bmw m5 vs mercedes e63 s walkaro
Altair Club Cars BMW M5 vs Mercedes E63 S Walkaround | Top Gear: Series 26

BMW M5 vs Mercedes E63 S Walkaround | Top Gear: Series 26

Chris Harris compares the BMW M5 to the Mercedes E63 from sounds to skids, with Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix. See which one they prefer. Find out where to watch the series where you are:

Chris answer me this how can two cars developed completely separately in top secret end up with similar switchable full drive wheel drive systems within ten horsepower of each other within 500 quid of each other same weight same performance i mean who’s spying on who it’s the homogenize a ssin of the motor industry isn’t it jack yeah if you ask two large bodies of

People the same question that problem is similar answer that’s that’s what happens now because everything’s computer modeled if you throw in all the legislation that you need to meet the performance that you want to reach and the fuel economy have to reach an emission you end up with quite similar car i happen to know one of your favorite cars in the world is the

E28 m5 yeah correct so fair to say your bmw man was the merc at a disadvantage then the underdog coming into this test if i’m offered this type this type of car i always gravitate towards an m5 but i just love them yeah this is the m5 class of car isn’t it yeah and they do it best they have the heritage yeah but recently mercedes gamers has got so much better the

Gear changes are faster a bit reg master more of a holy god and i have to say from a looks perspective this doesn’t do it for me yeah an m5 or any em car should have that kind of camber at the rear the the axle should be a bit wider they should be just we just crack on yeah where we are doing that we’re talking about a car that isn’t quite it doesn’t quite look the

Way it should yeah whereas the e63 because mercedes doesn’t have that heritage of the rear axle see ma the you don’t have the expectation but it’s gonna be quite punchy from the rear yeah yeah and i think that’s disappointing there’s a bit well let’s do this methodically all right i want to go through acceleration the two cars is there a difference can you feel

Just one feel faster than the other r6 and two threes yeah they’re both so fast and that you sit there going kind of saloon car really do this style we’ve covered that one that’s not them that’s just for personal perspective some people will prefer the mercedes the bmw i saw you’re right i think it’s too plain i think yeah i think you might as well i have a 540 i

Think you agree with me on that one point we’ve got more to come down and sound i think they both sound pretty good yeah they’re both sound pretty good the mercedes is an angry astounding machine and all the downshift it’s got bigger pops and bangs everything else skids they both skid beautifully they really do they i mean they’re both i can’t really split them

On that when you go in the four-wheel drive mode and try and slide the mercedes it feels like a gtr it feels like the rear axle is being helped the whole time by the front it’s quite strange feeling because the bmw isn’t quite as playful in that mode the bmw has slightly better ride comfort it’s a slightly more comfortable car it’s a quieter car the mercedes is a

More exciting car and feels more immediate so i think you could argue that if you wanted the more comfortable machine the bmw might just take it but i’m you’re gonna stick your neck out and give it to the merc i think i am i’ve got a personality to it i find stronger than the bmw and just one thing we haven’t mentioned there’s only one of those two cars that comes

In waggon form that that’s what sales are for me

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