bmw m4 v audi rs6 v alfa stelvio
Altair Club Cars BMW M4 v Audi RS6 v Alfa Stelvio QV: DRAG RACE

BMW M4 v Audi RS6 v Alfa Stelvio QV: DRAG RACE

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Hi everyone matt watson here from car wow what will win in a drag race between three of my favorite cars in three categories so let me explain i’m sitting in an alfa romeo stelvio quadrifoglio which is my favorite performance suv next to me is the new bmw m4 competition which is my favorite sporty coupe and next to that is an audi rs6 which is my favorite performance

Estate car so let me tell you about this stelvio it has a 2.9 liter twin turbo v6 with 510 horsepower 600 newton meters of torque it’s got a rear drive biased all-wheel drive system which is powered by an eight-speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter no launch control this car weighs in at eighteen hundred and thirty kilos and the starting price is seventy

Thousand pounds that bmw it has a three liter straight six twin turbo with 510 horsepower and 650 newton meters of torque it has an eight speed torque converter automatic gearbox with launch control and it’s rear-wheel drive yes you can get a four wheel drive version of the new m4 but that’s not it that’s the rear driver that car is quite heavy compared to the

Old m4 it weighs in at 1730 kilos so only 100 kilos lighter than this big practical suv starting price seventy six thousand pounds for that m4 moving on to the audi rs6 that has a four liter twin turbo v8 with 600 horsepower and 800 newton meters of torque it’s also got an eight speed automatic gearbox with a torque converter and launch control it’s all-wheel

Drive of course quattro it weighs in at 2075 kilos and the starting price is getting on for 95 000 pounds that’s enough about that if you haven’t done so already please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you will not miss a single upload and if you’d like to see how much money you can save on a

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Our trusted dealers enough of that let’s do it let’s go with the race buying a new car then head to car wow and my team will help you find your next car at a fair price car wow your one-stop car buying comparison site now before we race let’s do the obligatory car wow sound check and i think i might win this one because i’ve got an italian engine and an akrapovic

Exhaust system check this out oh yes no soft limiters here good old italians they like to shout mama mia mama sorry that’s swearing in italy i used to live with italians they only taught me rude words shouldn’t be talking over this glorious thing that was very satisfying let’s hear the m4 which i know isn’t going to sound so good but let’s just do it let’s stick

A box go and rev up the m4 yeah he’s looking at me like well that’s that’s all i’ve got mate that’s all i got it’s all right it’s not this though is it okay let’s hear the audi rs6 soft limiter in the aud not in this or the bmw as a result the car with the most cylinders actually sounds the least good let’s see if it can pull things back in the drag race let’s do

It now seeing as i’ve got launch control i’ve got to play this just right i need to build up the revs on the kind of break just so there’s enough kind of tension in the system to launch well if i press accelerated too much i know that this starvis starts to drive through its brakes and then i’ll be edging forward and be disqualified so i’ve got to just nail this

Come on stelvio we got this oh yes come on alpha drop that bmw can i beat the rs6 oh he’s coming fast come on alpha here comes a bmw whoa that was a wicked race i got an amazing start this car is so quick but i think audi you got me didn’t you i think i did i’ve never seen that alpha launch that quickly that was amazing but i clawed you back i think i did

Bmw how about you i think what was your launch like mate so it’s as good as it can because this takes off in second it’s a bit slow to get going but once it grips up it’s mega if i had a little a couple more feet i would have pulled the audi back it was so close what do you mean you would have clawed the idea about what what about me you didn’t come past me mate

No way yeah i tried to ignore when you win matt to be honest but yeah that launch is so good it was actually nothing to do with the car at all it was just down to the skills of the drive okay let’s just leave it there okay thanks bye so then what exactly happened well the audi won just completing the standing quarter mile in 11.7 seconds the alpha was second with

A time of 11.8 seconds and the bmw was last completing the standing quarter mile in 11.9 seconds now we have a rolling grace from 50 miles an hour with the cars in the comfy setting cruising along in automatic mode let’s count this in you ready everyone level three two one go kick down come on alpha god it really did play comfort mode we still get the nice cheer

Up from the exhaust on upshift i’m out of this it was between the germans i just watched it from back here it was between the germans i love watching it from my backyard i’m not going to do the italian accent again i’m only ever going to do the german one and even then that’s a bit crap as well anyway let’s recap hey um what happened there i wasn’t in that this

Took ages to kick down because comfort mode really is comfort mode what happened audi i got a really good start this thing kicked down rapidly but uh not as rapidly as the m4 m4 did you just take off from the get-go and win no the audi actually lurched ahead of me on the kick down my kick down was really slow and then once it went it was game over just look at the

Audi’s face as i went past him it was wonderful well i’ve actually just come past you guys now look at this i’ve just won i’ve won this is me winning as ever you can’t win fairly cheap it’s my mind keep going matt you’re nearly in the field well do you know what this is the car that can actually go in the field right because i’ve got an suv look i’m gonna go in

The field i am going into the field i’m probably not supposed to be doing this but i appear to be doing it anyway let’s move on okay we’re gonna do the same thing again but this time the cars are in their sportiest settings and we’ve got them locked in third gear so here we go three two one go come on alpha bmw’s that now the odd is coming that’s me out over

The race i’m out of the race i’ll let the bmw just win so audi you might have been a little bit worried there two cylinders up on me next to 1.1 litres go ahead yeah but you did reel me back in didn’t you yeah two cylinders but about 500 kilos or something but i did get you i definitely got you no doubt about that bmw though how was it yeah when you don’t have

To worry about a kick down this is just a rocket ship finally then we’re going to a break test from 70 miles an hour when we hit the line full emergency stoppage see what happens okay guys go level with me here comes the line get it right come on okay that is blobbing close really close that brake test but clear winner on that m4 then there’s alpha and then the

Audi yeah that weight playing against it isn’t it yeah no doubt i am carrying a greenhouse in the back here but it didn’t do too badly considering how much heavier it is than those two cars i’m pretty impressed with that you know what i think this is doing well as well for an suv it’s right on it isn’t it it’s well impressive i think i get the moral victory yeah

The audi won the drag race and then the bmw won everything else still this one the sound check anyway i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did please give it a like of course now if you’d like to see an amazing offer i have got through car wow and one of these cars i’ve actually configured it and you can see the saving just click on that pop out button up there

You can go check it out you will be surprised it’s a great deal as ever make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you will not miss a single one of these videos thanks for watching i hope you enjoyed the video if you’d like to watch some more drag races i’ve carefully selected a couple of my favorites just

There so click on those windows to watch them alternatively if you click on that box there you can go to car wow to see how these cars quarter mile times compare to all the other cars with drag raced in the cargo drag race leaderboard

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BMW M4 v Audi RS6 v Alfa Stelvio QV: DRAG RACE By carwow

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