bmw m240i review with 0 60mph 1
Altair Club Cars BMW M240i review with 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, drift and brake test

BMW M240i review with 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, drift and brake test

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This is the new bmw m240i it’s the hot m-lite version of the new 2-series coupe and in this video i’m going to tell you all about the upgrades over the standard car from the design changes the interior changes the performance upgrades and what it’s like to drive and of course yes i’m going to launch it because i’m at watson and you’re watching car wow and if you

Haven’t done so already please make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload buy sell car wow let’s start this video by talking about the main reason to have the m240i version of the new two series and it’s this thing under here look it’s absolutely beautiful actually it doesn’t

Look all that beautiful anyway it’s a three liter straight six turbo charged petrol engine which puts out 374 horsepower and 500 newton meters of torque and it drives all four wheels for an eight-speed automatic gearbox that you can control it manually with paddle shifters oh yes now this thing’s supposed to do not 16. actually i’m going to tell you you’re going

To find out for yourself because i’m going to launch it later in the video and time it over the standing quarter mile as well obviously with an upgraded engine you’re going to need some upgraded brakes and that’s why the m240i gets the m sport brakes as standard that means that you have 348 millimeter disc front grip by four piston calipers and 345 millimeter disc

At the back grip by single piston caliper however you can upgrade it if you go for the pro pack you get slightly bigger brake discs at the front you get 370 millimeters anyway what does that do to the stopping performance i’m going to do a brake test to see how long it takes this car to stop from 60 miles an hour let’s get to 60 cruise along a bit and now set my

Specialist timing here to measure the braking here we go three two one emergency stop so what distance did it take oh look 32 meters now let’s talk through the design upgrades over the normal two series coupe so you get a bootlet spoiler as standard you obviously have the m240i badging you’ve got the x-drive badging because it’s a four-wheel drive and you get

A diffusery effect here with these ridges in the lower part of the bumper they don’t do anything you also get 20 exhaust pipes which have larger trapezoidal surrounds though they’re an exaggeration because the real pipes are inside and they’re actually large enough i don’t know why they have to be so exaggerated anyway moving down the sides look oh 19-inch alloy

Wheels and wheel arch extensions the wheel locks extensions actually come with a pro pack they’re not stand on the m240i what is though these are m style door mirrors which you can fist and badging down here at the front yeah i wanted to move on for that quickly it was a bit embarrassing and then round at the very front you have a much deeper front bumper and

Larger intakes than on the other two series models here on the inside the main upgrade that you get with the m240i are these lovely sport seats leathery and comfy supportive like them i also like the fact that the m240i gets the m they’re all stitching there on the seat belts you’ve got the similar kind of pattern there on the floor mat so you’ve got the m still

Plates and of course you get some blue stitching other notes the same as the normal two suits coupe and they all get an m swat steering wheel which is all right it’s a little bit on the thick side it’s fine and the rest of the two series cabin which feels quality and is very nice the infotainment system is pretty easy to use and the dials the dolls aren’t the

Brightest but they give you enough information there’s more endless here in the back of the m240i so like you’ve got the again on the seat belts even back here and the same patterning on the seats as well so they just feel a bit more smarter than the standard cars still if you want to carry people in your fast german machine you might be a little bit better off

With an audi s3 and if you want to see my fault in depth video review of that car click on the pop out bro therefore the link in the description below speaking of which um yeah these integrated headrests do block your view if you sat in the rear and there was only five or nine things about the bmw m240i this car is an automatic only there is no manual option i

Know that’s the way things are on these cars nowadays and no one really wants a manual but i’m going to keep complaining about it because sometimes you might want a manual right i mean you can get an m4 with the manual after all they’re not in the uk just in other markets while i’m super pleased that bmw hasn’t fitted this car with a soft limiter you can rev it

While standing still all the way to the red line it’s just the same that admissions regulations and noise regulations mean that you don’t get to fully enjoy the sound that this 600 engine can make so go and rev it up it’s enough it’s all right but that last with that is about all the pops and bangs you get that’s it sorry this car’s rather expensive it starts

At 46 000 pounds this one is 50 000 pounds with options for the m light yes i know things are going up in price but that’s a little bit much speaking of which if you’re thinking about buying one of these or any car for that matter and you want to make sure you’re paying a fair price for it you need to check out the latest deals and offers on car wow also through

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The description below alternatively at a later date simply google wyoming car wow and we will wow considering this car’s price it’s a bit of a show that you don’t get the adaptive dampers as standard because they do just improve the car’s driving dynamics considering this is supposed to be more sporty than the standard 2 series coupe bmw could have gone a little

Bit further with the sports displays that’s all you get g-force and newton meters and horsepower and some boost pressure and then you look at the menus and think oh wait a minute look oh yeah driving style analysis surely that’s going to grade how good a driver i am on track you know that kind of information but actually no it’s more about driving efficiently because

It only works in eco pro mode why have that on the m240i this new m240i has put on a bit of weight bless it you see the old m240i weighed in at 1505 kilos though that was the rear drive version the x drive version actually weighed in at 1 615 kilos that’s still lighter than this one because this tips the scales at 1 690 kilos though to be fair this is based on the

Four series platform and the m440i actually weighs 1800 kilos and so that brings down to five cool things about this car the m240i has a nine millimeter wider track at the front and four millimeter wider track at the rear over the standard two series coupe for improved road holding this m-lite version of the two-series coupe gets a limited slip differential on the

Rear axle as standard if you get the performance pro pack you have improved cooling for the engine but more interestingly get slightly wider front wheels and wider front tires for more grip and you don’t have the standard pirelli tires instead of upgraded to michelin pilot sport four s’s which are about tire the m240r gets the ambient lighting as standard which is

Nice because look you get this panel here in the door among other places and you can change color between white bronze orange which looks like bronze blue green and lilac also known as purple the four-wheel drive system on this car can send up to 100 of the power to the rear wheels you can’t make it fully rear-wheel drive only when the rear wheels start to slip

It will send power to the front but it should give this car a proper rear drive bias feel see if i can make it do some donuts yeah it’ll go round you can feel it trying to go the other way so you go that way and you have to kind of pivot back the other way and make it look like you’re meant to do that and then it’s all okay i guess but to continue a doughnut is

A lot harder yeah i’ll take that for a four-wheel drive system it’s okay i don’t know what made me talk in that voice but it did obviously you bought this car to have fun with it on a twisty road right so let’s do that first of all now i’ve got the car set up in sport individual mode because i’ve pre-configured it so that i’ve got the engine and the transmission

In their most aggressive setting but the suspension and the steering i’ve got in comfort because this then it just feels more natural in comfort the car just breathes with the road better now if you’re on a very small german alpine broad sense yes you would go inside this full sport mode and it would be very flat but here in the uk nah not so much mate oh my god

This car does breathe with the road really well it’s great gives you the confidence to really just hone it about you do feel it moving about but it’s always very composed this is me doing an impression of a car moving about beneath you by the way this engine it’s brilliant it’s so smooth it’s got so much low down punch you don’t realize it’s turbocharged and even

Though the sound is piped in through the speakers somewhat it’s a good noise i’ll forgive bmw for that it’s impressive i don’t think that really in an m2 you’re going to be quicker the old m2 nah you’d be quick on a country road in this you just will what you won’t do though is quite feel the hard edge involvement that you get with the old m2 but it’s a thing to

Use it’s just easier to drive quicker it really is and it’s easier than the old m240i that suspension felt a little bit more bobbly and a bit looser and not as tied down as this it’s just a bit like yeah it wasn’t as good i really like this i think they’re doing a grand job even though it’s based on that four series platform it’s a lot lighter so it just feels

More agile and the whole car just feels smaller on the road but but let’s not get too carried away you know people are going to want to daily drive this right so put the car into like normal mode in fact don’t bother keep it in this sport individual because it’s comfy enough for daily driving the gearbox as well when you’re just cruising about it’s just so smooth

And then if you want to take control yourself with the pedals it’s responsive not dual clutch responsive but responsive enough and believe it or not i’m averaging almost 30 miles per gallon which is great considering the performance you get on the motorway you’ll get 40 miles per gallon out of this engine i reckon this guy’s also reasonably quiet when you’re just

Cruising along at speed on the motorway you don’t need a 4 series don’t get an m440 i get this definitely bmw says this car do not 60 miles an hour in 4.3 seconds now that’s going to be quicker than that but exactly how much quicker i don’t know so i’m gonna find out by launching it and timing it with my specialist timing gear up here here we go oh yes it feels

Quick and it hooked up no tires spin at all north 60 3.82 seconds what is the quarter mile come on sorry i’m making sounds like a monkey but i’m quite excited 12.21 seconds quarter mile that is nuts what is the bmw m light car what will the m2 do anyway if you want to compare those stats to some similar models pause the video next we’re going to put a graphic

On the screen so then what’s my final verdict on the new bmw m240i should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should just go right ahead and buy it it’s absolutely brilliant anyhow i hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like let me know some other videos you’d

Like to see and click on those windows there to watch more videos and if you click on that box there you can get a car wow and we will help you silly car just upload some photos give a brief description and our dealers will bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it thanks for watching

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BMW M240i review with 0-60mph, 1/4 mile, drift and brake test! By carwow

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