hands on the wheel even if you have the type of cruise control well maybe just rested me there and it does the same

Thing so then what’s my final verdict on the new m8 is it worth the extra cash over the m8 5000 l until it’s an awesome bit of kit and yes it is worth extra money if you want the ultimate m car if you don’t know then no it’s not it’s as simple as that it’s just fun for me though that’s what it’s all about not you guys only joking this is all done for you this is

Saturday i should be at home pour me a driving around portimao track in an m8 but your heart bleeds

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BMW M8 2020 ultimate review – see how quick it is to 60mph… and how I nearly crash it!?! By carwow

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