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Altair Club Cars BMW M5 – One Button Makes All the Difference | Top Gear – Part 2

BMW M5 – One Button Makes All the Difference | Top Gear – Part 2

Part two of two. Still unable to turn the sat-nav off Jeremy resorts to the ‘M’ button which transforms the sedate BMW M5 into a beast of car. Its then over to the Stig for a power-sliding lap of the Top Gear track.

I have to say this m5 is a massive disappointment mean sixty-two thousand pounds you would expect it to arrive ready set up you know why should you spend all that money stopped flat pack furniture it’s not you’re not saving money it’s expensive bmw are the experts they should sell a car ready man write unto b4 602 a quarter of a mile ahead as i was saying bmw and

The experts they’re the ones that should sell as a car ready-made not one way you have to go home and then spend the rest of time looking through the manual and how do i want this and powder all on that click the next road on the right it’s almost as though they’ve made every single blood half a mile ahead it’s almost perfect restricted area is ahead it’s almost

As though they’ve made every single button in this car deliberately complicated and deliberately annoying except for this one push this and hoping changes you get a head-up display showing a rev counter and what gear you’re in the seed balls disclosed up in the benz to hold you treat the gearbox goes to a bmw default setting so does the diff so does the suspension

And so does the engine after you push this button the engine is no longer producing 400 brake horsepower its producing 507 and that makes a difference in m mode this car stops being annoying and becomes just magnificent in m mode you’re taken to a time in a place where there are no gems no compromises it’s a world of motoring perfection a place where you can get

From nought to 60 in four and a half seconds and if you remove the limiter hits 204 miles an hour doesn’t matter what you’ve got doesn’t matter what you’ve ever driven this is quicker it’s faster it’s more astonishing you just believe that you’re in a big four-door saloon cuz he goes and it feels and it sounds like a ferrari 430 and that’s about the best car i’ve

Ever driven oh yes when you’re in a car this fast and this tactile and this responsive you care about the stupid indicators or the sat-nav woman or what’s on the radio the steering the brakes the power and this noise driving experience just dominates everything amazing isn’t it but this is one of the ugliest and most annoying cars in the world but at the touch

Of a button it becomes one of the very best it becomes an m5 seriously saying seriously that this is better than a ferrari f430 so big it is a big claim well let me put it this way this is more powerful that’s twice as many doors and costs half as much and it’s about twice as annoying i want a sat-nav i mean i’m sure you can turn that thing off i’m sure in the

Menu and there’s a submenu in another submenu and you can make it go away but why can’t it just have a big button with offer it now yes or maybe a big hammer with off written on it off that’ll be quite useful in everyday life mobile phones oh yes beggars you got your speech off yes see brilliant plan anyway we’ve got to find out how fast it goes round our track so

Let’s bring him out again it’s this big there he goes plenty of wheelspin because of course the stig has the car in m mode that means the full 507 brake horsepower we go first corner the big nose that’s the only way in and a lot of tyre squeal and oversteer on the world laughs am i under here appears to have distracted the stig there not very wide engine chicago

Very slippery on the way out hey into hammerhead big heavy v10 lump at the front will it make it understand no he doesn’t that’s very smooth stig doing very well there a little bit of drift on the way generated not one of my favorite must be honest abbi car feels light and nimble round the track though you look at harmful spins in the groove now have to say the

Bmw’s abs is very aggressive cuts in too early for serious late breaking doesn’t seem upset stiggy’s on the grass coming around campbell a little more time in a minute first although i must just explain when i drove this car on a track the diff exploded and it had to go away on a tow truck and then when the stig drove it this morning he finished his lap and on the

Dashboard big warning light trucks drove gone all wrong here that’s a little bit fragile even so despite that he did it in one minute 26.2 seconds which is there that’s good it’s good i mean for a four-door saloon it’s awesome and nearly everything in front of it look is a supercar it’s half a second quicker than that merc but cls 55 thought it was gonna be quicker

I still think despite the fragility and now it’s an epic car i mean just brilliant in up with you actually so a lot of other people there’s already a two-year waiting this for one there is that’s nothing though did you know the waiting list to get tickets for this show is 19 years so on that basis top gear is nine and a half times better than the m5 yes

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BMW M5 – One Button Makes All the Difference | Top Gear – Part 2 By Top Gear

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